Cy of relief

It is so much easier to write this blog when the Red Sox are winning. What makes it even more enjoyable is when it coincides with a Yankee loss. The lead is now at a whopping 2 1/2 games, with 8 left to play.

What else can be said about Josh Beckett that hasn’t already been said? This guy is a warrior who never backs down from a challenge. His last two starts, he has put the team on his shoulders and stopped losing streaks. Even when he doesn’t have his best stuff, he finds a way to win. And to be the first 20-game winner in the big leagues since 2005 makes it even sweeter.

Varitek, Papi and Lowell hitting the long ball was a nice change. It’s good to finally see some offense after the debacle in Toronto. Even with Mr. “It takes me 3 times as long as anyone else to heal from an oblique injury” Ramirez on the bench, Boston still was able to score 8 runs. Maybe the Sox play better in America.

Jacoby Ellsbury going all out for a foul ball was once of the best catches I’ve seen this year. Not only did he have to contend with the Boston pitchers and bullpen chairs strewn about, but he tripped over one of the pitching mounds and still made the catch. This reminds of the time Manny hustled and made that great… uh… never mind. Anyhow, it seems like Ellsbury does something significant every game. Whether it’s a great catch, stolen base or timely hit, this kid has been really enjoyable to watch.

I have to admit that seeing Boston’s lineup before the game wasn’t making me very confident that they were going to stop this losing streak. Anytime I see Bobby Kielty batting fifth, I get a little nervous. But even after striking out 17 times last night, the Sox still came up with a huge win.

Quick note: The Yankees lost in a marathon game to my favorite Canadian team last night, with both Mariano Rivera and Joba the Hut pitching, which should make them unavailable for today’s game. They now need to wake up early for a 1 o’clock game today against Toronto and noted Red Sox killer Dustin McGowan. I hope they enjoyed their 4 hours of sleep.

4 Responses to “Cy of relief”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice game..nice win.. nice piece.. 33

  2. Dave Says:

    It nice to stop the bleeding a little. Let’s hope for similar results with Dice K on the mound today. Thanks for commenting.

  3. MaticusNineO Says:

    It was a hell of a game to be there for. I was 6 seats to the right (if watching from the camera angle) and a row back from the Lowell HR. It went farther than Papi’s.

    Like I said last night, Moss’ triple in the ninth was my highlight of the inning. We should be able to get 4 runs off the DRays Bullpen, but Moss’ triple was great. Both games I have been to this year have yielded triples for the Sox. The first was Papi. Yes Papi. And then Moss last night.

    Lets go Dice-K.

  4. Dave Says:

    I was watching the game at home. Lowell crushed his home run. It didn’t look like their was a lot of fans left at the game when he hit it. I’m guessing that I probably saw you on TV when they zoomed in on the fans in that section.
    With all the triples the Sox are putting up with you in attendance, we should start up a collection here at the to make sure you go to every Sox/Rays game. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game, and were able to see the Sox get back on track.

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