I Got the Power

Over the past two weeks I have received dozens of phone calls, text messages, emails, and blog comments from family, friends, state senators, and fantasy competitors, and they are all asking me the same thing: “Dave, how the hell do you come up with your weekly power rankings?”

Well foulliners, I have good news. Unlike Colonel Sanders, I am going to share with you my secret recipe of herbs and spices that allows me to compile the most accurate fantasy baseball power ranking.

Here you go.

1. Total Points
The team with the most total points in the league gets 10, second most 9, and so on and so forth all the way down to 1 point for the bottom of the barrel.

2. Streak
A team on a winning streak gets one point for every game in the streak. A team on a losing streak gets -1 for every game in the streak.

3. Fear Factor
This is simply how much fear that opponent would strike in me if I had to face them in that particular week.
There is a range from -5 for a team that doesn’t scare me at all to +5 for a team that scares the crap out of me.

4. Expectations
This part of the score adjusts for whether a team is over-performing or under-performing. Subtract up to 5 points if the team is playing better than they should, and add up to 5 points for a team that’s slumping.

And that’s it! Now you’ve seen what goes into the weekly rankings. SO PLEASE STOP CALLING!!

181 Responses to “I Got the Power”

  1. JOHN Q. CITIZEN Says:

    What the hell did Dave say..? MINUS 2 = 4PLUS 6 IS THE POWER TO THE THIRD MINUS 0.1 . OR ON THE RATING SCALE . IS 3 rd PLACE right????????????????????????? A MATH MASTER



  3. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    An update would be quite fun I imagine yes.

  4. Boston Braves Says:

    OK Foulline fans hear it is the Yankeehaters are sucking win the Ryas Fans will be near the top until the ALL Star break and Ginger will just kick ass with the old guy right behind her… I hope everyone is doing well miss the nonsense. Dave let me know if you guys plan on doing a Stone Crabs night. I’m out of town next week in South Carolina Danny’s playing in a tournament there but it would be fun to finy do a foulline night..

  5. Dave Says:

    Thanks for checking in Dave Mc. The league is not the same without you guys.

  6. bad ass boys from boston Says:

    hey dave mac NOT the same with out the freak en braves.. no ones balls to break or team up with to pick on the kids hope your doing good, get back next year an kick ass…..DADDY

  7. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    The Boston Badboys win streak will end next week at the hands of Rays Those Cowbells. Mark it down.

  8. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Lets get some trash talk goin, or something! The Yankeehaters SUCK

  9. Dave Says:

    There are two things I am sure of:: First, RTC got lucky this week , and pulled a win out of his butt. And Secondly, I will whip RTC’s ass for the second time this year. Your luck has run out DAN!

  10. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Great teams find a way to win Dave, under ANY circumstances. Also, Borrowing your wifes crappy two start pitchers right before our game isnt goin to help you avoid your ass kicking, you made me miss the playoffs last year, you humiliated me earlier this year, ITS OVER NOW DAVE!!! Do you hear me??? Your 5 game win streak is OVER!!!!

  11. Dave Says:

    It’s so sad to see the youth of America act this way. Disillusioned, paranoid, angry…Dan you’re right, great teams find a way to win…unfortunately, your team is not great. Regardless of your recent winning streak, the bottom is about to fall out of Team Raise those Cowbells. Lincecum & Carpenter have shown to have chinks it their armor their last two starts and have looked “ordinary”. Say what you want about CC , Peavy and King Felix, but they should be the poster children for schizophrenic pitchers- you never know who’s gonna show up.. I’ll take my guys JJ, Dempster and Lackey and their positive points every week, all day long. Your lineup features a rookie catcher, and injury prone 2b, an overrated SS, a light hitting Kung-Fu panda and an outfield featuring a 50 y/o Abreu. And I don’t want to hear that Torriiiiiiii Hunter is anything special, he had 1 great game. This OF is better suited for a retirement home. Did you really deal the best OF in the league ( Ryan Braun) for a pitcher that can’t even make it to the 4th inning anymore? That’s gotta sting. To make matters worse, you’ve already pilfered all of UnsportsmanMikes best players-(who I’m not sure even exists, i think we’ve had more participation from Dave Mc this year’ I’m starting to wonder if Dan and Mike are the same person. It would explain some of their past dealings??)
    Now before you start flying off the handle young Dan, I know my team has plenty of holes too. But I also know that like the past 2 years, i’m gonna whip your ass….AGAIN. But don’t worry, I may let you help me set my lineup when I make the playoffs.

    Enjoy this week Dan. It’s not personal. Beating you in fantasy baseball is just what

  12. Dave Says:

    It’s so sad to see the youth of America act this way. Disillusioned, paranoid, angry…Dan you’re right, great teams find a way to win…unfortunately, your team is not great. Regardless of your recent winning streak, the bottom is about to fall out of Team Raise those Cowbells. Lincecum & Carpenter have shown to have chinks it their armor their last two starts and have looked “ordinary”. Say what you want about CC , Peavy and King Felix, but they should be the poster children for schizophrenic pitchers- you never know who’s gonna show up.. I’ll take my guys JJ, Dempster and Lackey and their positive points every week, all day long. Your lineup features a rookie catcher, and injury prone 2b, an overrated SS, a light hitting Kung-Fu panda and an outfield featuring a 50 y/o Abreu. And I don’t want to hear that Torriiiiiiii Hunter is anything special, he had 1 great game. This OF is better suited for a retirement home. Did you really deal the best OF in the league ( Ryan Braun) for a pitcher that can’t even make it to the 4th inning anymore? That’s gotta sting. To make matters worse, you’ve already pilfered all of UnsportsmanMikes best players-(who I’m not sure even exists, i think we’ve had more participation from Dave Mc this year’ I’m starting to wonder if Dan and Mike are the same person. It would explain some of their past dealings??)
    Now before you start flying off the handle young Dan, I know my team has plenty of holes too. But I also know that like the past 2 years, i’m gonna whip your ass….AGAIN. But don’t worry, I may let you help me set my lineup when I make the playoffs.

