Reversal of Fortune

Life as a New England sports fan has been so good lately, I’ve forgotten how bad crow tastes. Not so long ago, Boston was not the sports mecca that it is now. The Red Sox were perennial underachievers, the Celtics and the Bruins both sucked, and the Patriots were the underdog that suddenly won every important game. But in a cruel twist of fate, the sports world of a New Englander has done a 180. Now the Sox have won two World Series titles in four seasons, the Celtics are returning to glory with the additions of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, and even the Bruins have regained the grittiness that was the staple of their glory years.

Which brings us to the Patriots.

After a season of dominating the league and breaking every offensive record in the NFL record books, the Pats had the opportunity for immortality. The chance for a perfect season. The chance to finally silence the old, crotchety bastards known as the 1972 Dolphins. The chance to be the first sports dynasty of the 21st century. Only this time, the Patriots looked over-matched, out-coached, out-muscled, and completely outplayed by the New York Giants. This was supposed to be a sure thing. I was thinking scores in the triple digits, Tom Coughlin stroking out on the sideline, Bill Belicheck smiling smugly in victory. Instead we witnessed Tom Brady doing his best Tony Romo impression, bringing his celebrity girlfriend to the biggest game in the history of the league. Has Brady not learned anything from Romo? It’s too hard to play a perfect game when you’re trying to impress your date. This is exactly the reason I never bring my supermodel girlfriend to work with me.

Now, I can take the Pats losing the Super Bowl. It’s not like they lost on a fluke play; they were dominated the entire game. New England was lucky to still be in it when Plaxico Burress caught the winning touchdown. What I am having trouble dealing with is the fact that it was a New York team that took the Patriots down.

This is our time to control the sports world. The Red Sox have made the Yankees their bitch the last couple of years, making them the second most important baseball team in New York. Now I have to put up with fair-weathered New York fans who are going to abandon their beloved Yankees to climb aboard the Giants bandwagon. If the Patriots had lost the Super Bowl to the Cowboys, Green Bay, or anyone else, I wouldn’t like it, but I would get over it a lot quicker then this. This feels like a simultaneous punch in the stomach along with finding out that your wife is sleeping around with Hank Steinbrenner. This one is going to take some time to get over.

My only salvation is knowing that the Pats have the 7th pick in the draft this year, which they’ll turn into nine draft picks that will totally revamp their aging defense. I do hope to see a repeat performance of this season’s offensive juggernaut next season, but something tells me that we may have seen the last days of Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth. I anticipate New England turning into a more run-oriented team and climbing onto the back of Laurence Maroney next year.

After a perfect regular season that was all for naught, I am going to try and take comfort in these three things: First of all, there are only two Manning brothers in the NFL, so there is no chance of a third Manning playing in the big game next year and winning the MVP. Secondly, there is a really good chance that some of the 1972 Dolphins are going to kick the bucket this year, so that will be a few less idiots to relive their glory days. And finally, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in just 11 days.

If this isn’t enough to heal the wounds from the Super Bowl loss, remember… A-Rod still sucks.

Go Sox

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Well, the Sox have signed a left handed bat off the bench.

    Sean Casey (33 yrs old), the Reds “slugger” from a few years back and more recent Tigers first baseman is (pending physical) a Red Sox player to fill in on Youk, Lowell and Ortiz on their days off. (Youk playing Third on Lowell’s days with Casey at first.)

    Personally, I think that the term they used on .com of Gamer, applies to not only Mr. Casey, but the whole Red Sox bench. Casey, Mirabelli (recently signed to a 1 yr extention along with Timlin), and others are all Gamers.

    Hinske and Keilty were both not offered arbitration by the Sox and have not been signed.

    My opinion, with this Casey signing, neither of them will be picked up.

    What does this mean to the Red Sox bench. Well, honestly, while both have become fan favorites for their various contributions to the 07 team, we have too many OF’s (i.e. the Coco-Ellsbury issue) we have a proven backup Infielder (Casey, a .301 career hitter *.com*) and we can shift our Gold Glove infield at will.

    Honestly, we dropped 2 contracts, secured 1, and saved money in sureing up a clutch doubles machine and to boot a left handed bat off the bench. Boston has revived many careers over the years, as well as taken many.

    Keilty and Hinske were on their last breath’s anyways.

