A tale of two cities

When you think of Boston, thoughts of clam chowder, Paul Revere, and the Boston Pops come to mind. The city nicknamed Beantown is rich in sports history, home to the Bruins, Sox and Celtics. All of these teams have had ups and downs in their histories but have each won multiple championships. Names like Russell, Orr, Williams, Bird, Yastremski, Esposito, and Havlicek are ingrained in New England sports fans’ heads from the time they are born. These are just a few of the legends that have graced the Boston sports scene over the years. Memories of Havlicek stealing the ball, Doug Flutie’s hail mary and Carlton Fisks’s home run are some of the most famous highlights in the history of sports. But with the good comes the bad, and we also remember Bill Buckner forgetting how to field a ground ball, Magic Johnson’s baby hook, and Bucky @#$%ing Dent. This city’s fans have suffered (and celebrated) with these teams and are some of the most dedicated fans in the world.

When you think of Cleveland, thoughts of polish pierogi, Drew Carey, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be found somewhere deep in your memory, if you think real hard and maybe Google “stuff Cleveland is known for.” Cleveland is nicknamed “the mistake on the lake” and is home to the Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians. Cleveland has been in a bit of a sports drought over the years, but who can remember forget 1964, when the Browns won the (pre-Super Bowl) NFL championship, the last major sports title to come to Cleveland. Or 1994, when the spectacular Cleveland Crunch dominated the National Professional Soccer League, bringing a long awaited title to Cleveland. Names like Jim Brown, Bob Feller, and Lebron James have graced the Ohio sports scene. But like any major city, Cleveland has experienced its share of disappointment. There aren’t enough The Drew Carey Show reruns to make you forget The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot and Red Right 88. This city’s fans have suffered (and suffered) over the years, but still remain some of the most passionate fans on the planet.

This should be an exciting series. Both teams have quality pitching and exciting lineups. Let’s hope the Red Sox can add one more year to Cleveland’s suffering. After all they’ve gotten used to it.

Red Sox in 6

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  1. Jill Calamari Says:

    That is a great article. It truly touched my heart that you would call cleveland fans the most passionate fans on the planet. We may not have any great sports titles in the past couple of years that we can brag about, but at least we are loyal fans that stick with our teams through upset after upset. So make fun of us, we are used to it. Two things though 1. I HATE Drew Carey, i am boycotting the price is right since he will be the new host; and 2. You forgot to mention Bernie Kosar, sure his throw was retarded looking, but his accuracy was unmatched, and recorded in his honor was the 1986 novelty song “Bernie, Bernie”, to the tune of Louie, Louie. How’s that for respect. One other thing you forgot to mention about my wonderful city,The Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969,the river was so contaminated it caught itself on fire, flames 5 stories high, now that is definitely something to brag about!

  2. Dave Says:

    Nicely put Jill,
    This is what I like about Cleveland fans. Unlike Yankee fans, Cleveland fans have a brain and can make intelligent arguments. They can dish it out, and have shown that they can take. I might feel a little bad when, Boston beats them. Then again, probably not.

  3. MaticusNineO Says:

    As for feeling bad for beating the Indians, Ill feel bad maybe like a week later when I am done CELEBRATING A RED SOX WIN OF ANOTHER TITLE!

    We have our “natural disasters” too, look at The Back Bay project, The Big Dig and just Roxbury in general. I mean really, Im sure the Charles could go up in flames. We dont have the song “Dirty Water” for nothing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    speaking of Natural Disasters, The Major League Sequels!! I do think Pedro Cerano will need to sacrafice a live chicken to get out of this series, Sox in 6 as well, I don’t hate the Indians like I do the Yankees, I just enjoy championships.

  5. Dave Says:

    I agree. The Indians are a classy team. At least they aren’t morons like Yankee fans.But they are now sworn enemies of Red Sox Nation.

  6. MaticusNineO Says:

    They better stock up on Jobu’s rum.

    Jobu? Joba? Any connection between the Carribean God Idol and The Yankees fatass reliever?

    Jobu demands loyalty from his followers as Joba demands rediculous things as a rookie.

    “I hit straight ball very far, curveball.. bats are afraid.”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone know why in the third Major League (back to the minors) they are the twins, instead of the tribe? Whats up with that?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. foul line,

    We all know that Bucky Dent is the greatest shortstop ever to grace the game of baseball! Okay, he wasn’t the best hitter or even fielder, but his boyish good looks made him a great addition to our beloved Yanks in 77. I remember that cool night back in 78 when the Yanks were in Boston – our hero smashed a three-run homer over the 37 foot fence and not even the Yaz could stop it. If I remember correctly, Bucky’s homer was off Mike Torrez and the Yanks won the game 5 to 4. And less you forget, Bucky was named MVP as the Yankees won their second straight championship with our hero at shortstop.

    Feel free to visit Bucky’s baseball school at http://www.buckydentbaseballschool.com.

    God Bless Bucky Fing Dent

  9. Dave Says:

    Mr. Bucky Dent Fan,
    It’s O.K. to love a player. It’s not OK to loooove a player. You may have an unhealthy infatuation with Bucky Dent. I hope you get the psychiatric assistance you so deserve.
    Thanks for commenting.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. foul line,

    It isn’t nice to call people with true mental afflictions names or make fun of them, but I expect this from a Sox’s fan (sorry cheap blow). And, I do looooove Bucky Dent and this love doesn’t make my mental illness any better or worse! Trust me, just ask my doctor. Dr. Feel Good did prescribe some Alprazolam to calm my nerves.

