TheFoulLine live from Disney World

Well, I guess this would be a good time for the Red Sox to shake things up a little bit and win some games. I can’t really elaborate on this. The Sox have not been playing Red Sox baseball the last three games. It’s time to play desperate ball. They are capable of turning this thing around. After all, they’ve done it before.

With that being said, here are some baseball tidbits.

  • I was walking around Disney World today with the family, and I could not believe how many people were wearing Yankee hats. There were quite a few Red Sox hats, but we were outnumbered at least 2-1. Don’t these guys know that their season has ended? Have they been working too many shifts at K-Mart to notice? Or could it be that there are some actual “real” Yankees fans out there. I will continue my investigation of this tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  • The funniest thing I saw today was a guy wearing a Colorado Rockies hat. It was the old purple design. Now this hat must have been at least ten years old. What made this funny was that the hat looked brand new. It was like he remembered that he bought this hat on a family vacation to Colorado and threw it in his closet. Now that the Rockies are playing well, what a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. Just like the rest of the fair-weathered fans in Colorado.
  • Speaking of the Rockies, does anyone know when the NLCS starts? I can’t wait to see pitchers try to hit the ball.
  • Being that I am on vacation from my “real” job for the week, I’ve decided not to shave. I asked my 3-year-old daughter what she thought of the beard I was working on. She replied that I look like Kevin Youkilis. Now I don’t know if I should spank her or buy her some ice cream.

That’s all for now. I’m saving myself for the next 3 games. Thanks for reading.

Go Sox!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now that you mention it, the Sox have been missing the playoff beards. A turn around is emminent with the facial coming in, I’m serious about this……..Here’s my though process of a guy in Colorado watching TV at night “oh well, may as well watch some tv while I drink this cool, tasty, and refreshing Rocky mountain brewed coors light. Lets see what’s on here, nope, seen it, re-run, aha, baseball, lets see it’s the D-Backs against some purple looking, Colorado Rockies? we have a team?” That concludes my Rockies “fan” impersanation. -Dylan

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well…let me tell you something.

    Dylan, I think you need to work on your thought process. Being from Colorado, it’s more like this….Holy Sh*t! The Rockies are in the World Series! All these years we have been supporting them through many losses, and now they have finally made it. You especially, being a Red Sox fan, should know how that feels.
    How embarassing is it going to be for the “Red Sox Nation” when the Rockies win the World Series!

    Dave I wouldn’t worry too much about the beard, I know you can’t grow one.
    The Rockies baseball caps for you and the kids are in the mail.

  3. Jill Says:

    hahahaha, that is hilarious dylan! All these years?! Didn’t the rockies just get formed in 2002? All these years, try 86 years (red sox) or 59 rears (indians), now that is worthy of the line “all these years”. i hate rookie teams in the playoffs/world series.

  4. Dave Says:

    Nice impersonation of a Rockies fan Dylan. But maybe we are being to hard on them.
    Who cares that everyone in Colorado is jumping on the Rockies bandwagon. Have you ever been to Colorado? It’s all: mountains, Coors beer and Mork & Mindy Reruns.
    Since John Elway retired the “fans” out there haven’t had anything to get excited about. Let’s let them have their fleeting moment in the sun. After all they have “suffered” for 14 years.

  5. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Theyve had such a tragic existance.

    Broncos always lose to the Patriots when it counts

    The Nuggets have never had a shot in the West

    The Avs needed OUR star player to win the Stanley Cup in 2000 (or so)

    and the Rockies havent had a significant player on their team since Dante Bichette.

    Sorry, Todd Helton may be a hero in Colorado but not in the nation. Hes kinda in the same fashion as Bruschi to New Englanders. We know him, but everyone else forgets about him.

    Colorado is that state that people always forget where it is. I mean, come on, how many Americans when looking at a map can accuratly show Colorado. Half think that Wyoming is Colorado because “Its cold there, It must be the more northern one” a quarter thinks its Utah, and the other 25% are illiterate in this country. No one cares about Colorado.

    So have your time in the “sun” if you will, it wont last very long, congrats on beating the National League, we do it every year, you were the best of a subpar league. Pat on the back. Its like the NFC, its just kinda there for the AFC to pwn.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    they did invent coors light though, and for that, I’m thankful.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Matt..I have two words for you SPELL CHECK.
    Jill, Matt, and Dave you are the picture of what a dumb sports fan is.
    -Here are some examples-
    -You misspell alot of words.
    -Use improper punctuation.
    -Can’t get you facts straight.
    -Can’t read a map.
    -Have obviously never been to Colorado.

    Please think of this as you spend your time in east bum Ohio, Lowell Massachusetts, or some podunk town in Florida watching the Colorado Rockies win the World Series!

  8. Dave Says:

    I regret to inform everyone that anonymous has been hospitalized with a pulled hamstring after jumping on the Rockies bandwagon. We hope for a speedy recovery.

  9. C-Mac Says:

    I was going to comment on the dumb rookies fan but Matty took care of it for me. Hey dave keep rockin the beard, god knows i can’t. And Jill the rookies came about in the early 90s…..i though you were a baseball fan? Thats one of those common knowledge facts. Oh and one word of advice to all the rookies fans, at the end of the year when you lose to the sox in world series” exit bandwagon from rear” wouldn’t want any of you pull a hammy jumping off the wagon.

  10. Dave Says:

    Bro, let’s not lower ourselves and use language like that. I’m all for debating with this guy. But let’s do it without getting too profane. You’re smarter then that.

