Fair or Foul Question of the Week

Will Curt Schilling still be playing for the Red Sox in 2008?

Fair: Curt Schilling has been better than his 8-8 record indicates. He has a 3.97 ERA and has pitched pretty well during his last three starts. Not to mention, with the playoffs right around the corner, few pitchers pitch as well as Schilling when it matters. Let’s not forget 2004 and the bloody sock.

Foul: Curt Schilling is past his prime. He came into spring training out of shape and it really affected his performance early in the season, even leading to a stint on the DL. Maybe if he spent more time working out instead of working on his video game company it would justify a new contract. Put his $13 million to a better use.

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One Response to “Fair or Foul Question of the Week”

  1. MaticusNineO Says:

    Lets hope curt doesnt become another, lets pay him because hes a great guy case on the team as he sits on the bench for us next year. He deserves better. Walk away Curt, we honestly dont need you anymore.

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