Roid Rage

I have made it known several times since I started this blog that I don’t like Roger Clemens. I have written posts that described him a money grubber, as well as being a disloyal traitor. In other words, Clemens has a history of whoring himself out to the highest bidder without regard to team loyalty.

After watching Clemens “vehemently” deny his steroid use on the 60 Minutes interview by his good friend Mike Wallace I was convinced that Rocket Roger is a bad liar and is only concerned about his legacy. To further reinforce how he didn’t do steroids, Clemens called a news conference on Monday and proceeded to bash the media for their hard hitting questions. I guess Roger was hoping for another free pass, but unfortunately for him the reporters chose to do their job and leave the puff pieces to 6o Minutes. Clemens in a failed attempt to look like the surly, wrongly accused ball player, even went as far asking the media that was on hand for permission to drink his bottled water in a very condescending way. Unfortunately for him, he came off looking like a jerk. Did Clemens forget that it’s the baseball writers that vote for selection into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

After watching Roger Clemens performance the past two days, I am convinced of two things. First of all, he definitely took steroids while playing. There is no way a guy his age is throwing , 95 MPH and gets stronger as the season goes on. I don’t care how many wind sprints he did during the offseason. Secondly, his personal trainer has absolutely nothing to gain by lying about this. All this guy has received is one less source of income and the complete loss of his privacy. This doesn’t sound like a great deal to me.

Clemens can deny his steroid use until he grows a third ear out of his forehead. But, watching Clemens lash out at the media yesterday, and threatening bodily harm to his ex-trainer during the press conference made me start thinking, maybe Roger Clemens is still taking them.

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    His lawyer passing him a note to “Chill Out” mid conference was priceless. I guarentee McNamee has been contacted by Clemens on other occasions, to offer him a settlement sum where McNamee takes the hit, or McNamee renegs his claim for cirtain monetary consiterations from Clemens for the rest of his years. Clemens, the Money Whore, has plenty to throw around. “What do you want me to do” is a “Ok now that youve bought me out, what is the next step BOSS.”

    As for him still being on the Roids, Clemens is TOO aragant of an asshole NOT to be. He probably still is and it snubbing MLB’s face in it. Technically, when he wasnt undercontract in the offseason training to come back, was he being tested? Im thinking it may be like a common drug like Marijuana, it may have a time that it is traceable in the body. For example, to get Weed out of your system it takes like 25-30 days to fully get the traces out. Are steroids similar, and is that why he waited so long to come back?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey it 2008..the saying money talks is true Roger is going to buy his way out of this shot in ass problem… and then make more money from a team that needs a big name and has lots of cash .. go get” em George. AND HE WILL. !!slim sticks to slim.. You would think the Yankees with all thier money would know whats going on with thier players.. but 22 plus players ouch.. that a shot in the ass hey?….Roger does not care about the hall, GOOD keep his sore ass out… boy those Clements baseball card collecters . got screwed HA.. #33 ps. Mo vaughan was a N.Y. MET when he took it in the ass.

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Its been 11 days Foulliners! Wheres the chatter? Theres no input! Baseball season is about a month from reporting days. The Sox are coming and noone’s talking! Comeon!

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    You know how it is, the foulliners usually keep quiet until there is something worthwhile to talk about. This offseason has been the quietest it’s been in a long time. It’s tough to write something when there isn’t much out there. Things should improve soon. Dylan and myself are planning on checking out some Spring Training practices. The only game we could get was for the Sox/B.C. game. The big news coming from thefoulline is that we are planning a road trip to Fenway this summer to catch a few games. So hopefully things will start to heat up. Thanks for checking in.

  5. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    So. We dont have to worry about Yo-Hanz anymore. (Id like to think the name Yo-Hanz would be a German Sheepherder with unusually awesome Yo-Yo skills.) The Yankees have lost their spine and couldnt pull the trigger. Did anyone actually think Theo was going to actually trade Jacoby? If this was a poker game, Theo bluffed George and the Boys off the table and then backed out himself. Theo plays the game. Johan is now in the National League for another 7ish years or so, and the biggest story of the Hot Stove offseason is now coming to a close. We have less than a month before Pitchers and Catchers report. Baseball is almost back.

