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I love watching Major League Baseball. Some people complain that the 162-game season is too long, but not me. I think they should make it 200 games a year. Baseball is the one sport that can deliver for seven months straight. People say that baseball is boring, but turn on ESPN during the baseball season and you will consistently see the best highlights in all of sports. Huge home runs, acrobatic catches, collisions at the plate.

Think about it: the NFL is fun to watch, but if they were to add more games to the schedule, teams would be so beat up when the playoffs started that nobody would want to watch. Not to mention, everyone already knew the Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl in week one.

This brings me to the other “major”sport, the NBA. Remember when basketball was must-see TV? Back when Jordan, Bird, Magic, Barkley and the Mailman were playing, basketball was worth watching. Now the NBA has turned into which team can dunk the most, or who can shoot the most three-pointers. Bring back some bounce passes and some quality team defense and I might tune in.

There used to be another major sport involving pucks and sticks that I really enjoyed. But then came the lockout, the stupid Versus Network contract, and the Anaheim Ducks vs. Ottawa Senators Stanley Cup final. And just like that, hockey became irrelevant.

The other thing that makes baseball a year-long sport is the Hot Stove League. The World Series ended 10 days ago and we are still reading about MLB in the papers. Why is this? Because every baseball fan in the offseason channels their inner George Costanza and thinks that they can be the General Manager for their favorite team. I certainly do. I have already worked out deals in my head that would add Johan Santana, Alex Rodriguez, and Torii Hunter to the Red Sox. Of course, the Sox payroll would be $300 million a year, but it’s not my money, so who cares. Speculating which players are going where and what your team is going to look like for the upcoming season makes following baseball fun year round.

Which brings me to some quick Red Sox Hot Stove Notes:

  • It looks like Curt Schilling will be signing a one-year deal with Boston. I am really happy about this for a couple of reasons. First of all, Schilling was a solid pitcher once he got himself in shape. Secondly, this gives him another year to tutor Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. Finally, after being a big part of two Red Sox World Series Championship teams, he should retire as a Red Sox.
  • We all know that Jacoby Ellsbury will be the starting centerfielder for Boston next year. I would like to see the Red Sox get a good, young backup catcher for Coco Crisp.
  • I think that there is a 50/50 chance of Mike Lowell coming back. I don’t see the Sox giving him a four-year deal. I think it’s going to be either 3 years/$40 million for Lowell or the Sox make a trade for Miguel Cabrera from the Florida Marlins.
  • There are rumors that Boston is looking into acquiring Johan Santana. If there is any chance to get this guy, give the Twins anyone they want. Beckett and Santana heading up a rotation would be scary.
  • Also, Dylan “Just Call Me Jacoby Ellsbury” Hamilton went 4 for 4 in his men’s softball league game last night and was one single away from hitting for the cycle. If he keeps this up, Boston will have to seriously consider inviting him to Spring Training.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ah, back in the day basketball. When John Stockton put the fun back in fundamentals, When Larry Johnson was a basketball name, and when I actually cared about the NBA. I’m sort of back on board for the Celtics this year, but the NBA on NBC was americas sport back then, my how times have changed. What I like most about baseball, is the constant action throughout the week. I can watch Sportscenter everyday in the spring/summer, at least five times each day. Come football season, if it’s not the monday right after a football weekend, the boys over at ESPN got nothing going on for highlights, it’s rough.
    I’m happy about Schill’ for a year, just as you said, to show the young guns the ropes, and to have a proven pitcher in next years world series. I think Mike Lowell on a three year deal is perfect. A young back up catcher for Crisp would be great, and he’d get to work underneath Tek’, whom better to learn from? My only big hole I’d like to see filled is a solid left hand pitcher, but we’ll see…….In Charlotte County Adult Softball League notes, last nights 4-4 performance put batting back above .800 for the season, and offically put us in first place, with 15 run ruling every team in our division at least once. My entire driving force is that I feel a MDA trophy should’ve been ours last year, but a certain loss, to a certain un-paid team with possible ringers slowed us down, and left me bitter. If the sox give me the call to play this spring, I’m holding out until I can bring home an MDA trophy.

    Dylan ” 1972 will not be the only year the dolphins go perfect, watch out for the zero wins in 07′ phins” Hamilton

  2. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Recieved the foulline calender’s last night. I have to say, they are pretty sweet. You’ll have to go to some Spring Training games and hand out some of those cards too. I saw the envelope, laughed, opened it, laughed again, showed C-Mac, laughed yet again, and handed his calender to him. Really cool guys, must haves on the fridge.

    Good Job Dylan, we should push you as our “Rudy” for next Spring Training.

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Muscular Dystrophy Assosiation? Thats what I think for MDA.

  4. Dave Says:

    I’m glad you guys like the calendars. Its the least we could do for our number one contributors. You’re right about the MDA, our fire dept. plays in a charity softball tourney every year. I need to take some of the blame for our early exit, I’m not exactly Tito Francona in the dugout. This year will be different, with Dylan “baby jacoby”ellsbury out there roaming the outfield.

  5. Racking System Says:

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