He made them an offer they can’t refuse

The New York Yankees announced today that George Steinbrenner is giving up control of the team to his sons Hank and Hal. Something tells me the apples didn’t fall too far from the tree. Hank’s first order of business was to announce Joba “the Hut” Chamberlain will be a starting pitcher next season. You read it right. Not re-signing Joe Torre. Not negotiating with the 2007 AL MVP. Not trying to re-sign Jorge Posada or Mariano Rivera. He decided to focus on a lard-ass rookie pitcher who gets unraveled when a few bugs fly around his head. Hank’s a chip off the old block.

With Steinbrenner getting older, I knew his time running the Yankees was coming to an end. I was disappointed I wasn’t going to see or hear from this whack job any more when his team starts losing games. And what does he do? He turns the team over to his two sons. If one nut job is good, then two nut jobs must be really good, right?

For some reason, I keep seeing this unfold in a Godfather-esque fashion. But instead of turning over the power to someone smart, ruthless, and powerful like Michael Corleone, George turns power over to Fredo, the dumb, no-common-sense imbecile. And we all know how it turned out for Fredo.

We may have seen the end to this once proud franchise. It now looks like the New York Yankees sleep with the fishes.

2 Responses to “He made them an offer they can’t refuse”

  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Let me say this as blunt as possible. GOOD RIDDANCE, YOU ASSHOLE. Was that conciece enough?

    On behalf of Red Sox nation, we all hope you lead a very short and meaningless life in your time here on earth. You have dashed the hopes and dreams of our fathers and grandfathers and Im sure Satan himself has a seat waiting for you, since you had to of sold your soul to him in the 70’s. The emperor has fallen off his throne. Now lets watch the power struggle that ensues with the younglings.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Once again Dave, hilarious. This goes for your writting and the descions made by the once powerful organization. This does seem very god-father like, but why keep Joba, I’ll tell you why keep Joba, because, um, damnit, I’ve got nothing, that’s just dumb


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