Playoff scenario #1

The Red Sox have made the playoffs. Yippee. This is the extent of my excitement. Everyone knew they were going to make the playoffs. I really want to see them win the AL East for the first time since 1995.

But would it be better if Boston came in second and was the wild card? The way I understand it, if Boston wins the division, they play the Cleveland Indians in the first round. If Boston is the wild card, they would play the San Diego Angels of Oakland, or whatever their stupid name is these days.

Of these two scenarios, I think the Sox match up better with the Angels, even if the Angels have home field advantage. Boston always plays well against these guys. Remember the 2004 playoffs, when the Red Sox dominated them? Or even this year, when the Sox were on the verge of a series sweep until they put in Eric Gagne. The Angels have a good team that plays hard, steals bases, and is really good defensively. They have superstars in Vlad Guerrero and Garret Anderson, and quality starting pitching. But I think they all shrink in the clutch. Their superstars don’t step up and carry their team, and their pitching has the tendency to look ordinary. I know they’ve won their division three out of the last four years and won the World Series in 2002, but if they meet the Sox in the playoffs, they are going to get their butts kicked again.

Next up: The potential Red Sox/Cleveland Indians matchup.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sacramento Anaheim Angels of Northern San Francisco as of 9-24-07.

  2. MaticusNineO Says:

    The Greater Pacific Coast, Anaheim and Arnie’s Angels of Los Angeles’s upper west quadrant of voting and policy making for the lower class families of Mexico.

    Mexico is key in this.

    We play Anaheim who we have tossed around in the playoffs or we face The Tribe on our terms, meaning the Short series. I like the way it looks.

  3. Christian McCrory Says:

    Ok, the West
    Crenshaw Blvd Angels of ……oh never mind we know who they are. OR the tribe….. I personally don’t know which team i want to face. We have a winning record against both this year. What i do know is i don’t want to see the short series. I watched Wake pitch yesterday and he still doesn’t look the same. He clearly still has back issues, not only did he warm up before sundays game they also had Bucholz warming before the game. Wake had trainers fallow him through his whole pregame warmup. CLay was not pitching a side session he was ready incase Wake couldn’t go. That concerns me, what do you guys think?

  4. Dave Says:

    I’ll be posting tomorrow on the potential Sox/Indians series. But here is a question in response Christian’s comments about the short series; Beckett is obviously the best pitcher on the Sox. At this point, who is the second best? Dice K and Wake have struggled recently. Schilling has been solid for 6 innings in his last couple of starts. Is it possible that Buchholz could be the Red Sox second best pitcher at this point of the season?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that’s an interesting point you bring up Dave. Bucoltz would I’d say, be the #2 guy at this point. Which, in theory, could make games 3 and 4 a much more guarenteed win situation??

  6. Dave Says:

    How scary would it be to throw out a rookie pitcher for the second game of the playoffs. I don’t question Buchholz’s intestinal fortitude, but this is a huge thing to ask for out of a rookie. But so is throwing a no-hitter in your second major league start. Francona has been pretty quiet on his plans for Clay in the postseason. I don’t see him coming out of the bullpen when Sox starters are struggling right now. Remember you read it here first, when Buchholz starts a game in the ALDS.

  7. MaticusNineO Says:

    This isnt bashing our rookie or anything, but he doesnt seem to be at home upstairs half the time if you know what I mean. Kid, go throw the ball and get them out. Ok Skip. Thats all. He knows baseball and judging by the interviews and faces he makes when the camera comes on him, he looks like hes dumb as a brick, or Brick (Tamlind). I dont think hes going to have a problem with the pressure, he wont understand it. He’ll just hurl the ball and win the game. And perfectly honest, theres no issue with that.

  8. Dave Says:

    Maticus, you hit the nail on the head with that one. Buchholz has pitched great, but I’m guessing that his high school English teacher may have passed him on his baseball merit and not his grasp of Shakespeare. After his no-hitter, he couldn’t answer the easy questions Tina Cervasio was throwing at him. I really thought he was mildly retarded. But man can he pitch.

  9. MaticusNineO Says:

    Buchholz? Yeah. Ill look for more.

  10. Dave Says:

    Wow! Now that is a flattering picture. That picture makes me want to start listening to his to his starts on the radio, instead of looking at that mug on MLBtv.

  11. Randy Smythe Says:


    The Los Angeles Angels of Fontucky really don’t care who we play. At some point we have to break the curse of Donnie Moore it might as well be this year.

    We are going to play the Sox at some point (unless you plan on losing to Cleveland) We’ll take care of the Yanks first then get to use guys, the only monkey on our back is the “Rally Monkey”

    Go Halos!

  12. Dave Says:

    That would be the perfect scenario. The Angels knocking off the Yankees, then coming to Fenway and losing to Boston again.
    I just don’t think they have it this year to challenge the Sox.
    Maybe next year, but I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing that.
    Thanks for commenting.

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