Let’s Get It Started

My favorite time of the year is finally here.

As much as I love the real sport of baseball, there’s something about playing in a fantasy baseball league that really gets my juices flowing. Maybe it’s the spirit of competition, as ten team owners vie for the league title. Maybe it’s following every team in baseball, keeping track of “your” players, instead of just the ones on your favorite team. Or maybe it’s the six months of constant trash talking, or working out blockbuster deals with your family members over dinner. Perhaps it’s the chance for regular people to play General Manager, making trades, scouring the waiver wire, looking for the next hot player. For me, it’s all of those things.

So let’s get it started. These are a few questions I have going into the 2009 fantasy season.

  • Is A-Rod still worthy of a top-5 pick, or will the Un-Natural wilt under the extreme pressure of the steroid scandal?
  • Which round do you start looking at Manny Ramirez? If he had been signed a month ago, I would say 2nd or 3rd, but the longer these negotiations drag on, the more uninspired Manny will get. We all know how Manny reacts to being “disrespected.”
  • Will Big Papi rebound from his disappointing 2008 season?
  • Who will be the first pitcher drafted? Johan? Lincecum? CC?
  • Is Dan the #1 Rays Fan too scared to join our league?
  • Will Matt McLaughlin attempt to draft a team entirely of Red Sox and Twins players?
  • Can we finally put to rest the “I could’ve won if I hadn’t lost my password” excuse? (That means you, Boston badboys.)
  • Will anyone trade with Team Yankeehater?
  • Will Dylan attempt to draft Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie Smith and Robin Yount to add to his stable of shortstops?
  • Can the Love Boat Captains continue her impressive run, or has that ship sailed?
  • Will Dave McLaughlin finally acknowledge that he got lucky in the 2008 finals?
  • Is Dan Mc a closet Yankee fan? With a team name like Fran-comas, I’m starting to wonder.

So it begins, boys and girl. I don’t care which team you play for. I don’t care if you sucker-punched Coco Crisp last year or if you’re dating Madonna. This year I’m pulling out all the stops to grab the title of TheFoulLine.com Fantasy Baseball Champion.

Only three spots in the league remain. Sign up now!!!!

59 Responses to “Let’s Get It Started”

  1. Dan Says:

    Afraid?? im afraid of nothing!!

  2. Dan Says:

    just tell me how to sign up and im in.

  3. Dan Says:

    never mind, i figured it out, ill show you whose afraid.

  4. Dave Says:

    Welcome aboard Dan the #1Rays fan. We’re really happy to have you. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

  5. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Dan’s team name was a temporary one. I signed him and the old man into the league and I didnt have anything for Dan that wasnt named after one of his hokey little league teams or just out right dull. My team name and his are at this point works in progress, we all have technically until the 28th or 2 days before the draft to change them.

    And by the way, Rays those Cowbells is one hell of a name. Glad to have you on board.

    Matt “I need a good name to kick Team Yankeehaters butt with” McLaughlin

  6. Less Than Zero Says:

    Hey Hey! How do I enter this?

  7. Ginger Parker Says:

    Matt “I need a good name to kick Team Yankeehaters butt with” McLaughlin:

    Human Growth Hemroids? Please tell me you will not be uploading a logo for that one.

  8. Dave Says:

    Welcome Back LTZ, I was beginning to wonder if you were still around? Year two should be a lot of fun. Try to save the rest of us some of the Canadian players this year.

  9. Less Than Zero Says:

    I’m taking Big Basher Bay 1st overall

  10. Dave Says:

    I was hoping you were going to target Eric Bedard in the first round again. Bay is a good choice.

  11. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I need a better name. lol

  12. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I got it. I needed another 2 sided name like last year.

    The DIrty Water Dogs.
    Dirty Water the Song as we all know and love and those realllllly shady hot dogs that we all love from the street venders that we will not admit to actually liking. C’mon, they may be cooked in water from 3 days ago, but hopefully my team wont stink as much as the vendors selling them.

