Ray of light

Attention Foulliners!

We now have reason to start to fear the professional baseball team from Tampa Bay. While every other team has been working the phone lines and meeting players this offseason trying to improve lineups, Tampa Bay may have made the biggest splash so far. I’m not talking about them signing Alex Rodriguez, or making a push for Johan Santana. No, Tampa has finally found the formula for immediate success. They have officially changed their name from the “Devil Rays” to the “Rays.” Wow! Watch out Major League Baseball; this team is not messing around.

I imagine the Tampa brass meeting at the end of another disappointing season where they finished in the AL East cellar. How could they turn this team into a legitimate contender?

Add some veteran players to provide some leadership to the young talent? Nope.
Add a quality starting pitcher? No thanks.
Re-sign AL comeback player of the year and team MVP Carlos Pena? Maybe.
Improve the worst bullpen in baseball? No way!

Remove two syllables from the team name? BINGO!!

I really like this move. I always found the name Devil Rays so cumbersome to say. This is obviously the reason why this team has sucked since its inception. Not because the owners are cheapskates that refuse to increase payroll, or because Tropicana Field is a glorified warehouse. It’s because they picked the wrong name.

I am so glad to see this young franchise finally find the recipe for success. Now if I could suggest a new team slogan for the 2008 season.

Tampa Bay Rays: Exorcising our demons, but still stinking up the league.

6 Responses to “Ray of light”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Tampa Bay Rays? I can honestly say that my buddy Ray is very excited about this move, as is every other guy named Ray who will be on the merchandise bandwagon in no time, as for the rest of us, are you serious? The Tampa Bay Ray’s? that sounds so dumb, The Tampa Bay Ray’s. I can hear people in Oklahoma figuring this one out, what do they have a lot of dudes named Ray down there? I don’t get it. I heard Arizona is switching to the Backs, Kansas City to the Al’s, San Fran to the Ant’s to follow suite on this new trend in The League.

    Dylan ‘Ilton

  2. Dave Says:

    I’m just glad that they decided to keep the Rays in Major League Baseball. I thought for sure that they were going to be contracted to play AAA ball.

    Dave “It freaks me out when Dylan doesn’t use a super long last name, I wonder if this is an imposter Dylan, pretending to be the real Dylan” Foulline

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Im a bit disappointed by this move. Tam-pa Bay Rays. Are they serious? It doesnt flow like Tam-pa Bay Dev-il Rays. I dislike the new Name Logo, though I think they are going for Rays as in Sun Light Rays now since we are SW Florida. Its just what it looks like in the new name logo, theres some kind of sunburst on the R of the Rays. Lets rename Boston to the Pantyhoes, Atlanta to the Squaws, Pittsburgh to the Johnny Depps, and Milwaulkee to the Milkmaids. Why not make a mockery of the league. I think Seattle needs to be the Butterflies. That’d be pretty.

  4. Dave Says:

    I don’t care what their name is as long as they still dominate the Yankees. But then again, everyone should dominate the Yankees next year.

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    ya the devil rays may play in a warehouse but the balls just fly out.. W. BOGGS. .hof. ps the chicken in the dome is sweet……

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