Don’t Stop Believin’

OK, now this is getting crazy. Boston looked lousy during games 2, 3, and 4 and 2/3 of game 5. Meanwhile, Tampa was playing like a team on a mission, trying to make up for ten years of futility. Suddenly during game 5, the switch was flipped, and like a modern version of Freaky Friday Boston began playing loose, youthful, carefree baseball, while Tampa turned into a  cautious, conservative baseball team that’s playing not to lose, instead of pushing the action and trying for the win.

So this brings us to game 7. Which version of these teams will show up? quick hits

  • Jon Lester vs. Matt Garza, game seven, winner goes to the World Series. This is the match-up Boston fans were wishing for and Rays fans were dreading.
  • Regarding the TBS technical difficulty that caused first-inning coverage of last night’s game to be preempted by The Steve Harvey Show: According to a theory by thefoulline contributor Dylan “Conspiracy Theorist” Hamilton, TBS, concerned that the Rays’ current losing streak has reminded much of the Tampa Bay fan base how much they prefer Steve Harvey to baseball, did it on purpose.
  • The Sox bullpen has looked fantastic. Okajima gets better every time he pitches and looks like the Oki of 2007. Masterson looked absolutely scared shitless out there, and then he proceeded to shut down the Rays 1-2-3 hitters. Then there’s Papelbon. Tired, sore, gassed from pitching two tough innings in game 5, he goes out throwing 90 MPH fastballs with good location and gets the save. In a word… awesome.
  • High definition television is not kind to Kevin Youkilis.
  • Coco Crisp is doing his best 2007 Jacoby Ellsbury impersonation. Coco did more damage to James Shields last night than any punch would ever do.
  • Dan the #1 Rays Fan: Hang in there. This is still better than watching the Rays of the past. There’s still a lot of baseball left.
  • Jason Varitek saved his job with the Sox next year with a huge home run and an even bigger throw out of Dioner Navarro. That’s why he’s the Captain.
  • Terry Francona is the best manager in Red Sox history. Although the 78 pieces of tobacco wrapped in Double Bubble that he is constantly chewing during the game is pretty disgusting.
  • Josh Beckett dug down deep last night and pitched his ass off for 5 innings. This guy is a competitor.
  • James Shields is a tough pitcher with a promising future, but his “Big Game” nickname may have been a little premature. Names like that get invented in the postseason.
  • Dustin Pedroia is going to blow up tonight. He lives for moments like this, and he’s been too quiet for too long.
  • During the 6th inning of game 5 in Fenway Park, did anyone really think we would be watching a game 7?
  • There is no moment better in sports than the MLB playoffs.

56 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believin’”

  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Why are we going with the Site chat and NOT hitting up the famous watering hole, The IceHouse or something?!!! BEER!!!!!

  2. Dave Says:

    I’m 3 for 3 in the ALCS when I watch it from headquarters. I don’t want to jinx it. I think this chat thing could be pretty fun. If the Sox make it to the World Series, we will definitely do an IceHouse get together. The first round is on me.

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Thats a plan. Ill make sure that I try and get on tonight. I have to see what C-Mac is up to tonight.

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    C-Mac is taking a girl to the game tonight and not me. I mean, I know shes better looking, but DAMN, GAME 7!??

  5. Dave Says:

    I didn’t realize that C-mac was so connected. I just hope that this girl is a Sox fan..

    I still need your dads address so he I can get him his prize for winning our league. I don’t want him to think that I’m bitter from getting my ass kicked by him, and am refusing to pay up. Please have him email me. thanks

  6. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    The girl is the daughter of the Head Grounds Keeper for Lee County Stadiums. THATS how hes connnected. Shes an “04-fan”. One of those… ooo I like the red sox kind of people, not like us.

    C-Mac is playing the cards is what hes doing, he may even get a little more out of the deal. lol

  7. Dan Says:

    Hey that chat thing is a cool idea.

  8. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Dan, Dan the Lone Rays Fan. Doesnt it suck not being able to get a ticket to your team’s game because of all of these Bandwagoners. Welcome to the party, weve been dealing with it for 4 years now.

