And then there was one…

Am I the only one that was getting a little nervous when Colorado scored five runs in the seventh inning? Was anyone else having flashbacks of Bucky Dent, Bill Buckner and Aaron Boone? What the hell is wrong with us?

This is a different Red Sox team. This team is made up of guys that never quit. After seeing their lead cut to one run they could have panicked. Instead, they got back to basics and put four more runs on the scoreboard. I got the feeling during the eighth inning, when Boston responded to the Rockies rally with three runs, that the Colorado players were finally beginning to realize that they were over matched. This was a punch to the gut not only for the Rockie players but also for their fans.

While I am on the subject of the Rockies fans, am I the only one that was a little disappointed in their performance last night? I kept hearing all week that once the series went to Colorado it was going to be totally different ballgame. That the fans were crazy and acted like the 10th player on the field for the Rockies. Instead I saw a stadium of people sitting on their hand the whole game. They didn’t make a peep until the seventh inning when the Rockies finally scored. And when they did they responded with the lamest chant in sports history. “Rockies………………. GO!” They need to (a) change their chant, (b) change their batteries, or (c) buy a metronome. Not to mention the towel waving was pathetic. These fans really need to watch the Cleveland Indian fans from games 3 and 4 in the ALCS for a Towel Waving for Dummies demonstration. Colorado had the tamest 50,000 fans I’ve ever seen.

“Crazy” Rockies fans in action

I thought Dice K looked great last night for the first four innings. He didn’t try to get cute with his pitches and, with the exception of Todd “Chin Beaver” Helton, didn’t get into any really long battles with the Rockies players. These long at-bats have been what’s plagued Matsuzaka this year, driving up his pitch count and tiring him out. When Dice K started to wear down in the sixth inning and walked two batters, Terry Francona did the right thing and pulled him. It was a solid performance from the rookie pitcher that I am sure he will build on for future post seasons.Speaking of rookies, Jacoby “Wonderboy” Ellsbury and Dustin “The Little Engine That Could” Pedroia were awesome. Did these guys not get the memo that they are rookies? Instead of going a combined 7 for 10 with four RBIs, they were supposed to be sucking their thumbs in the corner. But these two are wired differently then most. They have ice water in their veins and play better on the bigger stage. They make something happen in every game they play in. I really look forward to watching these guys play in Red Sox uniforms for the next ten years.

Here are’s quick hits for game 4:

  • How the hell did the Rockies make it to the World Series with a rotation of Francis, Jimenez, Fogg and Cook? These guys are even worse then I thought. If Aaron Cook can make it past the fifth inning tonight, I will eat my Red Sox hat.
  • What a great time for Julio Lugo to start playing his best baseball of the season. He got on base three times last night and made two great defensive plays. He reminded me of Plastic Man on the run-saving line drive he caught. It was a great play at a pivotal time in the game.
  • Please put Javier Lopez in the same hole Eric Gagne is hiding in. He sucks. Just because he has a funky delivery doesn’t mean he can pitch.
  • How about Big Papi at first base last night? He looked pretty good. Maybe it was the six run lead, but I wasn’t too nervous with him out there.
  • Jon Lester will complete the most inspirational comeback in sports this year when he wins game four for the Red Sox tonight.
  • I’m stuck on who I think is the MVP of the World Series. If Beckett pitched one more game, I think he would win it. But right now I think it’s a two-horse race between Dustin Pedroia and Jonathan Papelbon. I’m voting for Pedroia.
  • Get the champagne on ice.