  11. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Sorry Dave, he really rubbed me the wrong way questioning my grammar and spelling. I will do better next time.

  12. Dave Says:

    Nicely put C-Mac,
    The rookies has a nice ring to it. The beard is still going strong. I’m gonna keep it for the rest of the series, so it should have plenty of time to grow. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Dave Says:

    Don’t sweat it M-Cubed,
    He has to criticize grammar to hide his lack of baseball knowledge. What else would you expect from a fair weathered fan?

  14. Jill Calamari Says:

    c-mac— come on are you really that gullible? I was being sarcastic. I was just trying to piss the rookies fan off even more,which apparently worked since he called us all dumb and pretty much tried to pick us apart.This didn’t really work though cause he just made himself out to look like a moron. Personally i really dont care if i spell things wrong or do not use proper punctuation, especially on an internet blog. Come on anonymous, what are you some kinda of nerd with a pocket protector and black frame glasses who reads the dictionary and hooked on phonics books all day long? NERD ALERT!! So anyway c-mac, of course I knew that the team was formed in the early 90’s, please give me a little more credit than that! Does that clear it up for you?

  15. jill Says:

    p.s.– I hope you will all be crying youselves to sleep tonight as the Indians scalp your precious Red Sox for the final time this season!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    It’s really funny that you state that Colorado is “jumping on the bandwagon” considering that is exactly what you Red Sox fans have been doing since they won the pennant on 04′.
    You are all a bunch of stooges-M cubed, Matt, Dylan, C mac, Dave, Larry, Mo, and Curley.
    Remember-ignorance is bliss.
    The Red Sox will lose tonight, and the Indians will be swept by the Rockies.
    Go Rockies!

  17. Spell Check Says:

    “a lot” is two words, as in You misspell a lot of words.

    “your” is the possessive form of “you,” as in Can’t get your facts straight.

    Thank you for playing.

  18. Dave Says:

    Mr. Anonymous,
    You obviously have never been to New England. If you had, you would realize that there is a difference between Red Sox fans and Rockie “fans.” For example, Fenway Park has sold out their games 388 games in a row and counting. It’s so bad in Colorado, Coors Field charges 5 bucks for a ticket, in hopes to attract a decent crowd. Secondly, Colorado is anticipating a crappy showing in the World Series from their fair weathered fans. So they resorted to selling all the World Series tickets online, in hopes that people from other states might purchase tickets. In Boston all playoff tickets within minutes are sold to real fans.
    Also, if we can pick which stooge we are. I’m going with Moe.
    Thanks for commenting. When you shift at Chick-fil-a is over you should check out the game tonight.
    One more thing, your grammar ain’t the best either :)

  19. Dave Says:

    Spell Check,
    Thanks for checking out the Blog. You are officially hired.

  20. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Spell Check is the MAN/WOMAN.

    Is anyone as bothered by Manny’s comments as I am? I realize it is Manny being Manny, but how far does that go? How much can we continue to give him especially after his end of the season “injury” hostage situation?

    Im not honestly peaved over this, just a bit bothered. Any insight foulline-rs?

    Lets Go Sox, Bring it back to Boston.

    PS. Lets go Bulls, I may be a bandwagon jumper in this sense but you got to love the neighboring college. FGCU doesnt have a Football team, and USF is right up the highway. Im pulling for an Ohio State loss, and a BC-USF championship. Kinda a long shot, but would be nice.

  21. C-Mac Says:

    Jill the only reason i’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight is because your aweful in bed. Sorry thought the other boys should know. And seriously, who cares about spelling or grammar, last i checked i’m a hard working irishman for new england. Last i checked spelling didn’t get me by with my day to day 9-5 blue collar job. Go Red Sox it isn’t over no matter what man ram says.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Oh…I’ve been to New England Dave. One of the main reasons the Red Sox have such a following is because there’s nothing better to do there but watch TV. The weather is always crappy, which causes everyone there to have a bad attitude, which in turn keeps everyone inside watching what else..TV. And occassionally on a “fancy” night out with the other townies..they’ll actually get off their couch and go to a game.

    Oh, and Matt…..I can’t believe you actually brought up the Patriots. Ya, it’s hard cheating your way to the top. Real hard, buddy.

  23. Dave Says:

    I’m sure that you’ve been to New England before. There was probably a Chick-fil-a convention all the Fry-boys had to attend. As for cheating in football. I’m sure that you are aware the Denver’s coach (Mike Shanahan) used to hire lip readers, to find out what plays opposing coaches where calling. I don’t remember seeing that in the rule book.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Go Rockies!!!!

    If your Red Soxs are so great why are they losing!

    Rockies have sweep the playoffs.

    Looks like will be playing the Indians.

    Lets just see if your soxs can pull it out of there a** and win tonight.


  25. Anonymous Says:

    opps swept

    Yes again,

    We’ve Swept the playoffs..

    Eat your hearts out Sox fans..


  26. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, Dave.. I’ll be eating my chick-fil-a while watching the Rockies win the World series!

  27. Spell Check Says:

    c-mac: I have no intention of proofing everyone’s comments on this blog (unless someone calls my name again), but there is one thing I feel the need to clarify. “Aweful” is not a word, but if it were, it is fair to assume the definition would be “full of awe.” I am surprised to read that you want the boys to know that a girl was so good that she made you cry, but there it is.

    Sleep tight.

  28. Dave Says:

    Take that Calamari,
    Kevin Youkilis

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