The baddest man in Boston

The baddest dude on the Red Sox roster isn’t 6’3″ and 230 lbs. He hasn’t won a Cy Young Award or made an All-Star team. His name is Dustin Pedroia, and I would not want to run into him in a dark alley.Dustin Pedroia

Pedroia is generously listed as 5’9″ and 180 lbs in the Red Sox media guide, but what the guide doesn’t measure is his heart. This guy plays as if MLB just insulted his mother. He battles every at bat and swings harder then anyone I’ve watched since Reggie Jackson. Batting at the top of the Red Sox order, he has done whatever it has taken to get on base, as evidenced by his .321 batting average with only 33 strikeouts. Watch him in the dugout after he gets out. He is genuinely pissed off. Who is this guy to think that he deserves a hit every time up?

His defense is underrated. He gets to a lot of ground balls and is great at turning the double play. He has an excellent arm and consistently gets the tough out. In last night’s game against Baltimore, he made two outstanding plays in the early innings in which he had to charge a ground ball and throw across his body to narrowly beat the runner and end two Oriole rallies.

Pedroia plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played. He is out of the same mold as guys like Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek. He stands up for teammates and doesn’t mouth off to the media, and his uniform is always dirty. This guy is a true dirt dog!

After his awful first month of the season, Pedroia has exceeded Boston’s high expectations and is quickly becoming the top choice to win the AL Rookie of the Year award. Pedroia’s grit, hustle, and stellar defense are already making him a crowd favorite.

Sometimes big things do come in small packages.

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  1. freaknoodles Says:

    Pedroia is doing great. I have a page about him where I quoted your post. Check it out at


  2. MaticusNineO Says:

    This lends itself to a post I made earlier about the passion. And the corelation to Trot is perfect. I dont know how many times Trot would be caught on NESN dropping an F-bomb or swearing. D-Ped’s the same way. Grit and heart, its making a comeback and it is going to save the game of baseball.

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