End of the Road

It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

After a career that has spanned 17 years and included 3 World Series titles, 6 All Star Games, 11 postseason wins, countless opinions, and one bloody sock, Curt Schilling may have thrown his last pitch in a Major League uniform.

But it wasn’t supposed to end like this.

Guys like Schilling don’t just walk away from the game with an injury. They’re supposed to walk off the field for the last time during the seventh game of the World Series, to an adoring crowd and a standing ovation.

A lot has been said over the years about Schilling’s history of having an opinion on pretty much every subject. Words like egomaniac, self-indulgent, and blowhard have often preceded his name, but I always took Schilling’s view on things with a grain of salt. I couldn’t care less who he thought should be our next President. I cared about his pitching. And when it mattered, there have been few pitchers over the years that could elevate their game the way Curt Schilling did.

Schilling will always be remembered by Red Sox Nation for the bloody sock game during the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees, and for the leadership he showed in helping the Red Sox win their first World Series in 86 years. Those games were obviously incredible and will never be forgotten, but the Schilling game that stands out for me was in 2005. Keith Foulke had gone down with an injury, and suddenly Boston was in need of a closer. Schilling putting the team ahead of himself, volunteering to work out of the bullpen for his first time in fourteen years. Of course, the experiment didn’t last, and Schilling got shelled. But he put the team ahead of his personal statistics, and my opinion of him changed that day.

I don’t think Curt Schilling has the career numbers to make it to the Hall of Fame. He never won the Cy Young award and hasn’t won 300 games, both of which tend to be the main criteria for induction. But if there is a wing in Cooperstown that rewards heart, determination, and leadership, then Schilling would be in on the first ballot.

And who knows, we may one day see #38 join the list along side 1 4 8 9 27 42.

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  1. Dan Says:

    You know how much i dislike the sox, but i have to disagree with you here. I think Curt Schilling is a hall of famer, I think the CY Young award should include postseason stats, so Schilling should have won it in 04 when he won 20 games and the bloody sox stuff, based on that i also think beckett should have beat sabathia last year. Schilling had two 300 strikeout seasons and ended the yankee dynasty in game 7 in 2001. He is one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all time and he should get in.

    go rays!

  2. Dave Says:

    I would love to see Schilling in the Hall and I agree that there needs to be an added importance on post-season statistics. But Schilling has 216 wins and has a history of voicing his opinion to much to the baseball writers of America, who unfortunately vote for the induction. I think it will close, but Schilling won’t make the cut.
    I do agree that the Cy Young award should be awarded after the postseason, but that’s not going to change anytime soon.

    June 30th, Sox and Rays…..Round 4. Can the Rays stop their 6 game losing streak against Boston??
    I hope not.
    I’ll be there on the 30th and the 2nd along side the rest of Red Sox Nation South.

  3. Dan Says:

    Red Sox nation south, dont be so sure, there finally showing up and buying there tickets in advance. if its still a division tilt, there will be more rays fans there. Homefield is everything, the rays defended theres, and so did the sox. As far as im concerned, its even right now. Now if u come in and take two of three, then u have bragging rights. I hope its just baseball, im tired of this fighting it hurt us with those suspensions. So what do u think of the rays after there play against chicago? Any winning after june 15 is no longer a run, its a contender

  4. Dave Says:

    I really want to see some good baseball during this series. They really need to leave the shenanigans in Boston. I have watched a lot of Rays games this year and am still not convinced that they are going to contend all year. I thought the series against the Cubs showed that their bullpen is still in need of any upgrade (which teams isn’t) I also thought that Chicago did not show up for those three games. They looked pretty bad.
    Of course my opinions of the Rays are skewed since I don’t like them, but I’m excited to see how they do against Boston. I have great seats for the game on July 2nd. I’m hoping for another sweep.
    I think which ever team is leading the hardest division in baseball should have bragging rights. This is going to be a big series for both teams.
    Should be fun.