  9. Dan Says:

    Well i went to game 2 of this series, and my mom and a friend scored tickets for tonights game, but rays fans selling there tickets to sox fans kinda stinks, i mean dont u think it should be an all rays crowd tonight? i mean thats fair right?

  10. Dave Says:

    It should be 100% Rays, no doubt.

  11. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Fenway, 99% Sox, 1% Other
    Tropicana, 55% Rays, 45% Red Sox

    See a difference?

  12. Dan Says:

    No way, I was at game 2, it was like 88% to 12%. I just dont wanna even think about how arrogant and obnoxuis the sox fans will be next season if the sox win this game. there already the most mean spirited and arrogant people on the face of the earth . the dont need more ammo.

  13. band wagon billy Says:

    The only way the Rays ever sold tickets was when the real teams came to st. pete BOSTON ,YANKEEES METS BRAVES, TIGERS ETC….. WHEN YOU ASKED A Tampa area person the question why dont you go to the games Answer this a FOOTBALL hey all off all us band wagon people say BUC YOU .. I hope we dont fall off… the wagon after you get smoked tonite/… TROPACANIA IS THE HOUSE OF PAIN………………………………..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    yeah MVD D-Ped

  15. Dave Says:

    that series was so much fun, I wish it was best of 15.

  16. Hillary Martin Says:

    Good information, it was worth reading. Keep up the good work on your posts, I will keep checking back for more posts like this one. If you want checkout my site as well.

  17. Dan Says:

    Are you guys gonna watch the world series?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll watch, as a baseball fan..

    Dylan “Port Charlotte Stone Crab’s..Really? if you don’t know what I mean, research it, it will make you laugh at the Rays even more ” Hamilton

  19. Dan Says:

    You can laugh at the AL champions all you want, the jokes still on you.

  20. Dave Says:

    it’s un-American not to watch the World Series. Believe it or not, I’m actually going to try to do a non-Red Sox World Series preview today.. So I’ll watch it, and cheer for the Phillies.

  21. LTZ Says:

    Phillies in four! Matt Stairs = WSMVP

  22. Dave Says:

    Sorry everyone, I full intended to write a WS preview today. Since we are 1 1/2 hours to the first pitch I figure I better get my prediction on the record. Here it goes. the Phillies have a ton of offense, Utley, Howard, rollins, Werth, Victorino. The problem with these guys is that it’s either feast or famine. We all know what the Rays have done offensively this post season, they are on an unprecedented HR clip. I don;t see that slowing down with both fields being “hitters parks”. So this series like most is going to come down to pitching. Kazmir, Shields, Garza, Sonnenstine vs. Hamels, Myers, Blanton and Moyer. The Rays have a huge advantage- if the Rays staff continues the way they have pitching this entire postseason. If these games are tight, I like Philly’s chances with a better bullpen. With that being said, it kills me to predict the Rays will win in 6. The city of Brotherly Love is going to lose.
    I’ll be cheering for the Phillies.

  23. Dave Says:

    Also, the chat room is always open

  24. Dan Says:

    Cmon Dave, ray fever, catch it man. you gotta cheer for the rays, if boston had won id want the AL champions to win so that we lost to world champions. you really want the rays to get blasted, cause that makes boston look worse.

  25. Dave Says:

    sorry Dan. The Rays are my new Yankees. I did pick them to win, that has to count for something right?

  26. Dan Says:

    Yes. yes it does, but im not worried, the i knew the phillies would win game 1 behind hammels, that was a givin

  27. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    OK Dan and Dave The 1 thing I have not seen or heard about was the Boston Rays series in which neither team knew how to play the game that got them to that point of the season. Both teams were very successful playing small ball all year yet not one hint from either team. The Rays lived by the HR and if they think that they are going to get by Philly that way they wont and I want the Rays Dave,,,,

  28. Dave Says:

    I think the Sox/ Rays series came down to which team had the deeper bench. Game 7 Tampa put Baldelli and Aybar in the lineup to shake their lineup up. Both guys made huge contributions in the game. Boston countered with Alex Cora??? What the hell? Boston needs to regroup this offseason. Tampa is the better team right now.
    This will be an exciting rivalry for the next decade.
    Go Phillies

  29. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Boston needs a catcher that can hit and Im the #1 Tek fan and Its time for David Ortiz to move on hes has spent way to much time on the DL for a DH. Either get in shape or hang them up.. How does a DH get hurt as much as Ortiz does and Im looking forward not backwards like any player they have their time Jacoby will be in Pawtucket to start the year.

