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Here is a post from my buddy Dylan. I’m sure that you’ll like it. Please comment and let him know what you think. Hopefully, he’ll write for us again soon.

“Here’s a profile, so hard to sum up me in such a short paragraph, but here we go.

Dylan is a simple man. He enjoys firefighting, running his mouth at Yankee fans, running in general, the Red Sox, the 2004 postseason, pretending he’s on the Red Sox while playing in his slow pitch softball league, college football, family, friends, and life in general.”

“We’re in a world where people have a lot of opinions,” Rodriguez said, “and what makes the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox such a great rivalry is that so many people have their own opinions.”

This is the weekend of all weekends. This is Zimmer vs. Martinez all over again. I love games when the hype meets up with even more energy during the game. Sox vs. Yanks, both in the hunt. New York, in a new position, looking up from second place, and Boston, playing their hearts out, as if no one told them it’s ok to cruise. Celebrating like it’s game 7 after a walk-off home run against the Devil Rays. Some say it’s desperate, it’s just the D-Rays, and I say it’s a team willing to put it all on the line, every game.

These past few weeks of baseball, and especially this weekend, have begun to bring up a question that hasn’t graced the presence of my baseball blog mind for a couple of years now, but it’s back. Could A-Rod work out in Boston? Could the best player in the league, possibly one of all time, the almost poster boy of the Yankees organization ditch the pinstripes and become a Bean Town guy? Would it work out? Could it work out?

I think A-Rod is more ready for the switch from the dark side than the Red Sox fans are, and it’s time for the Red Sox loyal to come around on this idea. The beauty of a blog is the meandering opinions, in a stream-of-consciousness format that gets put out onto the internet for all to read. I am in no way a sports analyst, possibly not even intelligent, but certainly passionate about Fenway Franks and Boston Baseball. I am simply a Red Sox fan who is ready to see the greatest move in baseball history take place since, well, let’s get to it.

Reasons A-Rod belongs in Boston
  • Mike Lowell- Yes, Lowell is the Sox MVP for the year. He’s consistent, he’s clutch, he’s reliable, and he’s old. He deserves to be paid for the way he plays, and I do hope for greener pastures for Mr. Lowell, but can he truly be counted on to perform the way he is now for the next however many years? I’ll cheer for him whenever he’s back at Fenway, but it’s time to move on and bring in the best 3rd-base-playing shortstop in the game.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury and Manny Ramirez (This reason may be voided being that it may be next to impossible to find a team that wants to deal with Manny being Manny.) – Ellsbury is the future. We let go of some great players at a young age, and it still breaks my heart. Ellsbury will be a stud for years to come if raised in the right system, i.e. the Red Sox. Manny is old and overpaid, and Manny being Manny is getting annoying. For the record, it wasn’t that funny when he went and took a leak in the green monster during that pitching change. Freeing ourselves of Manny opens up money for A-Rod and gives Ellsbury a spot in left, not in center, because…
  • Coco Crisp – If we keep Manny, it doesn’t look like we’d afford A-Rod. I haven’t researched this in-depth, so correct me if I’m wrong, but by letting go of Manny, as stated before, more money for A-Rod, Ellsbury takes over in left, and we get to keep Coco in Center. Center field in Fenway looks like the inside of the fun house at the Topsfield Fair. An inexperienced guy in center would possibly give up runs at home while learning to play the zigzagged wall we so love. Crisp is a defensive madman who does not appear to be slowing down. Bring on A-Rod, lose Manny, keep Crisp in center, it’s that simple.
  • Wanted to take a pay cut to come here. A-Rod was willing to take a pay cut, granted it was from one of the biggest contracts in sports history, but it’s a cut nonetheless. He wants to be in Boston.
  • Steriods. Barry Bonds is the home run king of all time *******Barry Bonds******* Mr. Asterisk Barry Bonds. The only person seemingly with a shot at taking down Bonds would be A-Rod. That wall in left looks mighty nice to a guy like A-Rod.
  • Jeter – No matter how long A-Rod’s in New York, no matter the numbers, this is Jeter’s team in Jeter’s town. It’s almost laughable to me the season A-Rod is putting up, and still I get the feeling he plays second fiddle to Jeter. A-Rod needs to get out of the shadow cast over from shortstop and prove to New York that he’s a World Series guy. He can get titles. A-Rod has something to prove. He can and will get that done in Boston.
  • Garnett, Moss, c’mon, everyone in Bean Town is going for acquisitions, lets get in on it…
  • The curse of the great Bambino – There is most certainly a fate to the Red Sox. It’s unexplainable. No other sports franchise can match it. The ongoing saga of the ups and downs, the ways that the downs almost always seemed to happen in unthinkable ways. The Red Sox are fate. Fate is not always fun or enjoyable, but it’s fate nonetheless. There was a curse on the Sox in all those 86 years. Skeptics didn’t want to believe, I don’t want to believe, but there was. No franchise suffers like that. Then, to lift the curse off of us in the most unthinkable way, to come back on the Yankees of all teams, down 3-0, you know the story. You can feel the momentum switching now. The Curse of the Bambino involves the Yankees as much as the Red Sox. It’s the Red Sox time. It’s our time to push our weight around. This October has so much say in the future of the rivalry that is Sox/Yankees. If the Sox do what we all hope they will this weekend, and this October, and so forth; then we now have the upper hand. The momentum is switching. We acquire A-Rod, become a destiny, and thus another page in the saga, The Yankees curse of A-Rod will begin…

These are my opinions on A-Rod. I may be wrong on a few of these, and I may not. Who knows? I do know we have not heard the last of the A-Rod and Red Sox talks, and I predict Theo will be looking at this all over again this off-season. When these talks and rumors do resurface, I hope the Dirt Dogs of the world will take my points into consideration. Alex has stated numerous times he likes the city, and again, was even ready to take a pay cut to come over to us. Maybe it’s time for the A-Rod years at Fenway to begin. I know after that one Ruth guy, Boggs, Clemens, etc., it’s time the Sox start pushing their weight around too.

