Fair or Foul: The Results are in!

The most recent Fair or Foul Question of the Week asked, “What should the Red Sox do with Mike Lowell?” The votes have been tallied, and with 59% of the vote Boston fans chose to keep Mike Lowell for the next three seasons instead of going for a bigger name in Alex Rodriguez.

I had really mixed feelings about this question and here’s why: Mike Lowell is one the classiest athletes in all of sports. He plays the game hard and has solidified the third base position for the Sox both offensively and defensively. Lowell is having a career year and is leading the Red Sox in batting average, hits, and RBIs. He is clearly the MVP of the team.

On the flip side, Lowell is 33 years old and had the best season of his career this year. Who’s to say that he can continue at this pace? Also, although he is still a solid defender, his days of being a Gold Glover appear to be over. Is he worth the $13-15 million a year to keep him? Or is it better to put that money towards someone else?

My opinion is that this is Mike Lowell’s last year in Boston. The Red Sox are going to make a big push for A-Rod this offseason. Red Sox owners have been enamored with A-Rod since their failed attempt to trade for him in 2003. He consistently puts up big numbers at Fenway and is still a good defender.

Not to mention, stripping the Yankees of their best player would be pretty sweet.

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