  30. Dave Says:

    I really hope the Sox make a run at Texiera. Boston needs a big bat in that lineup. Even if it means Lowell gets traded. I would also like to see Derek Lowe return to Beantown. Should be an exciting offseason.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    what hurt us, and the difference maker I think in the playoff’s, was that in the past we reiled on the long ball. We were a long ball team in 04 and 07, scoring frequently on 2 run hr’s. This season, we became a small team, which is great. But, doesnt work in 2 out situations. The 2 out hr, and lack of in 08 hurt us this season. I agree with Dave that a long ball hitter is what is first needed in the offense, then a catcher that knows how to put a bat anywhere near the ball…

    Dylan ” Varitek for Assistnant Manager and not a player in 09″ Hamilton

  32. Dan Says:

    After watching evan longorias go ahead, two run homer in the sixth inning caught because of wind. all baseball should be played inside. it should be a law.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I am 155% in the opposite direction on that one Dan.

    Dylan “Basketball is the only sport that should be indoors” Hamilton

  34. Dan Says:

    If yesterdays game had been at the trop, it would have started on time, and longorias hit is a homer. but i dont think baseball should be indoors either, i was just pissed.

  35. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    The reason why the Rays were in the game last night was because of small ball.. The Rays arent going to win unless they start playing defense.. I really like baseball indoors in the right area Arizona Milwaukee Minnesota Tampa Seattle all good areas for indoor baseball for different reasons. Every Stadium should have a retractable roof.

    Go Rays

  36. Dave Says:

    Having a Dome is a no-brainer in Florida. I would just prefer it if there wasn’t stupid catwalks affecting the games outcomes.

    I’m sorry to say it, but I really enjoy watching the Rays lose. Sorry Dan.

  37. Dan Says:

    Im actaully quite sad right now, my rays lost last night, my bucs lost today, and the rays are giving away the world series by giving up home runs to a fat pitcher. weak. really weak

  38. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Sorry Dan the pitcher is suppose to be a out in the majors not out of the park…

  39. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Hey Dave are you waiting to next year to give me my Fantasy League championship prize… Matt sent U the info didnt he ????? Dan good lck Rays are not looking good..

    Dave Mac

  40. Dave Says:

    Dave Mac, I haven’t forgot about you. I have your information. I ran into a little snag trying to get the Donald Trump suite at the Bellagio for your prize, but I’m working on it.

  41. Dan Says:

    All this rain is gonna allow the phillies to use cole hamels AGAIN in game 7 on friday. this is bogus, i just have to say it, and baseball purisits are gonna slap me.

    this wouldnt be an issue at tropicana field.

  42. Dave Says:

    Dan, I hate to rain on your parade… But this series isn’t coming back to Florida.

  43. Dan Says:

    Umm actaully it is. u really think the phillies are better than the rays?? the phillies arent even better than the red sox.

  44. Dave Says:

    The series is 3-1 Dan. The Phillies are better! But I do agree that Philly is not better than Boston.

  45. Dan Says:

    So buy extension that means boston is better than tampa bay? the rays are gonna win this series, after we win game rain, shields will shut down philly again, and then matt garza will again show his fondness for game 7. didnt u watch last night? pena and longoria are back.

  46. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    -Matt ” My Signoff is longer than my entry tonight” McLaughlin

  47. Dan Says:

    Do you guys know what kinda trades or free agents the sox are lookin at?

