5 Reasons I hate the J.D Drew signing

In this week’s Fair or Foul Question of the Week, we take a look at J.D. Drew.

Five reasons I hate the J.D. Drew signing:

  1. 70 million dollars.
  2. He averages 100 games a year. If you work part time, you should be paid part time wages.
  3. .264 batting average, 6 home runs, 2 stolen bases, 82 strikeouts…and counting.
  4. You should not be allowed to suck in the National League and then sign in the American League. NL is the Junior Varsity. National League pitchers get 6-8 easy outs every game pitching to pitchers and #8 hitters. In the AL, pitchers work for every out. No Freebies. By the way, I love the DH.
  5. J.D.‘s nickname should be “The Tin Man.” If he only had a heart. Have you seen this guy play? His expression never changes. He looks like the Mona Lisa playing right field.

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