  5. Dan Says:

    A.L East is really tough, i also have tickets for the july 2 game, unfourtuntly there 10 dollar seats, so my lets go rays chants wont be heard from up there. I will not say were going to sweep you, boston is really good, but ill make my first guarentee of the season. Rays take two of three. I hope the rotation is set up so you have to face Kazmir and Shields. I see you are not convinced of the rays yet, so they just have to keep winning.

  6. Dave Says:

    Boston is beat up right now, but they are still finding ways to win. Let’s hope they are healed up for this series. I know that Masterson is pitching on the 30th and Dice K is on the 2nd. I’m not sure who they are pitching against.
    I think if Boston can sweep them for the third time in a row, the rest of Rays nation is going to bail. This series is much more important to the Rays then it is for Boston.

  7. Dan Says:

    Biggest series in rays history, no doubt. But these fans finally believe in the rays, there here to stay. Just like The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans after years of losing, they sell out every game

  8. Dave Says:

    Only time will tell. I am really looking forward to it!

  9. albert desalvo Says:

    the gang all share your comments on shilling.. he was the glue the soxes needed in 2004.. Nice piece Mr Dave . GOOD LUCK TO CURT….The gang here wish we could be in ST.PETE for the series but we can watch and cheer here … with the dice man coming back and the new kid Masterson look out ST. PETE RAYS.. .DAN I THINK YOU SAVED ,MONEY BY SITTING IN THE NOSE BLEED SECTION.. have a good day ALBERT D.

  10. LTZ Says:

    Wait wait wait… the Sox retired Mo Vaughn’s number?

  11. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Ill be at the game as well on the 30th.

    Schill has so many ups and downs, but the problem is that he MAY be going into the voting with
    Roger Clemens- 7 Cy Youngs,
    Barry Bonds- Seventy Billion HRs,
    Craig Biggio- leader in 2b’s* 3000 hits,
    John Smoltz-I think 200 saves/200 wins? (if he doesnt come back),
    and anyone else who retires,
    ( Tom Glavine 300 wins, Greg Maddox-350?, Jamie Moyer-epicly long carrer, Randy Johnson- the Unit. Nuff Said). There is a possibility of an EPIC hall of fame listing.

    * I didnt check on this stat but he sure is WAY up there on that list.

    Schill sure was great in the post season. But out of the 16* 3000 k pitchers he has the highest ERA.

    *Once again didnt check but I think thats what SC said.

    If it were the baseball postseason hall of fame, he would be first ballot next to Reggie Jackson.

    St Pete Pelicans WIN again.

    It is nice to see a Rays fan bringing intelligent arguements. Unlike our Yankees counterparts, it is nice rivalling with a team where it can be coherent and well thought out.

    KRod has 29 saves out of 45 wins for the Angels. All before the Allstar break. Damn.

    CC Sabathia. Yard. Wow. 440.

    Matt “Heres to the rest of the season” McLaughlin

  12. Dan Says:

    Unless something changes in there rotaion between now and then, The rays will have James Shields on the 30th, Matt Garza on the 1st, and Edwin Jackson on the 2nd. No Kazmir concernes me greatly, and im almost 100 percent sure that the wednesday game will be picked up by ESPN for Wednesday Night Baseball. Wow a series that really matters, this is the first for me as fan, so im really excited.

  13. Dave Says:

    I think regardless of who else is up for induction, Schill is on the outside looking in. As for Clemens and Bonds…are the baseball writers going to go the same route that they took with Mark McGwire and freeze them out due to the steroid “allegations”?
    Long story short, Schilling had a great career that does not need to be validated with induction in the HOF.

  14. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I think Schill will be like Jim Rice. Great Carrer, but NOT in.

    Matt “How about them Pelicans?” McLaughlin

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Last night’s 9th was the worst display of offensive baseball I’ve seen from either team. Upton’s at bat was a joke, and the Red Sox did a great job of waiting for their pitch???? horrible, we need Ortiz back. At least Drew got the Sac. Fly.

    Dylan ” Less than a week until ‘the sox drop the Hamma in Tampa'” Hamilton

  16. Dave Says:

    This Sox offense is infuriating. Last night, they can’t put up more than one run ?? And the 13 inning game on Sunday, they left 48 people on base. This is supposed to be one of best offenses in the league, and they’ve looked horrible. Something has to change.

