The Winner Takes It All, Playoff Preview

After a two-week hiatus from fantasy league weeks in review, I thought it would be a perfect time to look into the crystal ball and see how the playoff picture is shaping up. According to league rules, four teams make the playoffs: the two division leaders, and the two teams that have the best records. So let’s take a look who’s going to the postseason, and who’s going to be watching from the sidelines.

Teams are ranked in order of win/loss record:


After a crushing defeat to the Boston Braves this past week, confidence is running high for team YankeeHater. It feels good to finally beat a McLaughlin. I’ll need to avenge my other loss to The Showstoppers in a couple of weeks to really correct the universe, but a five-game lead in the West Division all but assures me a playoff berth.

Love Boat Captains

LBC made a big splash in the trade market this week, dealing Cy Young Award winner Brandon Webb for the always dangerous Albert Pujols. This team needed to improve their offense before the playoffs started, and she might need to make one more deal to add some more punch to her sometimes anemic offensive. Whether she makes another move or not, she’s playoff bound.

Boston Braves

After a humiliating defeat by the YankeeHaters and currently in the midst of a two-game losing streak, the Boston Braves are reeling. But this team has the players to turn this thing around and make a solid push to playoffs. Soriano and Oswalt should rejoin his team soon to add a boost.

The Showstoppers

A six-game winning streak? Is that even possible? The Showstoppers are chewing up teams and spitting them out right now. They have a tough game this week against the up-and-down Lessthanzero, and there is a three-way tie for first in the East Division. Of the three teams, The Showstoppers may be the most playoff ready.

SarasotaRedRays, Chickenheads, LessthanZero

These three teams have had an up-and-down season and are currently on the outside looking in. SRR has really struggled as of late, losing four games in a row. These guys may have peaked too early in the season, but they have the players to turn it around. Chickenheads is proving to be a legitimate threat, winning three in a row. They may have finally found the right combination to make a push towards the playoffs. LessthanZero is the one team of these three that can play spoiler. They’re a wild-card that has the potential to knock off the big boys. The injury bug has hit these guys recently, but they still can still make a big run at any time.

MyBestefforts, Bostonbad boys, Roger’s syringe

Thanks for playing. Three of the nicest owners in the league. Unfortunately, they fell behind the eight ball early in the season and have been unable to recover, although I still have hope that they can beat up on the McLaughlins before the playoffs start.

8 Responses to “The Winner Takes It All, Playoff Preview”

  1. Boston Braves Says:

    Hey Yankeehater,

    What happen to the high and mighty your getting your ass kicked this week like I did last week. LBC is for real and they keep getting better. The Showstoppers will definately pick up where the old man left off. Its only the All Star break and the Rays are in first place but they wont end there and neither will you. I’m surprised that you are talking trash like a Yankee would. Should you change your name to Yankees not haters…

    David ” Go Sox ” McLaughlin

  2. Dave Says:

    You are right on all accounts Dave. It’s been quiet on the fantasy front for a while know, I was trying to rekindle the fire with a little trash talking. Believe me I know that I’m getting beat badly this week, I’m hoping for a big rally. I think I’m in good shape to win the very weak West Division. The Boston Braves on the other hand are going to have their hands full with the likes of LBC and The Showstoppers. With that being said, it was very gratifying to finally beat a McLaughlin.

    Dave ” Still hating the Yankees, regardless of what Dave McLaughlin says” Ingalls


  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Mwahahaha… It was only a matter of time.

    I think the Bravos need to worry more about LBC and da SHOWStoppahs than Yankeehaters. Theyre in the west, and in this country, there is a clear East Coast Bias. This division is as interesting as the NL Central or AL East.

    Matt “Whose up for the LONGEST win streak of the year? This GUY!” McLaughlin

  4. bostonbad boys Says:

    hey geek YANKEEHATER how maney more weeks does this league go???Its not over till the fat ass firemen sing. It should go to september.. right ??????????/// If so lots of stuff can happen….. like you getting your butt beat every week ………got to love the captians and the braves .. BADBOYS ARE DUE H ave a nice day…

  5. Dave Says:

    The Braves have gone from a team full of confidence and swagger to a team that has to resort to picking fight with teams that aren’t even in his division. He has much bigger fish to fry than the Yankeehaters. It’s so sad.

    With all of your dads crazy talk about the Rays lately, I’m starting to wonder where his true allegiances are. I’m starting to think he’s a closet Rays fan.

    Dave ” Who has the best record in this Fanstasy league anyway??” Ingalls

  6. Dave Says:

    welcome back from your stay at the old-folks home. I hope you enjoyed double pudding day while you were there.
    There are 9 more weeks left in the season. There is still time for you to pull out a .500 record. Go get em tiger!

    Dave ” Man, I wish I was adopted” Ingalls

  7. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    The tapioca must have gone to his head again.

    And as for your team having the best record, you still havent beaten me, AND your division is weaker than Lugo’s on base percentage. Ouch.

    And as for the old man, hes losing it quick. I think LBC and I are going to finally wrestle away the top 2 spots from him come playoff time. My team is playing well and LBC’s lineup resembles something team YH’s would throw out there. Man, that Pujols trade is scary now. I think in light of the MLB trade deadline, I need to get on that horse and start scouting the “non contenders” for my Chocolate Cake or Rich “Ow something has to hurt at all times” Harden.

    Matt “Lets make this interesting.” McLaughlin

  8. Dave Says:

    I like to think that I’m running away with the division because I made the best trades. But you are right, LTZ and SRR are quietly fading away. I’m also thinking about making one more deal. How about I give you Ted Lilly, and you give me Justin Morneau and David Wright. Sounds good right? Let’s make it happen.

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