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It’s hard to get too excited about the Boston Red Sox playing the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. How do we root against these guys? The Indians play hard. They have some great pitchers and some legitimate All-Stars. They have loyal fans. And they are not the Yankees.

But, it’s the playoffs. Winner goes to the World Series. Time to leave it all out on the field. And it’s time to show Cleveland why Boston has, and will always have, the better team and more passionate fans. Boston fans have been way too quiet prior to this series. If the Yankees were coming to town, Sox fans would already have been on a four-day bender of cheap beer and trash talk. The question I have is this: Why show any restraint against this team and their fans? Let’s make this the most hostile environment they have ever played in. Boston has been in this position before and as recently as 2004. Heck, every home game at Fenway has a playoff feel to it. This whole experience is new to the Indians. They are young and primed to be overwhelmed by the playoff atmosphere. The Sox and their fans need to make the most of this home-field advantage and start the series with a sweep of the first two games.

The Indians have a young lineup featuring the always-dangerous Grady Sizemore. This guy is a complete five-tool player. Mix in Travis Hafner, Ryan Garko, and the ageless wonder Kenny Lofton and you have a team that can hurt you in many ways. Cleveland is coming off a big series with New York where they smacked the Yankees around. They played well in that series, getting great performances by Fausto Carmona and the Lake Erie Midges, but let’s be honest: the Yankees sucked. They definitely did not play like the team that went on a tear after the All Star break. How bad was it for the Yankees? Derek Jeter batted .176 and hit into 3 double plays. This guy is supposed to be Mr. October, and he looked more like A-Rod than A-Rod. Anytime you can beat New York 3 out of 4 games it’s impressive. The Indians are a good team, but they are positioned for a letdown.

Let’s look at the game one starters: Josh Beckett vs. C.C. Sabathia

These are two 27-year-old potential Cy Young winners who have carried their teams and been the aces of their respective staffs. The difference between the two is that Beckett is smarter, more fiery, and is a past World Series MVP. Beckett has already thrown three complete-game shutouts in the playoffs during his career. That is the second most EVER! Beckett lives for these games.

C.C. Sabathia is a big pitcher. When I say big, I mean FAT. This guy is 6’5″, 250 lbs. He should be playing tight-end for the Browns. Have you seen this guy lately? Hat crooked on his head, pants that look like they are used to cover the Goodyear blimp. He does not look like a professional athlete. I wonder if C.C. stands for Chocolate Cake.

I break down the rest of the match-ups like this:

Offense: Papi, Lowell, and a resurgent Manny vs. Sizemore, Hafner, and Garko. Advantage, Boston.

Speed: Julio Lugo and Coco Crisp vs. Grady Sizemore and Kenny Lofton. Slight edge to Cleveland.

Team Defense: Coco, Youkilis, Pedroia, Lowell, and Varitek vs. Sizemore, Peralta, and Garko. Edge Boston.

Starting pitching: Beckett, Schilling, and Dice K vs. Sabathia, Carmona and Westbrook. I want to see how Chocolate Cake and Carmona do on the big stage. Slight Edge to Boston.

Bullpen: Borowski vs. Papelbon. Borowski has been effective all year long, but he doesn’t intimidate anybody. Papelbon is the best closer in baseball. Advantage Boston.

There you have it. Boston will outclass, out-pitch and outperform Cleveland this series. They have the clutch performers and the experience on their side.

Remember you heard it here first.

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  1. C-Mac Says:

    The yankees don’t need to come to town for a four day bender and some trash talking. You just need to find the red sox fans on a college campus. It’s south west Florida and this place is buzzing! 3 hours to game time and i can’t tell if it’s yawkee way or Florida Gulf Coast! Go SOX!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I sure hope the Sox beat the Indians so the Colorado Rockies can smoke the Red Sox…
    How cool would that be…one of the worst baseball teams in the league beating the “Red Sox Nation”
    Go Rockies!

  3. jill calamari Says:

    Actually Dave, C.C. stands for Carsten Charles. Although chocolate cake was a good guess it was WAY off, at least you had the name of our bugs right. Next time maybe you should do a little more research. He is also 6’7″, so it is quite obvious that it is 250lbs of pure solid muscle. Unlike your fat ass Manny Ramirez who is a staggering 7″ shorter and weighs in at a hefty flabby 200lbs. He also wears his uniform like pajamas, has corn rowed nasty dreds, and wears his hat crooked to the left at times. Not only does he have all that going against him but he also had the disrespect to take a piss in the green monster last season, man did he look like a moron. I also feel that your match ups were slighted. Here you are a Boston fan, so of course you are going to feel that they outclass, out-pitch and outperform the indians. Maybe you should get an impartial source to compare the 2 teams. Or we can just watch as my team whoops up on yours. GO INDIANS!!!!

  4. C-Mac Says:

    So Chocolate Cake isn’t his name. It’s describes those pitches he was throwing tonight. And if you going to bash on man ram for wearing his hat off to the side tell your pitcher not to do it. Dave do you think that if CC would have worn his hat straight he might have hit the strike zone? Jill you really need to keep bashing man ram cause he was 2-2 w/ 3BB’s and a bunch of runs and RBI’s. I was going to add it all up, but my ignorant sox fan came out. Oh wait i think he even out played kenny lofton in left tonight. Speaking of Lofton, DAMN someone get the poor guy a walker and spot on the bench. Oh and i’m all for the underdog but come on rookies fan. Whoops i ment rockies. Question for anonymous, when did you jump on the bandwagon? Sept? Oct? Whatever doesn’t matter just don’t let it run you over when you jump off at the end of the season. that’d just be a shame. Lets face it the only good thing that comes from the rockies is the coors i’ve been drinking to sustain my playoff bender. Go SOX!!!!

  5. Dave Says:

    I’m a little disappointed with your response. You pretty much said the same thing about Manny, that I said about CC . I agree that they are both slobs. But our slob showed up to play last night. 10-3….what a butt kicking!
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hey did manny come here from indian land??I guess he has a reaon to kick ass you all dumped him.. ya he is a mess … but a hell of a hitter.. and if the rockies do make it, the
    girly men in colorado will cry for weeks…after we bet em.. whats the GIRLS NAME JILL FRIED SQUID.. some thing smells fishy.. ha goes good with cake mmmmmmmm..go sox..33

  7. jill calamari Says:

    listen dave, that was my point.Here you are making fun of our slob, when you have a slob on your team too. True, Manny played good last night, but he is still a slob. Hey by the way, you guys did play great last night. I must admit the indians played horrible. Lets hope they at least put up a little more of fight tonight.

  8. C-Mac Says:

    Well man ram came from Cleveland your the group breeding the slobs. And bugs

  9. Dave Says:

    I believe his real name is Manny “Clutch” Ramirez. This guy drives me crazy all season, suddenly he turns into The Natural. Un-freakin-believeable.

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