The Winner Takes It All, Week 1

Well boys and girl, we have the first week of the inaugural fantasy baseball league in the books. The competition is fierce so far with several teams putting up some solid numbers. Since this is an off day for the Red Sox, here is a brief synopsis of what I saw from each of the fantasy teams this week. In no particular order:

  • My Best Efforts: This is a pretty well-rounded team from top to bottom. They had the best individual performance from any pitcher so far with Jake Peavy and his whopping 63.5 points. If they add a catcher that is actually in the major leagues, they could be a force this year.
  • Lessthanzero: An up-and-down week from our neighbor to the north. He had a big week from Derek Lee, Alex Gordon, and Corey “I wear my sunglasses at night” Hart. LTZ is going to need first-round fantasy pick Erik Bedard to rebound from his minor hip injury, and for Jose Reyes to play to his potential for this team to make a serious run.
  • SarasotaRedRays: Featuring Prince Fielder, David Ortiz, and Kenji Johjima, team SRR has probably the most out of shape team in the league. He was able to get good fantasy numbers from Carlos Zambrano and Bobby Jenks. Even with J.J. Putz missing time this week and a bench in need of some work, SarasotaRedRays still performed well enough to earn 316.83 points and a third place finish.
  • Bostonbad boys: This team may have the best pitching staff in the league featuring Johan Santana, Brandon Webb, and Dice K. Unfortunately, this team may stay unchanged all season because my dad forgot how to log in to the site. It’s tough getting old.
  • Boston Braves: This team had a mediocre week from its big three, Ryan Howard, Russell Martin, and Aramis Ramirez. This team’s saving grace was a good week from its closers. I expect a big week for these guys next week after a blockbuster trade with the YankeeHaters (pending league approval).
  • The Showstoppers: Theo Epstein’s prodigy Matt McLaughlin’s team is the league leader in points for the first week, with good numbers from every position. If he can upgrade his catcher, I don’t see anyone beating him any time soon.
  • Rogers Syringe: This team is in trouble. Although it may look good on paper to have seven shortstops, pitching is also important. Dylan threw caution to the wind this week, fielding only 13 out of a possible 16 positions. He’s either the most confidant G.M., or the craziest. This team needs to be blown up and reassembled. Does anyone need a shortstop?
  • Chickenheads: This team had the second most points this week and will be a serious contender if he keeps his team intact. With A-Rod and Pujols in the lineup, and an above-average pitching staff, this team won’t be laying any eggs anytime soon.
  • Yankeehaters: I like the look of my team. After a blockbuster trade with the Chickenheads, the additions of Fausto Carmona and Josh Hamilton paid immediate dividends. My impatience with my players and the desire to make at least one mega-deal a week may be my downfall. I may regret dealing Manny Ramirez.
  • Love Boat Captains: After a strong draft from our only woman in the league, Team LBC had an up-and-down week. Placido Polanco was a huge disappointment, going from 2007 All-Star to a two-point benchwarmer for week 2. It took a few games for stars Matt Holliday, Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter to regain their stroke from last year. A solid 35.5 points from Pirate Ian Snell (who??) made this a respectable week for LBC. This is a good team that will play better in weeks to come.

What do you think of the season so far?

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  1. The Winner Takes It All, Week 1 : Stroke Says:

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  2. Associated Press - P.C. Florida Says:

    A.C.- The Showstoppers were glad to put this nice feature article of review up on their bulletin board. Ramon Hernandez took it a little offensive though that despite him matching up very well this week against Joe Mauer according to the Team Review for Week 2, that he is the weekest link. Manager/GM Matt McLaughlin told him that he needs to light a fire under his ass along with Mr. Soriano, who had he not hit his dinger Sunday would NOT be starting right now. The Showstoppers are the Underdogs for the next 2 weeks according to the Reviews and look to prove the critics wrong that they truely are the top of the pops in this league.

    Side Note: Roster Switchup.
    Manager/GM Matt McLaughlin has mixed up the roster in order to accomodate Hot 3B/CF’er Bill Hall to the line up. By placing Hideki Matsui on the bench because of the impending Red Sox series this weekend, David Wright was able to take a week off from 3B and step into the DH role for Hall to play 3B. Hall is a baller.

    Also note the new logo The Showstoppers are rocking. Feel the Dream, Rays ’08 (82-80) !!!!!!!!

    Matt “Im not going to gloat until I clinch the East.” McLaughlin

  3. Dave Says:

    Very nice write-up Matt. I know that you are supremely confidant with your team, but do you have any thoughts on the other teams in the league? Any pending deals to announce? Are their any teams that you are worried about?

    As I’m writing this, I can’t help but notice that The Showstoppers are losing to the Chickenheads 27-1.

    Dave “I’m proud to say my team is Yankee-free” Ingalls

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Team that I am significantly concerned about-
    Yankee Haters

    Teams on the horizon to really watch for-
    Boston Braves

    Teams one blockbuster trade away from being a contender-
    Boston Badboys
    Less Than Zero

    Teams that if they wake up is going to be scary-
    Love Boat Captains
    My Best Efforts

    Team that is seemingly lack luster past the 3rd round picks-
    Sarasota RedRays

    Team that the Single A Miracle could beat while drunk-
    Roger’s Syringe

    I wouldnt worry about my team being down for long. Greg “I piss on rookies/Mad Dog” Maddox got a me a good win today.

    The Showstoppers are a good well rounded team. I like the fact that they are underdogs. Makes it more interesing.

    Matt “Anyone want my Yankees?” McLaughlin

  5. #10 Fantasy Owner Says:

    My boys just havent gotten it going yet! I mean come on, Jose Reyes hasnt even swiped a single base yet, and Bedard has already missed a start with an injury! Maybe my clubhouse needs a shake up???

    Oh well, my spirits cant be too down after that 2nd consecutive gem Dice-K threw today!

    Tigers 0-7 isnt that something!

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