Just the way they Drew it up…

Last night the Red Sox showed the difference between a good team and a team that is going to go deep into the playoffs.

Boston spotted Tampa Bay a seven-run lead going into the bottom of the fourth inning after a second poor start by Tim Wakefield. Usually this is the time Francona starts to empty the bench and concede the loss, but last night the Red Sox showed some resilience and battled back, with 15 runs in the final five frames to pull out a 16-10 victory.

There were several key players who came through in the clutch. First of all, Julio Lugo came up with three big hits last night: a single, a double, and a steamrolling of Dioner Navarro on a sacrifice fly by Dustin Pedroia in the 4th inning. Secondly, Mike Lowell went about business as usual as Boston’s Most Valuable Player this season with a 4 for 5 night.

Which brings me to J.D. Drew.

I have been pretty vocal regarding the Drew signing. I disagreed with the length and cost of his contract, and I have routinely pulled my hair out watching Drew go through the motions in a horrible season. Last night, Drew may have taken the first steps to turning this season around.

J.D. was 3 for 4 with a home run and four runs scored, but the most important thing Drew did last night was drawing a walk in the 6th inning to load the bases, which was followed by a Kevin Youkilis triple to give Boston the lead. In the past Drew would have either struck out or hit into a double play to kill the rally, but instead he showed poise and the disciplined batter’s eye that Boston was hoping for when they signed him.

If Drew can build on this performance, it will give the Red Sox lineup the boost it needs for the playoffs, and maybe even give J.D. Drew a clean slate with bloggers.

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