    Dave ” if the fantasy league was McLaughlin-free, I would be 11-1″ Ingalls

  17. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    But its NOT! HA!

    Counting down till the Throw Down in (St.) Pete-town.

    Matt “…ive got nothing to put here…” McLaughlin

  18. Dave Says:

    Congrats on finally making it over .500. When you start leading the division, let me know.

    Dave ” Guaranteed to make the playoffs…Matt guaranteed to pee the bed.” Ingalls


  19. Dan Says:

    I have a question for you all, I go to a baseball club every week and each person has drawn a team to come up with that clubs all time team. Just my luck I draw the Red Sox.

    C- Carlton Fisk
    1st-Jimmie Fox
    2nd-Bobby Doerr
    3rd-Wade Boggs
    SS-Joe Cronin
    LF-Ted Williams
    CF-Fred Lynn
    RF-Dwight Evans
    DH-Carl Yaztremski (left field is Taken)
    P-Roger Clemens

    I need your sox expertise, is there anything i should change?, these came off the top of my head and i really dont know the red sox. I cant believe i drew boston.

  20. Dave Says:

    Congrats on getting the Sox, it must be exciting for you. The list looks great. The only change I would make would be to dump steroid freak Clemens and put in either Dennis Eckersley, Pedro Martinez or Cy Young. Besides that, good work. We may have to make you a honorary member of Red Sox Nation South.

  21. Dan Says:

    nothing would repulse me more actually, they were laughing at me because i drew the sox, they know how much I hate them, I would have selected CY young for sure, but there were rules, it had to be the red sox franchise, young pitched for the boston pilgrams. second, they had to spend there most domniating years with the sox, eckersleys best years were in oakland, and clemens was more dominant then pedro right? oh and a side note, if tampa bay wins tonight and boston loses were tied for first! and boston is losing 4-1!!!!!

  22. Dave Says:

    I would take Pedro over Clemens. Roid Roger could never win the big game.

    Side note:The Rays are tied 2-2 to the Marlins

  23. Dan Says:

    side note: florida leads 3-2

    side note: clemens left game 6 in 1986 with the lead

  24. Dave Says:

    Side note: Clemens begged John McNamara to pull him in game 6. Winners don’t do that crap.

    Side note: The Marlins are now my second favorite team.

  25. Dan Says:

    rays have bases loaded nobody out. so you dont like clemems because of the steroids?

  26. Dave Says:

    I don’t like Clemens because he quit on the 86 Sox, he stopped working out his last four years in Boston and was an out of shape piece of crap. He then decided to get his butt in shape when he needed a new contract with a new team and signed with toronto. Reinvented himself with the Jays and then bailed on them for the Yankees. Followed by pimping himself out to the highest bidder, and only pitching half a year for several seasons. So to answer your question, I don’t like Clemens because of the steroids, but I didn’t really like him before the allegations.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    side note: I’d put Bill “The Spaceman” Lee on the hill

  28. Anonymous Says:

    side note 2: Dave, when is thefoulline’s one year birthday? should be coming up soon I think…

    Dylan ” best line of the last year…….’Pedroia swings like major league baseball personally insulted his mother'” Hamilton

  29. Dave Says:

    I almost added Lee to the list. He had the third most wins from a Boston lefty, and he was Papelbon, before Papelbon was Papelbon.

  30. Dan Says:

    i agree with everything u said. but for the sake of arguement, u said clemens begged to get out of game 6. well pedro begged grady little to stay in game 7 and look how that turned out, he must have thought he didnt have it anymore that night and didnt want to blow the lead

  31. Dave Says:

    Now it’s time to ask you a question: Why do you like Clemens so much?

  32. Dave Says:

    Hey Dylan,
    August 25th is the one year anniversary. I’m sure that there will be all kinds of festivities on the magical day. I’m thinking a carnival, with pony rides, dunk tank, cotton candy machine, bearded lady etc, etc.
    Or I could just do a Year in Review post and drink some Sam Adams….decisions, decisions…..

