Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

With the fantasy league going so well, I’ve forgotten that I started this blog to actually write about real baseball. So I’m going to knock off the rust, spew some opinions, and hopefully start some discussion.

Last year I wrote a post titled 5 Reasons I Hate the J.D. Drew Signing. This was one of the first things I wrote, and the interesting thing about it is that it was actually referenced on

So in an attempt to get back out in the world of baseball opinions, here is an update on the same theme.

6 Reasons I Hate Julio Lugo:

1. He’s a career .271 hitter that’s being paid $9 million a year. The Sox could have kept Orlando Cabrera for the same amount of cash.

2. He looks like a velociraptor when he’s getting ready to hit.

3. A major league leading 11 errors so far in only 35 games played.

4. He runs like a bowlegged donkey.

5. He complains about the Boston media… to the Boston media… when they write negative things about him. Memo to Julio: You’re not in Tampa Bay anymore.

6. Julio wears #23. This number should be reserved for great athletes. Guys like Michael Jordan, Don Mattingly, Lebron James, Pete Maravich and Ryne Sandberg have all worn this number with a certain distinction. Lugo should wear #67 until he proves worthy.

This list could be endless. What would you add?

3 Responses to “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Julio Lugo is directly responsible for a broken Gatorade cooler. Sure, Papelbon broke the cooler when he threw it at the dugout wall after a blown save. But, it was Lugo’s stupid velociraptor Claws trying to bare hand a routine grounder that caused the Pap’ outburst. Lugo is dead to me, we never knew what he had with O.C. I should know, at one point I had both of them, and the rest of the AL east shortstops on my fantasy team.

    Dylan ” Clevland is too quick to embrace Lebron, and has forgot their Mark Price heritage, shame on you Cleveland” Hamilton

  2. LTZ Says:

    7. He’s preventing Jed Lowrie from playing in the majors.

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    8. Cora was signed in the offseason for a reason and is 10x’s better when he gets the chance.

    And yes, Jed Lowrie is another Pedroia and Ellsburry.


    Where is the hole in this lineup? 8, not 9.

    Matt “Mr 415” McLaughlin

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