  48. Dave Says:

    Dan the #1 Rays fan,
    How’s it going? I’m happy to hear that you didn’t jump off the Skyway after Game 5. From what I’ve been reading, Boston is going to address who is going to be their catcher next year. There is still a chance that Varitek sticks around for another year or two, or there is the chance that Boston trades for one of Texas’s young catchers ( Laird or Saltalamacchia) I really hope that Boston makes a serious run at Mark Texiera. His power, high average and excellent defense would be just what the Red Sox need..and it keeps him away from the Yankees.
    My wishlist for Boston is: Texiera, Derek Lowe, Saltalamachia as a backup to Varitek. I also would love to see Julio Lugo get shipped out. I also think that Boston needs to find some good role players that can come off the bench and provide a little spark. Kevin Millar ?? We’ll see, I would be very surprised/disappointed if Boston just did some minor moves. Especially with the recent success of Tampa and with New York always lurking. What in your opinion do the Rays need?

  49. Dan Says:

    Im not that upset that the rays lost the world series, we made it that far, and had a great year. this is just the beggining, wel be back. (gulp)

    As for what the rays need, we need a closer, and then we should sign a closer, and they should also look at a closer. K rod is off limits, trevor hoffman would be great, but he will cost to much. so i want them to go after brain fuentes of the rockies. We also need a right handed hitting rightfielder who can play every day, (i really wanted jason bay at the deadline)

    the reason i asked was because i kept hearing stuff about a jake peavy going to boston?! boston can get there catcher and stuff, just stay away from stars like mark texeria if u please. I also heard the yankees want to get sabathia and sheets?? teamed with a healthy wang?? can the rays be an underdog in the east already? wheres your buddy manny gonna go? The rays could be a better team, and miss the playoffs. our window could already be closed. the rays will always be the eternal underdog.

  50. Dave Says:

    Dan the #1Rays fan,
    I agree 100% that the Rays need a legitimate closer. I am however not sold on Brian Fuentes coming to the AL and dominating. Also it’s going to take a 3 year, 40 million contract to get him. He’ll be a NY Met, I think. Tampa would never do it. I can see Tampa giving Balfour the closer role and maybe going after Milton Bradley to play RF/DH. Tampa should have pulled the trigger at the trade deadline for Jason Bay, he would be perfect on the Rays…. But I am really happy that he’s a Red Sox.

  51. Dan Says:

    Alright how about juan cruz of the Diamandbacks? im all for putting the balfor in the closers role, but he has a tendency to get wild sometimes, and it cost him late in the year, this rays team is all about chemistry, so i think bringing in bradley would be a bad idea. Is papelbon availabe? we can get him for Dan Johnson lol

  52. Dave Says:

    How about Jason Bay and Coco Crisp for Dioner Navarro, BJ Upton, Carl Crawford and Scott Kazmir? Sound like a good deal right? We’ll even throw in Javier Lopez for your bullpen.

  53. Dan Says:

    ill make you a deal, throw in julio lugo and you can have david price and evan longoria.

  54. band wagon billy Says:


  55. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Dan used the term, “We’ll be back” and I had trouble not imagining the Rays trying to use Liquid Nitrogen like in Terminator 2 to try and slow down the Phillies. With that rediculousness aside, and my inaptitude for spelling Rediculous, I think the red sox need to seriously make a play at Salty. Salty is a very heads up player and if the Sox give him a year under Tek, learn the pitchers and mold him into the next Joe Mauer, we are set for another 10 years behind the backstop.

    As for Julio “Who?” Lugo, too bad this wasnt the NFL where we could just cut a guy.

    Matt “Head to the Chopper!!!!” McLaughlin

  56. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Allright time for me to pipe up Bostons needs Catcher , DH, CF 2 out of 3 of these players have been a big part in the Red Sox success but time has a way of changing things. Ortz is done……………….. Tek will always be my favorite catcher of all times…….. yes Matt even more than Carlton Fisk. Boston will need to get someone like Salty I think Jacoby should be used to attract a legitimate proven CF and he will be back to haunt us. Texeria would be great fit in Boston not knowing how Lowell will recover and that Yooooooouuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk can go to 3rd. Heideki Matsui I beleive is a free agent would be a great addition for back up outfield and DH..

    Dave ” Fantasy Baseball Champ without my prize yet” McLaughlin

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