  33. Dan Says:

    i dont like roger clemens at all. its like u said to me once. “I just like the running dialog”.

  34. Dave Says:

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes. It’s appreciated.

  35. Dave Says:

    side note: Sox rallied and are up 5-4
    unfortunately so have the Rays, as they are leading 6-3…booooo

  36. Dan Says:

    well rays are up 6-3 in the 9th and might take over first. is that keeping u on your toes?

  37. Dan Says:

    why didnt anyone tell me boston scored four runs in the 8th inning??

  38. Dave Says:

    I did. Look up three comments.

  39. Dan Says:

    i must have missed that one. darn this sucks, i really wanted first place tonight. well at least u were wrong, the rays are indeed sniffing first

  40. Dave Says:

    More like sniffing the Sox’s butts….

  41. Dave Says:

    SOX WIN!!!!!

  42. Dan Says:

    Rays win as well!!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    maybe a top 10 comments list? there’s been some very funny stuff said on here…..

  44. Dan Says:

    Rays up 14-0 after 5. i feel bad for florida, being a rays fan iv seen plenty of those

  45. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Great game from the young guys tonight.

    Matt “Ive got the rubber sheets here for ya” McLaughlin

  46. albert desalvo Says:

    Hello albert D. H

  47. albert desalvo Says:

    Hello again Albert D.Here.. the group at the junction enjoy your comments .there are only a few sites we can visit..
    after reading all the of the 45 comments several times, we have all come to an agreement.. We feel Dan is a mixed up young man. we think he may have crush on Mr.Dave.. his comments are sending a message (Iwant to be with you Mr.Dave) We FEEL THAT Mr.Dave is a straight shooter .. the match up should be young Dan and Matt Mc…. Matt wants attention so badly.. He needs help with his bed wetting problem and his sexuallity .The question Mr Matt ,what is trapped inside of you ???Mary lou or Mr. Matt? Matt take Dan out to a ballgame and find out.. Adate.Thats how our group here feels.We also enjoy the fine baseball comments.. keep up the excellent work..Thank You Albert D.

  48. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I think Al and Spanky need to go out for some ice cream. Then as Champ Kind would say, “WHAMMY!”

    Matt “No Fantasy Update this week>??” McLaughlin

  49. Dan Says:

    Boston leads the AL wild card race.

  50. Dave Says:

    Why is it we only hear from Dan Dan, the fair-weathered fan when the Rays win? I’ll save my trash talk for after the Boston series.

  51. Dan Says:

    nursery rymes? wouldnt expect anything else from the greatest team in the history of baseball, 1927 yankees? crap compared to the 2007 red sox, 1930 Philidalphia As? an absolute joke compared to the 2007 Sox. You shall hear from me again when the sox sweep the rays by a combined score of 784 to 3.

  52. Dave Says:

    News flash young Dan! The Rays aren’t playing the lowly Pirates anymore. They are playing a real team. After the Sox sweep Tampa this weekend, I hope you and your fellow bandwagoners don’t get hurt when you bail on the Rays.

  53. Dan Says:

    Dave, serouis question here, when did you become a red sox fan? really young? did you ever live in New England? (no sarcasm)

  54. Dave Says:

    Serious answer. I grew up in New Hampshire, 30 miles from Boston. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a Sox fan.

  55. Dan Says:

    I grew up in st petersburg, 3 miles from tropicana field, i was at the rays first ever game as an 8 year old, with wilson alveraz pitching and wade boggs at 3rd, fred mcgriff at first, i love the game of baseball because every night during the summer as an elementry schooler watching the rays play. i was there during the 105 loss season in 2002. Yes this is the most exciting team in my rays fan life, and yes im enjoying fighting back against those same sox fans who told me to go home out of our ballpark because our team sucked. so yes i am flaunting my teams record because this is a first for me as a fan. so yes, when u call me a fair weather fan, it really does bother me. I will say this though, if you think you will sweep us with James shields pitching monday, matt garza on tuesday, and scott kazmir on wednesday, good luck trying.