  13. Dave Says:

    I’m still kind of partial to the Showstoppers.


    hey no jumping on the badboys band wagon in the middle of the season girls and boys ,my password is tattoooed to my forehead. DADDY MAC AND I WILL BE KICKING BUTT.. HEY WHO GETS FIRST PICK THE OLDEST PERSON OR THE SMARTEST? ok IWILL GO FIRST IF YOU WANT .. CAUSE I BE BOTH. THE SHOWSTOPPERS IS THAT A BROADWAY PLAY ?hey this basaball ya all.. .. pick a good name that matches you MATT.(. I LIKE the CELLAR)0R ((MYDADDYPICKEDMYTEAM.) OR .( SUCKING WIND) PICK ONE …..I can not wait .. to get this show on the road… daddy i

  15. Dan Says:

    Its funny cause the fantasy baseball rookie, the little rays fan that could, is gonna use his vast baseball knowledge to win it all.

    Rays Those Cowbells: 2009 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion! im printing T shirts already.

    (Want to be in team yankeehaters division) show him a little something.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Question: how much will I win this league by this year? Answer: more than anyone wants to know!

    Dylan ” The only fantasy, is the fantasy that everyone is going to be keeping pace with my all star team” Hamilton

  17. Dave Says:

    Oh, young mis-informed Dylan….Before you get all crazy and declare yourself the winner of the league, you’re going to have to actually field a team that is not made up entirely of Shortstop. This is almost as funny as Dan the #1 Rays fan thinking he’s going to win even 1 game this year…hahahahahahahaha.

  18. Dan Says:

    Not only will I win more than one game, ill win more than one game against YOU alone. im not goin in unprepared, ive been reading up on the rules and scoring systems and what not. i caution this message anyone who tries it.

    dont underestimate me.

  19. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    All right lets get it straight you are all wantta bees but cant be there is only one Champion and that is me get over it and keep dreaming just like the Yankees it should be over before the All Star break.

    The True Champion Boston Braves,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going to go into this Fantasy Season with a winning attitude as i’m currently 1.5 games back in my spring training pool, and the two first places guys are slipping hard. With Spring Training ending around my birthday time, I think I may kick off the fantasy season by spending my spring winnings on some premium Ice House Beverages, updates to follow

    Dylan” Go Philies, Tigers,and Angels” Hamilton

  21. Dave Says:

    Dave Mc,
    Check your calendar! It’s a brand new year. Stop living in the past, and get ready for an epic butt kicking in 2009.

  22. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    The past has brought me experience and winsdom and the know how to beat you last year. What make you think that your dreams can beat experience. I’m going on the record to say you pick any other fantasy team for a partner and they will not beat Daddy Ingalls and I with a combined record and either I will win again or Daddy Ingalls will. Dave Please wake up will be drafting soon and you need to pick your losers. By the way check out hte name of Dan Mc. team you will like it and what for his logo

    Still the Champion.

  23. Dave Says:

    I’ll take that challenge Dave Mc. I choose team Love Boat Captains as my partner. Let the games begin!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I love the fact that it seems the older people get, the worse off their grammar gets as well. Communications between the bad boys and the bravos is going to be something to the effect of an old telegraph recantation; Me team play well, stop. You team need outfield, stop. Me team pitching hurt, send support, Stop. Deal be reached, Stop.

    Dave, I’m with you. I hope you and Ginger blow their paddle boats out of the water. I am not going to take a team mate or go as far as to believe that my brother is going to not end up with a similar draft to D-Ham last year, but hey, anything can happen.

    As for the championship, I don’t think it is going to be an issue taking that crown off of the Braves. Seeing as how he aligned himself with the badboys, I think he can get his inside fantasy information and “guys to watch” info from him as well. All I can say is crash and burn.

    I will go out on a limb and predict that the three McLaughlin’s logos will be great when we are finally able to post them. I think Dan has the best one.

