The Sounds of Silence

For some reason had legendary announcer Vin Scully call the Red Sox/Dodgers game yesterday. Wow! Listening to Vin Scully call the game made me want to move to Siberia and never listen to another game for as long as I live.

Scully is a huge name in the broadcasting world. He’s been calling Dodgers games for 57 years and has been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. But enough is enough. This guy needs to hang up his microphone and enjoy his golden years.

During yesterday’s broadcast, some of the poignant topics that Scully talked about included: a detailed lesson about every palm tree in Dodgertown; which flavor bubble gum Matt Kemp was chewing; the reason that Mike Lowell doesn’t chew gum at the plate; and a history lesson about the field the Dodgers play on. He even managed to call a few balls and strikes. And this was just in the first inning.

This guy is the reason that television and radio broadcasts added a color commentator. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to Scully in action, don’t do it. Find a WNBA game and watch that instead. You’ll thank me.’s tantalizing tidbits and predictions for the week.

  • If Josh Beckett’s back injury is even remotely serious, the Red Sox are screwed.
  • If Julio Lugo’s back injury prohibits him from playing ever again… oh well.
  • The Grapefruit League’s worst record belongs to the Boston Red Sox. The best record belongs to the Tampa Bay Rays.
  • The Sox treat Spring Training as a way to evaluate their young prospects. The Rays treat Spring Training as their World Series.
  • I think Coco Crisp is going to have a good season for the Oakland A’s.
  • If Bartolo Colon’s ERA matches his weight this year, he will go down as Theo Epstein’s best transaction… ever.
  • The 2008 MLB All-Star game will be held at Yankee Stadium. Manny Delcarmen will be on the American League team. Derek Jeter will not.
  • fantasy baseball draft starts in 17 days. Spots are still available, and competition is fierce for 2nd place.

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  1. The Sounds of Silence Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    So Colon will rock the amazingly low ERA of 4.75, I’m in. That Colon deal really does look sweeter and sweeter everyday. My take is that come early fall/playoff time, Colon becomes an ACE again and Theo goes down as the greatest GM ever. In other news, Dave, who do you think you will be fighting to earn that 2nd place in Fantasy? You should name your team “team TJ. Flats Burritos” to go along with the second-placeness :)

    Dylan “I almost got kicked out of the bar that sponsors my softball team” Hamilton

  3. Dave Says:

    I have a couple of things going for me to assure a first place finish (besides my superior baseball knowledge). First of all, The night of the draft is “get 2 Zima’s for the price of 1″ at the Icehouse Pub. Since I know about your weakness for the clear malt beverage, I won’t have to worry about you on draft night. Secondly, the Canadian Yankee/Pirate fan is going to picking all obviously he won’t be a challenge. Third, Matt McLaughlin will be suffering from heatstroke from another day in a mascot outfit, so he’s out. So this leaves my main competition to be two old guys and some guy named Trent.
    So like I said, enjoy the battle for second.
    Dave ” I’ve never had less then two hits in a co-ed softball league game” Ingalls

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    All I can say is that I have the inside track. I mean, Im in with Joe Mauer and the Twinkies. All I have to do is make a few phone calls and I can easily have every guy go 3-4.

    Matt ” Its good to be the *Commish* ” McLaughlin

  5. Dave Says:

    we still have 3 spots open. We need to fill these, or there’s no draft. I’m sure with all of your Twins connections you can make it happen. I’ll work on it also.
    Dave ” there is no way in hell I’m losing to a stuffed bear” Ingalls

  6. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I was hoping the foulline faithful would pull through and really get on this but damn, your right we only have a few days left. Ill talk to some people.

    Matt “I think this Dylanism is a trend that will continue the rest of thefoulline’s existance” McLaughlin

  7. Anonymous Says:

    you forgot to mention the 20min. tyrant he went on about why a Jordan Jumpman logo should never ben on batting gloves and his endless forgetting that viewers, key word viewers and not listeners, can see whats going on and dont need a detailed description of the pitcher winding up, we can see that.

    Dylan ” who exactly is going to japan with the red sox,being that none of the red sox are going” Hamilton

  8. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    It will be a nice trip for the AAA and AA guys to visit the Far East. Its not like they really NEED to send the starters, I mean they are only playing the A’s.

    Matt “Vin Scully has been around since the last ice age” McLaughlin

  9. Dave Says:

    I worry about how this trip is going to affect the Sox for the early part of the season. Stats have shown, the teams that start their season across the globe suffer. I don’t like that our team may be starting behind the 8-ball. Lucky for us, I think the Blue Jays may be a bigger threat then the yankees this year.

    Dave ” there is no way in hell that I will draft any Yankees for the inaugural fantasy league” Ingalls

  10. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    The problem with that is that the Blue Jays are like Communism right now. They look spectacular on paper, until you have to put them out on the field. Great in theory, but just looking at their additions, Eckstein (Gee the Sox had a guy like him at one point.. hmm) is not a power threat at all. Hes a decent on base guy at best, hes getting older, not too old but older and his on base production is going to go down a bit, especially playing in the PowerBall (American League) vs. Small Ball (National League). As for Rolen, he in my opinion is washed up. He had a few good years and never really passed the “Jeff Kent point.” By this I mean, your a good everyday fielder who hits decent until you become expendable, I.E. an injury or extended slump. Rolen, Kent and Burrell in Philly are prime examples of this. The Jays as far as I know still have Gibbons as their manager. Hes not the “Ubber-Baseball mind” that you look for in a manager. Eric Wedge in Cleveland has the potencial to be the Belichick of the Diamond. Eric Wedge, dont forget is a former catcher (played for the Sox for a bit) and Catchers it is proven know the game and aspects of the game better than anyone. Now Im looking at the Jays depth chart. Rotation? Where?