I wonder how the Yankees will react to second place??

7 Responses to “Dylan’s Red Sox Report”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is in response to Dylan’s article. I agree with most of what you said about loosening up some of the salary to bring in A-Rod to Boston. But, Ive had this discussion with various people over the last few months and Im just going to throw a few things out there. Maybe we can have our cake and eat it too.
    If we can unload JD Drew, a guy who has had a subpar season in Boston and in my estimation is the next on the Renteria list, and we deal Lugo who for in Boston .239 at short hasnt cut it for the past at least 15 years, its not cutting it at .239 in Boston. We see Jeter trot up to the plate with his gay looks and weird faces, batting over .300 and we, as we do, feel a little more let down by Lugo. Lugo needs to go back to Tampa Bay. Now by unloading Lugo and Drew, I think there is enough space to keep Manny, and get A-Rod. Now the question is, A-Rod plays 3rd? No no no, A-Rod plays Short. The Yankees made him into a 3rd baseman. Lowell Gold Glove, ARod GoldGlove, Pedroia its only time, and Youk if he doesnt win it this year Ill be pissed. That leaves Manny, Coco and Ellsbury in the out field. I think that Ellsbury has the hustle in the outfield that he can provide the rough and tumble style that we were so use to with Trot that fans may actually like who is in right again. Im going to this friday’s game in Tampa, looking forward to Beckett’s quest for 20 since he is starting. $13 sit where you want. Its Tampa.

    Pedroia for Rookie of the Year.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like where your head is at. Unloading of Drew and Lugo would be nice. Ellsbury will make a great lead off guy someday too. If we can only figure out where to put those “idea guys” applications into Theo and his crew we’d be set.

  3. MaticusNineO Says:

    I had a conversation with a friend’s father about passion in the game. I just thought that I would share my points of the conversation.

    The question was asked, “Has the game lost it’s passion and if so why?”

    My response was that the game went through a period in the late 80’s, into the 90’s where guys were playing the game, cheeting to get the edge and it was all about the buisness of getting money for playing. Guys from this era have continued into todays game and cast a disparity in the way the game is played. Guys like Clemens, Bonds, Manny, Thome, Thomas, or any other guy who was playing the game from about 88-99. There has been a change though. Near the end of that time there was a reemrgence of the passion for the game guys that would play the game for the game. Hate to be cliche but guys that would play “for the love of the game.” Im talking Jeter, Nomar, Cal Ripkin and the record, Alex Rodriguez and other guys that people wanted to see because of the passion they brought to the park every day.

    That passion has started to show itself again just on a more at home level, meaning the Red Sox are more about the small ball and the game now than before. What really sold it for me was the fact that they have been playing the Rookies and younger guys and have been making the game interesting to watch again. I try to watch everynight, a friend and I subscribed to the MLB.TV online broadcast, and the games have gotten interesting not monotonus and drab. The passion is back, I just wish the winning was.

    I just wanted to get other people’s take on the topic, if Im wrong or if its a returning trend or what.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    the passion for the game is making a comeback for sure……A great example of this was a week or so ago I believe it was Sox’ vs. D’Rays, could be wrong. But, with the Sox heavily in the lead by 6 or 7 runs, a sharp ball was hit up the middle on the 2nd base side, we’re up by a large margin, but, Pedroia still dove, made an incredible stop, didn’t get the guy on the throw, but got the stop none the less. That’s the passion that is coming back.
    I feel that Varitek is the one who gets that going on this team. His numbers can stager at times, and his in the clutch hitting is questionable, but, he’s the leader that gets the guys going, laying out in the dirt on ground balls, and putting out 110%….

  5. Christian McCrory Says:

    Dylan thats one hell of an article and i agree with you threw most of it. But are we really tired of Man ram being man ram? I personally think that as long as he puts up .300, 30 hrs, 100 rbi theres a spot for him in the line up. I also think Jacoby Ellsbury is the new face of the franchise. But lets hang on to man ram for another year or two. Lets find away to get rid of JD Drew. Think he would look good in pinstripes? HAHA.Also we need to adress a problem at short stop. Lets face it since the departure of Nomar it’s been a revolving door of AAA calibur talent. I think A-rod would be more comfortable back at short. Then we can hang on to Mikey L, which they have to do just for his presence in the dug out. Finally with the lead at 2.5 it might be time to hit that panic button!!! Keep the ball out of Gagne’s hand and lets go back to doing what we did right. Timlin in the 8th Pap in the 9th. Stop playing around and lets get this done. COWBOY UP!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you completely about timlin and Pap, but with Manny, his numbers are great, not good, but great, but, how much of it is when we need it? I personally think we put up with Manny being Manny because of these numbers, but how much does he help the team? that I really don’t know the answer for, how hurt he is right now I don’t know, and how much he needs to bench himself I don’t know either, but I do know that I’d rather have someone who just flat wants to win every game out there. Thanks for your comments -Dylan

  7. MaticusNineO Says:

    I just wanted to throw this out there, but “Gag(ME)” Gagne for David Murphy, our Up and Coming number one prospect that Texas has been ridding the hell out of since he got there. David Murphy may be added to that “Allstars that started with the Sox” list before Ellsbury when they screw him over, as Red Sox Nation is so use to them doing to our babyfaces.

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