    I had another inquiry about the “games” between Team Yankeeloving Boat Captains and Team BBBBB, is this going to be a cumulative head to head record or an overall record contest. If it is a cumulative head to head this could make for some serious matchups over the year but could also be over by the AllStar Break. The overall is more inclusive, yet less dramatic.

    I’m going to finish up my 2cents by just saying that the sleeper pick for me this year in the league is clearly Rays Those Cowbells. Dan has established himself as a knowledgeable fan, albeit a Rays fan, but he may be up there in the tops of the league and challenge for a play off spot in the end. And you guys are not even talking about him as a threat.

    Matt “Japan 4, China 0. WBC has officially begun!!!” McLaughlin

  25. Dave Says:

    That was without a doubt the funniest comment we’ve ever had. I’m at the dentist, trying to suppress my laughter. People are staring at me like I’ve had too much laughing gas. Nicely done Matt!

  26. Dave Says:

    When are we going to see young Dan McLaughlin lay some smack down? I know elementary school gets out at 3:15, maybe he can after he gets off the bus?

  27. Dan Says:

    Its cool matt, i love being underestimated, flying under the radar, just like the 2008 rays. nobody will be gunning for me, im free to do my own thing without any pressure from other players.

  28. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:


    I need to confirm with Boston BB if he is willing to take on this challenge. I will leave the guide lines for this up to you and your Dad to work out. Head to Head is fine overall records is another way or total points. Do we do 1/2 seasons or full all suggestions are welcomed. I noticed you picked love boat because your nothing without her. Face it Dave. She carried you last with trades and she’ll do it again this year. LBC make him pull his own weight.

    BBBBB vs YHLBC let the games begin.

    Danny Mac will take all his trash talking lessons from his brother.

    Daddy Mac is still the Champion

  29. Danny Mac Says:

    HAHA your real funny Dave First of all im in middle school and i don’t get out til 340 but i have enough time to kick your but this year.. Bring it..

  30. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:


    See if the kids can figure this out.. ..–..–.-. .—…–. –..–. translation your going to lose Dave
    A true Red Soxfan no matter what age should know morse code.


    Hey Badboys here. THE SAYING GOES.”The apple does not fall far from the tree.”Well our Yankkeehater boy ,smart ass, smack talking ,want to be champ is trying to be like his Old man \(good luck)….I know being over 60 is an advantage in the fantasy ass kicking arena for me and Dave Mc.. I HAVE $20.00.US DOLLARS that says the Braves and Badboys will kick The yankee haters and captians tail we go with total wins for both teams…For the season .. REMEMBER Dave my boy if bull s — was dynomite You would be sitting in a crater. Let the games begin.. remember no crying when its over kids…STOP–…-. U

  32. Dave Says:

    Its nice to see that they have let you out of the nursing home for the weekend. Please remember to wear your Life-Alert necklace in the event you fall and break your hip. As for our contest, I was thinking we should do total combined points at the end of the season. This way it might discourage Dave Mc from giving away his players to others. ( ex. Putting Russell Martin on a silver platter.) when you two old guys figure it out, let us know and we’ll proceed with the ass kicking.



  34. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    BBB we are going to kick some ass this year. I noticed noone picked up on the morse code. $20 sounds good to me that is per person and total over all points. of the teams combined.

    Dave on another note we should plan a foulline game to the stonecrabs preferbly when they play the Miracle.

    To All .. let me know if there is any intrest in attending a game and a good day for all. Dan (Rays) I’m sorry but you would be the only one that would have to travel a distance or we can plan a game in St. Pete,

    Still the Champ

  35. Dan Says:

    How bout that canada/USA game? it was awsome!



  36. Dave Says:

    Dave Mc,

    Dylan and I have purchased a 10 game pack of tickets for the Stone Crabs. A foulline.com night is a great idea. It’s going to be awesome having minor league baseball back in Port Charlotte.