    Anywho, enough about me and more about my beloved:

    Bucky was born on 11/25/1951 in Savannah, Georgia at Savannah Baptist Hospital at approximately 9:15 pm. Bucky’s full name is Russell Earl “Bucky” O’Dey named after his great-grandfather Russell Earl. Bucky’s mother didn’t realize how truly talented her son was until he stood out on his high school varsity baseball team. She then traveled the country with Bucky until her untimely death in 1968. Bucky’s mother didn’t get to see her son chosen as the sixth pick in the 1970 draft. Bucky dedicated that day to his mother and he further went on to describe her as “his best friend and mentor”.

    At the age of 21, Bucky was fulfilling his dream and playing shortstop for the White Sox. As fate would have it, in 1977 the White Sox decided it was time to trade our superstar (in case you were wondering for whom – it was slugger Oscar Gamble, LaMarr Hoyt, some smuck minor leaguer and $200,000 in large bills.

    As we both know, our beloved starting shortstop went on to win two World Series rings. Not only did Bucky help the Yanks win the World Series – he was MVP as well; which still brings a tear to my eye.

    I know every Sox fan remembers when Bucky hit the infamous home run in a tie-breaker game against the Boston in 78.

    In case you were still wondering and awake – yes, my favorite number is 20 (Yank’s jersey number). However, my second favorite number is 30 (Bucky’s first number in the big league with the White Sox). I named my first-born son, Mark, with middle name “Bucky” Smith (real last name withheld – I know how dedicated and twisted your Sox fans are) and my 2nd born was a girl, but I managed to name her after Bucky’s mother, Marilyn, without my wife even knowing.

    Like I said before, Bucky wasn’t the greatest hitter (40 HRs in 12 years – even I have to admit that isn’t even remotely stellar) or even fielder for that matter, but that sweet three run homer over the Green Monster still tastes sweet even today. I can still remember the sweet sound of the WPIX’s announcers (their names elude me) after Bucky connected with the poorly pitched breaking ball. Whack! To be fair, I will give one thing to you Sox fans though – the wind was blowing hard as Bucky hit the pitch thrown by traitor, Mike Torrez (who was on the Yankees the previous season). Torrez’s soul can go to heaven due to paying God back for his terrible sin of going to our sworn, arch rival. Imagine how Bucky felt just for a moment. Hell, even mother nature loves Bucky Dent and the Yankees! She kicked up the wind that evening for our hero and the rest, as they say, is history!

    310 feet stood between Bucky and greatness! I remember that evening like it was yesterday. That was the best day of my life. Better than my wedding day or even the day my children were born. I remember, “Deep to left! Yastrzemski will not get it! It’s a HOME RUN!!!”

    It’s not your fault or any Sox fan alive… It’s a combo of Bucky Dent, Mother Nature, and of course, my favorite, The Bambino Curse. Hence the name Bucky (bleeping) Dent!

    One of my sadest days was in 1982 when the Yankees traded our hero to the Texas Rangers. Bucky’s number was lucky 7, of course. Sadly, Bucky’s return to the Yanks in 84 was brief and sad due to the fact that he didn’t play a single game. Redeeming himself, in 92 Steinbrenner asked Bucky to help train Derek Jeter and we all know what a great player Jeter is…

    Good old Bucky still dibble and dabbles in baseball. I attended two seminars a few years back and man it was worth every penny. I actually have my entire basement dedicated in Bucky’s honor. I have 8 autographed baseball signed by none other than my hero. I have many jerseys and other misc items hanging around the house -you should come over one day and check it out.

    Well, I hope this wasn’t too long, but I wanted to share some thoughts about a true American superstar, Bucky Fing Dent!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Bucky Dent baseball school over in Delray at the little fenway replica? if so, the irony is horrible -Dylan

    PS. I do hate Bucky Dent, but do in a way appreciate your vast knowledge of a someone as random as Bucky F*#king Dent.

  12. Dave Says:

    You are not allowed to call Red Sox fans twisted when you write a book on a career .247 hitter, that got lucky on a windy day.
    I can’t really tell if you are a Yankee fan, or if you just want to talk about your man-crush
    I’m sure that there is a Bucky Dent fan club site you could hang out at. If not, maybe you can create one. You definitely have the knowledge.

  13. MaticusNineO Says:

    Is this guy serious? Dave do I have to chase off another clown fart Yankees fan. Atleast this one has numbers, even if it is one man. You say it Dave and all decorum I have in this message is out the window. Im on stand by. lol

    Im sure McCrory will be in on it with me too.

  14. Dave Says:

    I appreciate it Maticus. But I’m going to hold off you and C-Mac for a while longer. I can’t tell if this guys is a serious fan, or just pulling our chain. Thanks

  15. Anonymous Says:

    This guy solves the problem of us not having a Bucky Dent Fact checker, seriuosly, I may be the only one, but I’m loving the hardcore devotion to Bucky Dent, hillarious.

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