    I think that Sean Casey is going to be a solid addition to the Red Sox lineup, giving us a sure clean up hitter on any other team, at any spot in the line up.

    And it only cost Theo $800,000 for a year.

    Im sure the Yankees would have liked to have a 1B of Casey’s quality based on Giambi’s sketchyness and Dougie’s lack of power. They were too busy celebrating the Giants win over the weekend. Funny, Boston never lost sight of the prize, the real purpose and team that makes us really go.

    Strahan, you may have “stomped” the Patriots as you put it, but when the Sox do anything that ticks off the Yankees, from the smallest signing to the blockbuster deal, that is better than any football win in my opinion.

    Baseball pwns Football to real fans.

  2. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Sorry for the novel. Im in class and extremly bored. My teacher is talking something about religion or something.

    .com is more interesting.

  3. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    I’m happy to see that you would rather check out then pay attention in class. If you think about it, Red Sox baseball is like religion, so you should get partial credit for today. As for baseball, I really like the Sean Casey signing. He is a class act that will soon be one of the most popular players in Boston. I also like Bobby Kielty signing a non-guaranteed contract. He’s a good fourth outfielder and will be some insurance if Coco gets dealt. We’re glad to hear that you’re sticking around Red Sox Nation South, we need all the help we can get. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Here comes another “reversal of fortune”, the redsox once deep starting rotation is starting to come apart at the seems. Now I know they still have have 5 great starting pitchers that can certainly get the job done. however, you have to wonder with old buchholz late season shoulder strugles ;ast year is he going to be able to handle the additional innings which hes going to recieve as a result of shill going down? Its going to be interesting to see how he pans out during the duration of an entire season. I for one cannot wait to find out! come on spring training!!!!
    -#1 Pirates fan

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ;ast years shoulder problems may be a concern, as is the fact that we really are putting a lot of faith in him ( and ellsbury for that matter) for a few bright moments last season, and neither has yet to put up a complete solid season, but, they do both show promise. I do believe though that Dice-K will begin to live up to the hype even more this coming season, and Buscoltz does have a great staff to learn from. Bring on the Spring.

    Dylan ” I ‘m calling for a big year from JD Drew” Hamilton

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I correct my spelling, Buchholz………This may be the beginning of the bloody schilling shoulder to go with the sock.

  7. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    You better be right. Or Red Sox Nation South will have to take a road trip to run him out of town. I cant put up with another year with production like that out of a guy who is making way more than he deserves to be. Trot at least was a scrapper. Respectable-like. Drew has no personallity, almost a freakin mercenary, that doesnt actually kill, but thinks about killing as he counts his money laughing.

    I went to a luncheon at Benidettos in Punta Gorda today where the *Devil* Rays were talking about their plans for Charlotte County and the Sports Park. Thats all well and good, but look at the D-Rays lineup and pitching staff this year. Btw, James Sheilds is a real classy guy, really cool and down to earth. Got to talk to him for a few minutes after the luncheon along with Edwin Jackson. Cool guys. Anyways, The Hapless D-Rays may put a fight up in the cellar of the east this year. Something to watch for. Take a look at their lineup though, their President of Personel Operations was naming off a bunch of moves they pulled off. All I can say, Cliff Floyd, D-Ray.

    The Rays wont compete with the Sox or Yanks in the East but the Toronto Cardinals and the St Pete Rays are not so hapless and it could be fun to see how far behind Baltimore gets.

  8. Dave Says:

    Matt, I agree that the Rays will be much improved. They have a nice pitching staff and some good young talent. I was hoping to hear that you spit in their water or something along those lines. These guys are still the enemy, even without Devil in their names. Also, Toronto changed their name to the Blue Jays. 5 days to Spring Training….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The Baltimore Blue Jay’s do look good this year. If they can hold off the Toronto Blue Jay’s, or even the St. Louis Cardinals at some point in their life, well, that would be cool……..I really, really, really, want to like the Rays. Every year I try to like them, but, well, I guess that may be my next posting. Dylan ” I want to and can’t like the Devil Rays, but will try every year because I live to close and the tickets are cheap and you can tailgate and did I mention their close and the tickets are cheap? and I can watch the sox 9 times a year for what it costs for one good fenway seat!!” Hamilton

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