    Dan the number 1Rays fan,
    I agree that USA/ Canada game was awesome!

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I hope that one of the games you purchaced was against the Ft Myers Miracle. If that is the case then I will be more than happy to join for that game seeing as how the Miracle will NOT be in Ft Myers and I “have the night off.” Foulline Night at the Stonecrabs can only be complete with a significant number of beers, a “Welcome Foulliners” message on the score board and some good ol Baseball.

    And Dave, I try to please when it comes to the comments, sure beats me going crazy on some ignorant fan i.e. Spanky, makes for more pleasant conversation.

    Matt “I love spring break” McLaughlin

  38. Dave Says:

    Matt A.K.A the Commish,
    We’ll definitely do it for a Miracle game. Maybe you can even give the Stone Crabs mascot a few tips. I saw you in action last year and were really good.

    Dave ” is it draft time yet” Ingalls

  39. Dan Says:

    To whoever can answer this.

    since its a live draft, how long do you have to make a selection?

  40. Dave Says:

    I think it’s 1 minute 30 seconds. 1min 45sec.

  41. Dan Says:

    oh, thats not very long is it?

    so on draft day, at 6:59. just go to the website and there will be a link to take you to the draft room right?

  42. Dave Says:

    It’s really not too bad, time wise. I would go to the site about 15 minutes early. This way you can see your draft position. There is even a chat going on during the draft to pass the time. It goes by quick, but it’s a lot of fun.

  43. Dan Says:

    oh ok, i thought the draft order was decided after the draft started. ill get there early then, and theres a chat room to? ah ok that way everyone can make fun of peoples selections…..

  44. Dave Says:

    Last years chat was surprisingly mild, let’s hope for the same on March 30th.

  45. Matt "The Commish" McLaughlin Says:

    You can get into the draft room 2 days ahead of time I believe. It is not until then that we can see what order we are picking.


  46. Danny Mac Says:

    Itas almost draft time ladies and Gentlemen.. We should have a count down..

  47. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    BBB I’m surprised that we havent had any trash talking from LBC considering that she was the one that managed both her team and Yankeehaters to the playoffs last year.

    Dave that was a wise choice picking her as your partner but I’m not sure if she can do it 2 years in a row carrying you to the playoffs again.

    Comish is there anyway we can do the draft on Sunday instead of Monday. ???

    Dan Rays Fan can you make it down to Port Charlotte for a Stonecrabs game ???

    The Champ

  48. Dan Says:

    na I cant i dont drive. i wish i could though.

  49. Dave Says:

    Dan the number 1 Rays fan,
    I ran into Carlos Pena yesterday at a restataunt in Port Charlotte. He’s smaller in person.
    Can’t drive? How old are you ?

  50. Dan Says:

    yea hes not really a big guy, thats why when he hit 46 homers in 07 alot of people started asking questions….. im 18 years old, ill be 19 in august, thats why i say im a life long rays fan, when i went to there first ever game against detroit, i was only 8 years old.

  51. Dave Says:

    I’ve always liked Pena, he’s from my neck of the woods in New England. (Haverhill, Mass) He just seems like a nice guy and a positive leader for those damn Rays.

  52. Dan Says:

    well i like him to, so tell your management thanks for letting him go.

  53. Dan Says:

    how about the Netherlands? what an upset!! please tell me you guys are watching every game of the classic and not just USA? this is great baseball.

  54. Dave Says:

    I’m really enjoying the WBC. What I find really funny is, after the Netherlands beat DR the first time, all the analysts said it was the greatest upset in international baseball history. And if these 2 teams played 20 time, the Dominican Republic would win 19….. Oops, I guess they were wrong!

  55. Dave Says:

    Only 1 more week until the rest of you start battling for second place….

  56. Dan Says:

    its gonna be hilarious when you come in sixth or something.

  57. Dave Says:

    I believe the word you meant to say was “impossible” for me to come in sixth.

    Go Red Sox



  59. Eleen Says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunsihne.

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