  56. Dave Says:

    Those three, along with the rest of the Rays are going to wilt under the pressure of the big stage. This is just another series against a team playing good for the World Champions. This is the equivalent to the World Series for Tampa.
    The cream always rises to the top.

    I’ll be at 2 of the 3 games, please tell your fellow Rays fans to keep the crying to a minimum.

    Go Sox!

  57. Dan Says:

    wilting under pressure? didnt you say in one of your prevouis posts that the rays wilt under the first sign of adversity? well right after you said that they started playing even better, without several key players out with suspensions. The sox have been winning like crazy, every time i look up they have won 5 in a row, yet the rays are a half game up. how is this possible??? because the rays keep winning at the same pace as the sox. you will be lucky to win 1 of 3.

  58. Dave Says:

    Just promise me that you’ll stay loyal to the Rays after they are exposed for the frauds that they are.

    If you’re putting all your hope on Kaz, Shields and Garza then you are dumber than I thought. Kazmir has looked ordinary his last 2 starts. Shields is a hot head, and Garza is a schizophrenic. You never know if he’s going throw a 1 hitter or give up 10 runs. These chumps don’t worry me in the least.
    Consistency is what makes World Champions.

  59. Dan Says:

    frauds, what a joke, sweeping first place teams like boston, LA Angels, Chicago Cubs, oh i cant wait until wednesday night, i just wanna see what you post the next day, oh ill stay loyal, I just dont wanna hear excuses like the last time the rays swept the sox. none of that, “the rays didnt look good, the sox looked horrible”. you know what makes teams look horrible? good teams like the rays. finally, Finally i will have the last laugh over those ignorant, arrogant Bahston fans

  60. Dave Says:

    Please refer to the Red Sox as the World Champions when you mention them on this site.

    Its not my style to make excuses. If the Rays win this series, I will give credit where credit is due. I expect the same from you. This is really going to be a fun series. I am counting the hours.

    let’s also remember, the Red Sox swept Tampa the last two times they played.

  61. Dan Says:

    oh i remember, and believe me, so do the rays, that will be key, and if i agree with one thing you said, its that this series is much, MUCH more meaningful to the rays. As you can see in my previous comments, ive put all my eggs in this series’ basket, and if the rays lose this series, i might just go kill myself. remember, this series to you is really nothing, i on the other hand, have waited for this series for 11 years.

  62. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Wow. This is pretty heated. in the mean time, The Showstoppers win again, and the Rays are in first again.

    This series is HUGE!

    I took a look at my finances and realized I cant go to the game tomorrow night. I have something like a Car Payment that needs to be made on the 8th. lol

    ESPN on Wednesday though. Good Stuff.

    Papelbon is calling for revenge. Watch out.

  63. Dan Says:

    papelbon will not be able to administer his revenge. if he is in the game, that means boston will be ahead by a very close margin, and putting runners on will be a very bad idea.

  64. albert desalvo Says:

    Hello Albert D. here…Bill lee was great ,the space man…. Met him once great guy ..He had the biggest can of bud I ever saw.. He was felling pretty good also.. He was with OZZIE SMITH..Bob Stanley was Bostons first million dollar reliever.. Whats Papelon get ?$750.000 a year.. SORRY TO Mattie Mc….We at Cedar Junction didnt know he had a car..WOW.. Question can he reach the pedals,and does he wind it up or does it run onbatteries????
    THE GANG at Cedar Junction do not like Spanky either.Is he a friend of young Mattie Mc?
    Young Dan is a wantabee… Bandwagon.????Have a good day Albert D.

  65. BOSTON BILLY Says:


  66. VINNY M.. . Says:

    lots of talk this week.. this is good. A note about Dave.. His Dad would go into Fenway Park every December and buytickets for the family.. Daves Dad also worked with me at Gillette inAndover Mass. Gillette had 8 seats behind home plate… Which Dave Dad would get a coupe of times a year… This family loved all of the Boston teams…The PEOPLEin Salem N.H. Are Proud of Dave and THE FOUL LINE.
    Vinny M . Jaffery NH.

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