Keeping the Faith, Part 2

The Red Sox have dug themselves into a nice hole, now down 3-1 to the Indians. But I am not ready to throw in the towel quite yet. Before you start calling me a disillusioned idiot, let’s consider a few things. First of all, with the exception of game one, the Red Sox offense has been missing in action. Boston has made some ordinary pitchers look like Sandy Koufax. I have to believe that the Boston coaching staff is going to working their butts off to correct whatever has caused the Sox bats to go cold. Also, the Sox have proven they can put up bunches of runs and can go on a winning streak of their own.

We also have Josh Beckett pitching game 5 Thursday night. We all know what he can do in the playoffs. I still agree with Francona not to start Beckett last night. He can’t pitch every game. The Sox need someone else to step up and pitch a decent game.

This reminds me of Kevin Millar in the 2004 playoffs against the Yankees. Boston was down 3-0 in the series, with Derek Lowe set to pitch game 4. Millar warned the Yankees, “Don’t let us win this game, because if we do, we have Schilling, then Pedro, then anything can happen in game 7.” This holds true now. Beckett wins Thursday. Followed by Schilling in Game 6, and then anything can happen in game 7.

The clock is ticking, but there is still time to turn this thing around. Keep the faith.

Go Sox!

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  1. Jill Calamari Says:

    That was a GREAT game last night! I was so happy and overjoyed that i couldn’t even fall asleep. I must say, Youkilis definitely deserved that homerun after his foul pop fumble, and then giving Sizemore 2nd base. This series WILL stop in Cleveland. Chocolate Cake will step up and pull us through, he has to, after his horrible pitching in game 1.

  2. Dave Says:

    You couldn’t sleep because you were probably drunk on Zima. I am so happy chocolate cake is pitching next. This means at least one more game in Boston. This series isn’t over.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, lay down the Zima Jill, if that is your real name, and wake up to the facts. This series will end with a game 7 in Bean-Town. What you meant to say was, This winning streak of the indians WILL stop in Cleveland, I love that dirty water. -Dylan

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    If we rock Chocolate Cake tonight, it serves duel purpose. We not only win the game, but we will put doubt in the Cleveland dugout about “their best pitcher.” Plus, you brought up a great point, Millar hit it on the head. If we win tonight, we have Schill, followed by dicek. I think Lester for the start in Game 6 and push Schill back OR Lester for 7. I dont think they need to throw Beachball Party-boy DiceK out there as a Rookie in game 7. Say what you will about his “big game capabilities” but I think you give that “rookie” nod to Lester. Or my other buddy Buchholz, but he was left off the roster for sore arm. DiceK needs to listen to Tek, and hit is damn spots.

    In hockey to inprove acurracy, we set up a net and shoot targets out of it. I think DiceK needs to set up a back stop and hit each target with each pitch in order. Until he can hit the whole sequence he doesnt stop. Misses, starts over. Of course in the off season this would have to happen seeing as how it would take him nearly 200 pitches to get it right.

    This mimic’s (I hate to say this) Peyton and Marvin’s pregame warm up. Confidence through repetition.

    Back to whats important. I dont want this to turn into Rocky 4 with Apollo Creed getting his ass kicked and Rocky with the towel. Even if the Red Sox nation could throw in the peverbial towel, we cant. It is attached to our arm like an extention of our anatomy. Only in extreme cases can this be severed. This is when we need to sit there in front of the tv and root on our team for this game. They win, it was worth it, if not, we can say we went down with the ship like we are supposed to.

    Life or Death, we are still Red Sox fans. Lets give them our all like we have for the other 169 or so games theyve played thus far. Its still 4 more than the Yankees at this point.

  5. Dave Says:

    Well stated! What makes sox fans different is we never quit on our team. We aren’t going to start now.

  6. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    btw, my middle name is an M as well its Mark. My grandfather (who never got to see them win a world series) use to call me “M Cubed”. Kinda funny.

  7. Jill Calamari Says:

    Zima?! Do they even make that anymore? You know all i drink is Guinness. Oh, and Matt, first of all there is no game tonight, and second, we aren’t afraid of Schilling, Dice k, or Lester, they couldn’t stop us in games 2,3,or 4 and they won’t stop us in the 5th and final game, so bring it on! Dylan, how can you be anonymous if you then put your name? You are just jealous of my sweet screen name and wish you could have a name just as awesome. Here’s one for you— Dill Hole.haha

  8. Dave Says:

    Well then, MCubed it is. It has a nice ring to it. As for you Jill, you’re mean. But you’ve probably heard that before. I was thinking -Great and knowledgeble Dylan -would be a good name for him, what do you think?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    How about this nickname, “the guy who cheers for the best team in baseball that is gonna come back from 3-1 on the Clevland Chief Wahoo’s”, it has a nice ring to it. I’ll have a Zima waiting for you at the Red Sox victory party.

