Sign #3 that your baseball team is new to the playoffs: Not allowing your fans to purchase tickets to the World Series.

What a great idea by Rockies management. They finally have a decent team and are playing in their first World Series, and they reward the fans by only “selling” tickets online. I should say trying to sell tickets online. The Rockies, in their infinite wisdom, didn’t prepare for more than seven fans getting on the computer at the same time in an attempt to buy tickets. So of course the whole system crashed. So, no tickets for you Rockies fan.

Here is a novel idea for the Rockies owners: Open the ticket box office at the stadium. This way, both of your fans that have been following the team all year can go to the game. Instead of spending all of your time coming up with your fantastic playoff slogan, learn how to sell a ticket. I realize that this is your first time in the playoffs and you might be a little unsure of the proper protocol, but at this rate, in the event you happen to make the playoffs again, there might not be any fans left to attend.

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  1. Mr. Anonymous Says:

    I think somebody is a little upset that he couldn’t get tickets today.

    Two Rockies fans?? Try over 8 million hits in less than 90 minutes.
    It’s really funny, you act like the Sox have been frequent flyers to the World Series.
    Previous to 2004, the Sox haven’t been to the World Series since 1986-“Bill Buckner ruined my childhood?” That’s a 18 year gap. Is that what you call an experienced team?
    The Rockies have only been around for 14 years (a “non experienced” team) and here they are! I really can’t wait to see them beat the Sox.
    By the way, I don’t work at Chik fil a, it’s Burger King. Have you ever worked there Dave?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    would you like fries with that burger? how would you like a little lead paint with your shake…the rockos may not be ready in the office but the team had a hell of last couple of weeks. now the rocketts get to play areal team. BOSTON…I BELIEVE the indians series was the WORLD SERIES..
    THE ROCKETTES WILL enjoy BOSTONS combat zone.. thats the only place they will get lucky…(for$$ 100.00 bucks) Ahappy meal please!!33+ I like the prize……

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “Two Rockies fans?? Try over 8 million hits in less than 90 minutes” = Red Sox nation getting to work on some world series tickets.


  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Good Call.

  5. Dave Says:

    The entire staff at thefoulline has worked diligently over the past two days in hopes to obtain World Series tickets. Unfortunately, our attempts failed. Leave it to the Rookies to screw it up. I see a potential foxboroughs trip in my future.

  6. C-Mac Says:

    Foxboro is the way to go. trust me we aren’t getting tickets. I tried everything including sleeping with this chick for the last 2 months(Father works for the team) and i’m still SOL. Oh well i guess i’ll be seeing you at Foxboro.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hey mac and dave the reason for no tickets is ……. are you ready??????????????

    YOU DID IT YOUR WAY. OR in mac”S case..

  8. Matt McLaughlin Says:


    Hide the Salami? HAHA!

    Foxboro’s is the way to go SW Floridians. Its worth the drive, we need to get a foulline contingency down there for one of the games. Make a showing, pass the word.

  9. Dave Says:

    I am shocked at 33’s last comment for two reasons. First of all, I could actually understand it. And secondly, it was funny. Nice job 33.

  10. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    His comments remind me of Boomhower or the Assistant Coach from the Waterboy (Farmer Fran). While it is funny as hell to try and decipher them, at times all you can do is smile and nod…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Matt, Dylan, 33, and Mr Fouline Dave what a sorry group-Red Sox Nation? LOL
    How are you going to feel tomorrow night when the Rockies beat the Red Sux at Fenway?
    I can see it now…4 fags at Foxboros (is that a gay bar?)watching the game with your mouths wide open in astonishment as Beckett looses another to Colorado.
    PS.. I got tickets!

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