How sweep it is!!!

The Boston Red Sox are going to the American League Championship Series. Let’s enjoy this for a day or two, then I think it’s important to reflect on some good things and some bad things that need to be worked out before game one on Friday.

First of all, anytime you sweep a team it’s great, but we need to remember that Boston swept a very beat-up team. The Angels’ two best players were playing with one arm (Vlad Guerrero) and one eye (Garrett Anderson). Their best defensive centerfielder was out (Garry Matthews Jr.), and their only pitcher with playoff experience was left off the playoff roster (Bartolo Colon). Not to mention the Angels had John Lackey pitch at Fenway, which pretty much concedes a Boston victory. I don’t want to sound like “the glass is half empty,” but the point I want to make is that whoever Boston plays in the next round (Cleveland) is going to be healthier, hungrier, and more determined than the Angels were.

In order for Boston to advance to the World Series they are going to need a repeat performance from their pitching staff. Beckett, Schilling, and the bullpen were phenomenal. Francona managed aggressively. He had guys stealing, hitting and running, and going for the extra base. They also had some big hitting from Papi, Manny and Lowell.

One of the bad things I noticed was that it seemed like Boston left a ton of runners on base. As the World Series gets closer, every run is important. These guys can’t be stranded. It also seemed like Boston grounded into a bunch of double plays. They are going to need Drew, Pedroia, and Coco to be more consistent at the plate. They looked lost up there a few times.

Another thing, and I hope Terry Francona finally realizes this: Eric Gagne sucks. He blew Schilling’s hard earned shutout tonight. I was surprised that he was even put on the playoff roster. Gagne has not pitched one meaningful inning since his acquisition. He has been a bust. Theo Epstein needs to eat a little crow and admit he blew it on this one. I personally would have given that spot to Julian Tavarez. Tavarez is much more versatile. He can start, as well as be the long reliever if needed. He has done whatever the Sox have asked of him this year. He’s a goofball, but even when he rolls the ball to first base, it’s still better then when Gagne is out there.

The Red Sox have the players to get the job done and win the World Series, but they can’t count on always getting the clutch home run. Getting the little things right is what is going to take Boston to the next level.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    gagne looks like crap. Not only his pitching, but him physically, he looks like he spent the past few days on a jim beam bender without any site of a razor to get rid of that god for saken beard/facial fungus. Whatever team we face, the Indians, we will win it on the little things. Both teams can go run for run with big namers, but it will be the little guys and details that take us to play the AAA champion representing the NL in the world series.

  2. Dave Says:

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that since Boston signed Eric Gagne, Penn from Penn & Teller is nowhere to be found?
    Is it possible that we traded for an eccentric magician, who now hangs out in the Red Sox bullpen? That would be a pretty impressive magic trick…and explain why he’s sucked so bad.

  3. MaticusNineO Says:

    I say we have Ellsbury come in relief, the kid does everything else.

    Gag-me, needs to be left off the ALCS roster. Bring back Wake, we owe him that much. Plus Wake can be a novelty pitcher in any situation. Only issue, Big Hitters + Knuckleball = A)Shutout 1 hitter or B) 7R on .3 IP. It is so up in the air with Wake recently. But anything is better than Gag-me.

  4. Dave Says:

    You are dead on about Wakefield. He has been great this season. But I can’t get the sight of Aaron $%#$ing Boone out of my mind when the playoffs start and Wakefield is mentioned.

  5. Randy Smythe Says:

    Ouch! Congrats to the Sox for a great sweep. No excuses, you totally dominated us. Good luck the rest of the way!

    Bring home another championship.

    And no more comments about my picture.

  6. Christian McCrory Says:

    New slogan for the ALCS “Gag-me kills”….eh its weak but a start. Leave him off the roster.

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