The Boys Are Back In Town

Florida is the second best place to be a Red Sox fan, in the world, ever. Ideally, being able to go to Fenway Park day in and day out would be best, and I do long for the Fenway Park days of my life. Going to games on summer nights and taking the T into Kenmore Square is one of my favorite activities, hands down. But, if I can’t have the real deal, southwest Florida is a good second.

Yesterday I was able to watch the first pitches of Spring Training for the Red Sox in the beautiful City of Palms Park in Fort Myers. I had psyched up for this game, and baseball in general, for quite some time now, but yesterday had some icing on the cake. I awoke in the morning to what seemed like 25 missed calls from my Dad informing me that the World Series trophies would be on display at the park and available for photos. As you can tell by the photo section on the, we took full advantage of the opportunity to take pics with the trophy of all trophies. I was so overjoyed, and showed it a little, that Dave and I ended up being tracked down by for an interview. (I like to think they recognized us from the, but who knows?)

It was a beautiful day. Great weather, the trophies, baseball being back in action. It’s great. While we can’t embrace the warmth of Fenway on a summer night as much as we in Red Sox Nation South would like to, we DO have Spring Training to bask in, and 12 games at the Red Sox’s other home field, the Trop. So, welcome back, baseball. We’ve missed you.

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  1. Dylan's Mom Says:

    Who ever would have thought…..Grandpa lived 86 years and never saw a trophy. Now, Dad gets his pix taken with the ’04 prize and you get the duo…way to go Dylan and Dave. Ain’t spring training a sweet thing. full of promise and dreams…..Go Red Sox Nation South
    Dylan’s “I can’t believe the 1st blog post I ever make in my life is to a sports site” Mom

  2. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Hello Mrs Hamilton. Nice to see you contributing to the babble as well. lol

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    There should be a ” Your Mom Posts On thefoulline” Tee Shirt

  4. Dave Says:

    Man I am glad I did not trash Mrs. Hamilton’s Alma Mata (Boston College) like I originally planned. I thought she was just humoring us, when she said she checked this site out. Now that I know that she’s checking out the site, we may need to bring our game up a notch. Nice work Mrs. Ham. Although I was hoping you would explain Dylan’s unhealthy addiction to Rocky montage videos.

    Matt, Your T-shirt idea is brilliant!. This is definitely going to be added to the store. Keep the great ideas, links, pics,coming.

  5. EIC Says:

    Very nice. Welcome Mrs. Hamilton.

    Especially for Dylan, with thanks to Matt: My Mom Posts

  6. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Ive gotten the call up to the Big Leagues. It is official, Monday and Thursday I will be TC the Twins Mascot at the games. Still waiting for the cross town call, but still, Major League Mascot has a cirtain ring to it.

  7. Dave Says:

    Wow! Congrats, I may need to make a road trip and check it out.

  8. Dylan's Mom Says:

    Hey Fellas,
    I am most impressed by the line of clothing I apparently inspired. All the apparel looks good, as good as the Sox.
    I am guessing the Dylan parental units can make some assumptions about Mothers and Fathers Day presents this year?
    Dylan’s “my son is now 2 for 3 days of spring training games” Mom

  9. Dave Says:

    O.K. Matt I just bought tickets for the game Monday, we’re expecting to see your ‘A” game. I’m not quite sure what TC is exactly, but we’ll be there. Break a leg.

    Mrs. Ham, I told you we needed to bring our game up a notch now with you becoming a regular. Our readers demanded a Mrs. Ham clothing line, we just gave them what they wanted. Unfortunately, due to the boom in thefoulline,com store, Dylan is now having to work even more hours in the foulline factory to keep up with demand.

  10. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    TC is a Giant Brown Bear. TC is for Twin Cities I assume.

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