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  1. Jill Calamari Says:

    That was an awesome game last night.Dave, i was thinking the same thing about the fans, what a bunch of losers!You could hear a pin drop in there, it was worse than a regular season game at The Trop. Thanks for giving props to the cleveland fans, even though the towel waving is gay at least they know how to wave the hell out of those towels and be true fans.I think the rockies “fans”, if you can call them that,where in awe as this was the first time they had ever laid eyes on the stadium.They probably don’t even know what the rules of the game are. So, all they could come up with after watching half a game was their crappy chant.
    And to anonymous,must i explain this AGAIN?! I am not a bandwagon fan! i am from cleveland, my husband is from boston, therefore i already was a boston fan before this red sox/rockies series. But since cleveland blood runs through my veins of course i am going to cheer on the indians, but now that they are out of the picture i now want my other favorite team to win.By the way,the “fans” looked really cute last night in their purple outfits drinking their shitty girly coors light. Maybe they should try some real beer like a nice crisp sam adams, now that is a beer to brag about. I don’t even think that coor’s deserves to have a stadium named after it, well it equals out crappy beer=crappy team.
    Hey dave, you should try Sam Adams Cream Stout, i give it 5 stars, hard to find but worth the hunt.

  2. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the beer tips Calamari. I tried the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat the other day and it was pretty good. I will definitely keep an eye open for Cream Stout. Now if I could just stop from dropping them on my computer
    I would be all set.
    Thanks for commenting.
    Go Sox!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll be poppin’ an ice cold IBC rootbeer from the study lounge in the luxorious station 85. My MVP vote goes to Pedroia. He’s all day. For brief moments, I begin to rely on him for hits. Think about that for a second, I can rely on a rookie to get hits and make the plays. It’s not a case of, maybe he come through in the clutch and surpise us, he’s consistent. MVP of the series and Rookie of the Year.

    -Dylan “I wish I hadn’t taken a swap on Game 4 of the Red Sox Sweep of the world series” Hamilton

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Going to Foxboros tonight for the clincher. We are getting a table at 7:30, C-Mac and I. Its on guys.. Its going down tonight.

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    The problem is not enought Sam Adams. I have been slow in writting the past two weeks, but, I’ve got some nice issues to discuss in the off season after tonight’s sweep. It has been nice, and this site will keep strong through the off season I’m sure, and right into the red sox defending their title in 08. This will be the comeback of a lifetime for lester if it happens tonight. Is anyone else pinching themselves a little to see if they wake up from a dream? The sox, on the verge of two world series in less then five years! Welcome to the modern times for the Red Sox.

    Dylan “I’m putting the rescue out of service somehow, someway tonight in order to watch this game” Hamilton

  7. Dave Says:

    Welcome back 33, it’s been awhile.
    The foulline will be going strong all offseason. Being a Sox fan, there is always something to talk about.
    Ham-bone, send me the Bat-signal if you get a call, I’ll keep the score coming to you.
    In 2004, I was stuck on the rescue for game 4. I got a call 5 minutes before the game started, I was able to listen to it on the radio while I transported. As an added bonus, the paramedic was a Yankee fan..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I used your line tonight Dave and asked a certain “fan” of the yankees what time they played tonight? We all know the response I got.

    I’m considering putting my xm radio set up in the rescue tonight.

  9. Dave Says:

    Did he bring up the 26 rings, or did he resort to a comment about your mother? These are their only two comebacks.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    it was something along the lines of “your mom wears 26 rings, blah blah blah, championships, blah blah blah, your mom, rings, blah blah blah” I couldn’t get through the accent though, does it come from New York or undereducation?

  11. Dave Says:

    New Yorker..under educated?? Is there a difference?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    We all know the 2004 World Series* has an asterisk in the record books because it was achieved with the benefit of the wild card, baseball’s version of affirmative action.

    Now, the 2007 World Series* has to have an asterisk because it was also achieved with the benefit of the wild card, baseball’s version of affirmative action.

    There is a reason the blosox started winning championships…it totally coincides with the introduction of the wild card/affirmative action rule.

    They will be know as the Wild Card Championships.

    -This is straight off the Yankees website, I don’t even need to comment on this, just sit back and let them prove me right in my belief that New York school systems end at 6th grade and you immediately begin learning the ropes at the neighborhood papa John’s pizza shop.


  13. Dave Says:

    Just to show you how ignorant Yankee fans are, they were the Wild Card team this year. What the hell???

  14. Anonymous Says:


    this immitation of the rockies chant has been brought to you by Dylan Hamilton. Here at the Dylan Hamilton Corporation, we are dedicated to pointing out the flaws in lesser teams, may the purple guys who cant play keep doing what they do.

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