    2/5ths of a rotation doesnt work in the AL East, nor in the AL at all. The Blue Jays are a National League team in the wrong Division. Maybe they can pull a Brewers of circa 1995 and hop circuits to the NL.

    Their bullpen is as nasty George Steinbrenner’s bunion on his left foot. They have B.J. “Im Rediculously OverPaid” Ryan and thats all. They will throw guys out there again this year like Frazor and expect the game not to get out of hand.

    “Throw the ball, Meat.”

    Rios, Wells and Overbay provide the line up with some decent young talent that has people wondering. Rios in my opinion is a poorman’s Jose Reyes. Reyes gets it done in all aspects of the game, Rios can, but hes stuck out in Right Field, the place where you stick usually, your weaker fielder, when you play heavy powerhitting lefty lineups, like say New York, Boston, even Anaheim. 40+ games this season will be played against those 3 teams alone. Wells is in the same boat as Rios, only Poorman’s Torri Hunter. Wells has been a bright spot on the Jays for a few years and its a shame that he doesnt get the pub of other outstanding fielders like Andrew, Torri, or Jacoby.

    The Jays are not nearly as impressive. Its still all about the East and beating the Yankees.

  11. Dave Says:

    You make some great points, but don’t sleep on this team just yet. Their rotation is solid. We all know what Halladay and Burnett can do when they are healthy. Dustin McGowan in the 3 hole is a stud, and will win 15+ games this year. The Jays have a really good defensive team led by Rios, Wells, Rolen. Not to mention they have their fair share of old fat guys that can still crush the ball with Matt Stairs and Frank Thomas. Their manager is a whackjob. Anyone that tries to fight half his players may not make it in the bigs. This team won’t win the division, but they could play spoiler when September rolls around. Plus, they are definitely the best team In all of Canada.

  12. Jack Wilson Says:

    Gibbons is a puppet no more no less, J.P Ricciardi completely runs the show in Toronto. And in my opinon the guys an absolute bum. He came into the organization like 6 years ago, preaching this 5 year plan, and how they would be champs in the fifth year. However, J.P’s done nothing but terrible move, ( signing BJ Ryan 40mil when clearly afireballer at his age was due for an injury) after terrible move, (Inking AJ Burnett 50+ mil so he can pitch 10 games a year) after terrible move (Frank Thomas 20 mil… need i say more?). Also everyone of the Jays 1st round draft picks since he has taking over the reigns have been busts, with the exception of maybe Travis Snider. Then this year J.P. made some more great signings, spending money ever so wisely, by inking 2 starting shortstops, and three starting left fielders. I truly believe the Jays are easily the most overrated team in the MLB. Its probably has alot to do with me living in Canada, where the Jays are perennial world series favorites, and every sport channel is talking about how the Jays are only “45 games back, and about to go on a serious run to the playoffs”. If you guys could see the hype the Jays get up here it would make you puke. Now the national media (US) is starting to hop on their bandwagon as well, and trust me fella’s there is a better chance of Expo’s making the playoffs then the Jays.

  13. Dave Says:

    The Canadian Yankee/Pirate fan everyone!! Very nice insight. Its good to hear a different perspective. I was beginning to buy into hype about the Jays. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  14. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Watch Tampa. Third in the East. 82-80 FEEL THE DREAM!!!!!!!

  15. Dave Says:

    If the Rays play .500 baseball, I will eat my shoe.

  16. Tom Gorzelanny Says:

    Eva Longoria rookie of the year?

  17. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Wow, if so she needs to do a freakin spread for Playboy. Add in Kris Benson that reliever that’s with the Mets’ wife and we can have a MVP/RotY spread. Kornheiser would have a stroke. I would say Wibon but he already did.

  18. Dave Says:

    I think the ROY is going to be a battle between Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz. Maybe they can tie?? As for Anna Benson….overrated skank. And I’m not just saying this because Mrs. Thefoulline reads this. She’s not as hot as she thinks she is.

  19. Adam LaRoche Says:

    Wow wow wow stop the presses. Haha I never in a million years would of thought that Dave would be picking two Red Sox rookies for the two favs for the ROY. whodathunkit?? Also just for the record by stating Eva Longoria for ROY, I was simply poking fun at the real ROY Eva’s long lost cousin Evan Longoria who happens to be the top prospect for the forementioned powerhouse Tamba Bay Rays.Now its still uncertain if he well even break camp with the big league club, but so far this spring he’s been more than adequate in the 8 games he’s seen action he’s hitting something .368 with 5 RBIs, and a .520 OBP. Its to bad he wasnt a member of the mighty Pirates so that I could take him in the big upcoming draft…

  20. Dave Says:

    I knew that was coming. I’m the biggest homer there is when it comes to MLB. I’m going to have a hard time not picking all Red Sox during the draft. Somehow I will be able to justify it in my head. It may be a problem.

    As for Evan Longoria, this guy is going to be really good. The Rays have a history of not rushing their young talent (with the exception of Baldelli) so I imagine he’ll start the year in AAA. Speaking of AAA teams, who can we expect the Pirates to deal away this year?
    Dave ” Julio Lugo hits better 9th in the lineup then Jose Reyes” Ingalls

  21. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    We all saw where that got Baldelli. The pride of Rhode Island, has been hurt every Professional year he has had.

    Pirate/Yankee is going to have to start using more names for his posts, problem is, after Wilson, Gorzelany, and friends, who else is there. Try and throw in a pitcher. Wait. On second thought, dont, you may jinx Zach Duke age 12, the only pitcher I can name on the Pirates.

    Matt “Coco Crisp has more letters in his name than hits he will get in a Red Sox uniform this year” McLaughlin

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