  6. Dave Says:

    I would have loved to see Santana in a Red Sox uniform for the next 7 years. the double headed monster of Beckett/Santana would have been reminiscent of Koufax/Drysdale. With that being said, I am excited to see how Ellsbury does for a full season. Also, there have been some great reports coming out about Jon Lester this offseason, so maybe Theo did the right thing in keeping them. Now the question of the day…What would you do with Coco Crisp? I think they should make a run for Gerald Laird from the Rangers. He could be a great backup to learn from Varitek.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    If the Sox trade coco, then who is the forth outfielder? And dont tell me that they bring back Ronald McDonald and his 1 clutch homerun. The guy is a bum, and on nothing but a downward spiral of decline. Come on why wouldnt they keep coco? Does anyone honestly think Manny is going to play anymore than 120 games this season? So who better to fill in than an established player with one of the best gloves in the league, and a bat that i’m telling you the third year is the charm for it to come around! Also has anyone heard what the deal is with big Ric Hinskie? I know he didnt hit for much of an average last year, but he showed some decent power with a few clutch homers, and not to mention the guy plays
    1st, 3rd, left, and right. Might as well pick him back up just to be safe if nothing else.

    – Yankees loving Canadian

  8. Dave Says:

    I know Spring Training is close when our Canadian contingency shows up. Let’s discuss some of the subjects you commented on. First of all, I have no problem keeping Coco as a fourth outfielder. He can play all three outfield positions and plays great defense. He will be making 5 million this season which may be the main deterrent for keeping him. As for Manny, the word around baseball is that he is getting into the best shape of his career this off-season.So hopefully he’ll avoid the August vacation…um I mean injury this year. I wasn’t surprised to see that you are a Hinske fan, after all he played up in your neck of the woods (Toronto) prior to joining the World Champs. I like that he is versatile and wouldn’t mind keeping him for another year as a super-sub off the bench. I do draw the line when you attack Bobby Kielty. All this good Irish man did was hit the biggest homerun in the history of the Red Sox….o.k. maybe it wasn’t that big, but he’ll never have to buy another beer for the rest of his life when he visits Boston. Now I have some advice for you, dump the Yankees. Toronto is going to be better then New York this year, so jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late. After all there is only one Canadian team left. Thanks as always for checking in.

  9. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I think that Coco is perfect trade bait based on his solid fielding skills. It makes sense to ship him out, and keep Hinske and Keilty as your backup hitters/fielders. Keilty and Hinske are both sizable guys and can play First Base as well, while providing the line up with a small shot of instant power hitting.

    To Mr. Canada,
    The Yankees are no longer the team they were, simply because the King George Era is over. Prince Hank is not a suitable replacement and Sir Cashman collects a paycheck of rediculous amounts either way. The Toronto Cardinals are going to be a decent team this year with Rolen and Eckstein from what was a world series infield now manning the left side for you guys. Glaus was overhyped talent and Rolen had an off year due to injury. Killed Fantasy Stats, but this year he will be better. Toronto is a legit Wild Card Team this year out of the East. Cant wait until September when the race is boiling over.

    Its nice to see thefoulline heating back up. Its almost time for the only season that really matters. On that note, 31-23 Pats this weekend. Welker for MVP. Just my call on things.

    But then again this is a site for stating opinions, and Ive always been good for that one here. lol

  10. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    I see the Sox making a few moves before the end of Spring Training. I see both Coco and Julian Tavarez being dealt. As for the Pat’s, man I hope they win. They have looked pretty ordinary the last several weeks, not to mention the Giants are playing way over their heads right now. I think it’s going to be closer then the 2 point spread. But, if you give Belichek two weeks to prepare, he’ll find a way to emmbarass a team. I think the Pat’s win 31-17. Tom Brady MVP.
    In an unrelated subject, are you up in Mass? or still down here?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Well apparntly the sox have just signed sean casey, which is great move for the sox I believe. However, not such a great move for us rick hinske lovers…

  12. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Im in Florida for the foreseeable future. I have better opportunities right now with school and work here than I do up there currently. After my degree I may opt to move back but with the Miracle thing this summer and school costing like 5% of what it would up there, it makes better sense.

    I will say though that sitting here in Ft Myers during class and reading about how Lester is already here and working out kind of gives me chills that the Sox are less than 10 miles away. Its baseball season again, Baseball Tonight will soon take over for NFL Live and College Gameday. B.T. is the best 30 minutes in television hands down.

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