I Predict a Riot

The Tampa Bay Rays have had an impressive start to their tenth season, a season that has shown a lot of promise, hope, and potential for a successful future. After 68 games the Rays are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, with a winning record and hopes for a possible playoff berth.

Despite the large amount of stress that this could cause, it’s refreshing to see that the Rays have been able to keep their sense of humor. I was reading the newspaper the other day and came across this quote from Rays pitcher and part-time comedian James Shields, referring to Coco Crisp charging the mound during their game last week: “If he wants to come out and charge the mound, he’s going to feel the wrath. That’s just bottom line. If he wants to go cry about it, that’s fine.”

James Shields takes a swing at Coco Crisp

After closer examination of the brawl, I noticed a few things. First, Shields threw the worst punch that I’ve ever seen. He really should look at what he’s swinging at. Secondly, when involved in a fight, you really should take your baseball glove off.

Now I’m not a boxing expert, but when Shields missed his punch by six inches, was that the “unleashing of the wrath?” His punch did nothing more than dry out Coco’s contact lenses from the wind blowing by.

These two teams meet again June 30th at Sam’s Wholesale Warehouse… I mean Tropicana Field. It’s going to be an exciting series that should provide some fireworks. Let’s hope that with all the bad blood between these teams, that they will sell this place out (for the the 12th time… ever).

I’ll definitely be there along with the other 20,000+ Red Sox fans.

I just hope Shields will keep his wrath contained.

9 Responses to “I Predict a Riot”

  1. Indian Joe Says:

    When the soxes and rays meet again there will be fireworks.. Bostons topfour players will be hit by a fast ballsl!!!The serie will be crazy !Boston will beat the crap out of the rays sending them back to cellar.. the rays love the DARK because they have been living in the CELLAR forever.(like mushrooms) Mr Foul Line Dave will get to meet TAMPA DAN THEY WILL become fast friends…An hang out at mons venus … I hope all the Ray //Boston games are on tv….. It will be like watching a hockey game .. GO INDIANS………

  2. albert desalvo Says:

    Nice piece. The pitcher is throwing the punch with his pitching hand.Nice move by Mr. Coco..We love the FOUL LINE here at Cedar Junctionwe read it every day along with the Red Soxes NATION Reports….Thanks for keeping us informed…. Albert D..

  3. Boston Braves Says:

    Being a true Boston fan and not a Yankee fan just shut Papelbon and play the game its a kids game that you are very fortunate to have the talent to make it to the Majors keep your mouth shut and pitch. The Yankees are sore losers and even worse winners. Boston needs to put this behind them and play the games. I still beleive that pitchers should hit and we’ll see how many people they throw at then. Hey Dave where was last weeks recap?????

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey BB,
    I agree with you, these guys need to shut their pie holes and do their talking on the field. Boston has always been a classy organization and don’t need to be sucked up in this needless controversy. Let’s focus on winning another World Series, that’s the best way silence any team. I skipped the recap last week, but am planning on doing one today. Thanks for commenting

  5. bostonbadboys Says:

    hey BB after getting my ass kicked two weeks in a row I sort of begged Dave not to re cap ….this week Ginger is going to pound .ME… BUT ITS FUN …. THE BRAVES ARE VERY GOOD ALSO, WHO PICKED YOUR TEAM YOUR KID??
    hey I am kidding….. DONT charge the mound.. THANK YOU…. THE BADOLDBOYS FROM BOSTON….

  6. Boston Braves Says:

    Hey Bad old Boys

    My team was auto drafted with some modifications on who I wanted to draft when. and as for Ginger kicking your ass she has kicked everyones including mine. Nice week Less than zero. I want to see good old Baseball when the players played because they wanted to win not because it would make their pay checks bigger. BY the way speaking of keeping thier pie holes shut YOOOOUUUKKKK should too. he was out of line saying anything thing to the lazy laid back Manny being Manny thats the coaches job to speak up in that situation and do you want a guy making 20 million a year out there in the middle of a big brawl on the diamond. only bad things happen. OK I’m off my soap box….

    Boston ” Play Ball , not brawl ” Braves

  7. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    If Crash Davis taught us nothing… “You dont hit a drunk (in this case a Breakfast Cereal) with your pitching hand.”

    I think it would be hillarious if Dioner Navarro starts calling Shields, “Meat”

    Im going on the 30th. Along with a contingency of Red Sox fans I know.

    Matt “He starts me off with a fastball, Im taking him downtown” McLaughlin

  8. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one that watched Bull Durham this weekend. Me and Dylan are going to the Trop on the 30th, we should hook up for some tailgating before the game.

    Now that the pleasantries are out of the way…..The Yankeehaters are going to kick your ass this week.

    Dave “Hit the bull, win a free steak” Ingalls

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