    Sincerly, “the guy who cheers for the best team in baseball that is gonna come back from 3-1 on the Clevland Chief Wahoo’s”

  10. Dave Says:

    Now that is a good nickname!
    What do you think Jill Cala-Zima?

  11. Jill Calamari Says:

    Dave, that is the reputation i have made for myself and i need to uphold it. I am a mear mouse in the lion’s den of the red sox nation, yes i have put myself here so it is my own fault, but i do have to stick up for myself as me and my team get insulted by you and your goons everyday.Dylan, I don’t think i could remember all that.

  12. Dave Says:

    Jill Cali-zima,
    You have given this blog a boost. You have proven you can talk smack, and take it just as well. Your comments are always appreciated. When the sox finish off your Indians, you are welcome to join our goon squad.

  13. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    As for the whole no game tonight, I was wrong. I am sorry. I was in a Red Sox mood tonight and was hoping that there actually was a game.

    As for the Zima, Dylan hit it on the head. We will have it on ice waiting. But not just any ice, I think we need to make Ice Cubes of Charles River water. I have a bottle of it on my desk that I procured in my last trip up there. Cool the Zima on that.

    Im not sold on the relivance of Cleveland as a City. They are known as the Mistake by the Lake and yes they have the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Giving rise to Drew Carey and what? Your biggest name isnt even supporting his home town. Im Lebron James, Im a Yankees fan. There is a difference between Tom Brady wearing a Yankees hat to fit in and not get harrassed by New Yorkers is one thing, There was a good reason. But Lebron is your boy. If you were Wilbon or Kornheiser, he would be YOUR BOIIII. Great fan base. Loving the local loyalty.

    I speak for the majority of the people who comment here on Foulline that we are all Red Sox fans, born and bred. We may be transplanted all over the country, Florida, California, where ever, there is no wavering. I consiter being a member of Red Sox nation to be more than an association, more than a fanship, it is a religion. Can you say the same about the Indians and their fans? No.

    So go home, eat your chocolate cake, drink your Zima, and buckle in. Get ready. Here comes the Sox.

  14. Jill Cala-guinness Says:

    you know what dave, i will say the same to you as i said to my boston born husband last night as he sulked his way to bed before the game was over, if the red sox come back and win the series then they deserve it and i will root for them in the world series. Does that make me a traitor or a token fan, i don’t think so, i am just not a sore loser. And being that my husband is from boston, the red sox have always been my second team to root for.
    And for Matt– If tom brady can’t stick up for his city, and he is more concerned about “fitting in” then he is more of a loser than Lebron James. If i was that concerned about fitting in do you think i would ever admit to being a Browns and Indians fan, especially on a red sox blog, hell no! To not stick up for his hometown just so he could fit in with a bunch of new yorkers, come on, what a cop-out!My brother is in new york right now, you know what shirt he wore today, a Cleveland Indians shirt. Do you think he’s worried about the little stupid new yorkers pitching a hissy fit? NO! But you know who is, Tom Brady! So at least Lebron had the balls to support his team of choice, and you got to respect him for that. And what is it that you drink appletinis or vodka and cranberry, either once is a sissy drink. I’m not gonna bring religion into this so i guess i’ll just say that you should go home drink your sissy drinks and eat your cream puffs in misery as we beat your sorry butts tomorrow night. Man do i love to trash talk. :)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    hey whats the problem they are still our guys … a lttle hail mary would not hurt at this point.. may be a rosary..back in the 50s and part of the 60s the sox broke our hearts every year even with :TED: yaz made things fun and today hey repeat after me WE ARE THE BEST..amen this JILL person WHAT ? SHE HAS NO LIFE? SHE IS CHAIN TO THE FOUL LINE .COM.. relax RED SOX Nation the Indians are right where we want them.. 33


  16. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    First off your brother is not worth 9 million dollars a year. he doesnt have to protect himself from New Yorkers. Second off, Tom Brady has no loyalty to New England Sports other than he plays there. He was not born there like Lebron James was. Brady is from SoCal, so, as for the hat, it really had no meaning.

  17. Dave Says:

    Jill Cala-winecooler,
    You have proven yourself to be a very knowledgeable baseball fan. I think all of your posts are hilarious, and at times insightful. I will say this: Cleveland fans are passionate,but Boston fans would never have a second team to root for, or wish anyone else well in the World Series. I know that this sounds petty and a little pathetic, but this is what makes Sox fans who we are. I really hope the Sox come back and win some games, not only for the bragging rights,but it will ensure at least a few more days of you and M-cubed going at it.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    As a Red Sox fan, I have always felt like the last scene in Bad News Bears, when they lose, and still tell the other team to F’ off, classic, it really does hit home. Jill, I still think you’re a bostonian deep down.

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