    Enjoy this week Dan. It’s not personal. Beating you in fantasy baseball is just what i do….it’s just what I do.

    Dave “I don’t really believe Dan and mike are the same person’ it’s just really easy to piss off Dan”. Ingalls

  13. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh my god, I dont even know where to begin. Anybody who compares John Lackey and Ryan Dempster to Chris Carpenter and Tim Lincecum should be slapped. Instantly. In the mouth. And then tased. That might be the dumbest comment ever on this site, congratulations.

    My 2nd baseman is “injury prone”, well guess what?? Your 2nd baseman is actually INJURED. And Torii Hunter has more fantasy points than Ryan Braun, and Dustin Pedrioa for the matter, and your second best hitter is Corey Hart. Im not making that up, you can check the stats. I found it quite funny.

    My pitching is so much better than yours its sad. Of the 20 top starting pitchers in fantasy. I have 5 of them. Thats 25%. My pitching is unmatchable. Guess how many you have? One. How embarrising. I feel for you.

    And Ubaldo Jimenez has returned to earth, Josh Johnson will do the same. My 4th starter is Felix Hernadez. He would be the ace on your team. My 4th starter is your ace, thats quite sad.

    Overrated SS? Marco Scutaro couldnt hold Derek Jeters jock strap. Ever

    I can defend myself just fine, you dont intimadate me in the slightest, you wanna trade shots? Lets do it, its fun, and I can handle myself just fine. Enjoy this week team Yankeelover, your team is goin down.

  14. Dave Says:

    Like I said Dan…. disillusioned.
    Kicking your ass is going to be extra fun this week. I thought beating you all the time would eventually get boring.. But nope. The more I do it, the more fun it is.

  15. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Care to make a bet there skipper?

  16. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh and by the way, you have a short memory. In our first meeting last year i CRUSHED you by more than 100 points. Dont forget

  17. Dave Says:

    Convenient memory Dan.
    2010: Yankeehaters: 1
    Rays those Cowbells: Big, fat ZERO!

    Soon to be 2-0.
    Suck it.

  18. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    But you wont accept my bet. Your afraid.

    Suck on that

  19. Dave Says:

    Great call Dan on King Felix being the “ace” of my staff, followed by the King scoring less points then both of my waiver wire pick-ups.
    Once again, Team Yankeehaters is playing chess, while Raise those Cowbells are still playing checkers!

  20. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Long week to go Yankeelovers, anyone who starts John Lackey has a horrible team.

  21. Dave Says:

    Dan, Dan, Dan….you need to stop embarrassing yourself like this. First of all, you have three Yankees on your team. Who’s the real Yankeelover around here? Secondly, if you could read, you would see that Lackey is on my bench week. It helps to sound out the big words…. And finally, you’re so quick to trash Lackey and Dempster and praise your man crush’s Lincecum and Carpenter. If you actually did any research you would see that both Lackey and Dempster have more points within the last month then your two pitchers. Once again proving my point , that Lincecum and Carpenter are showing chinks in their armor.
    I think you may already have taken a few smacks in mouth and been tased. It would certainly explain a lot!


    Boy you GIRLS are tough this week . the 13 year old from TAMPAX FLA,……. THE KID whos mom picked the team and whos daddy is passing him notes on what to say is a JOY to read. I guess its a family thing. THE ADAMS FAMILY.. NOW the ADAMS FAMILY pulled off some great trades early and we just watched .. good job MOM and DAD. Now the Yankeehater guy CAN READ so he has the edge going in to the all star break.. he has gone trading and hunting and picked up some ringers . THE ODDS here at Good Looking Central . ARE put your MONEY ON the Yankkee hater guy .. AN DAN AND THE FAMILY SHOULD GO TO THE BEACH FOR A WEEEEEEK AND ACT NORMAl.. (well try anyway ADAMS GANG) ONE LAST COMMENT A FEW YEARS AGO CHIP PULASKI WAS TWO PEOPLE.. ARE MIKE AND DAN ONE IN THE SAME ??????????? IS CHIP PULASKIS CLONE back ? ……………………….HAHAHA THE SHADOW KNOWS…………..

  23. ST PETE PAUL Says:


  24. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ok lets get to a few things here. Number one I dont wanna hear anything from the BostonBadboys. I crushed your team twice and once i cracked 400 on you. Your team sucks ass. Stop talking

    Second, I never claimed to hate Yankees. They help you win fantasy games. It helps that I have the 3 best Yankees.

    Third, I think the whole season would matter more than a month wouldnt you? Ask your precious Red Sox if one month matters? Their April would have doomed them, but its about a whole season, and thus the Red Sox are contenders. From here out, if you say you would take Lackey and Dempster over Lincecum and Carpenter, then you should quit playing fantasy baseball, because you obviously suck at it.

    Fourth, I never praised Lincecum and Carpenter, I only defended them after you bashed them. Lincecum and Carpenter are two of the best pitchers in baseball, and they had a few bad starts. It happens.

    Its a long week, its far from over, alot of things can happen.

  25. Dave Says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzz……. Will someone please wake me up when Dan makes the playoffs? I figured since he’s the self proclaimed Fantasy expert he must have made the playoffs before.. right?? WRONG!

    This is man’s game Dan, and you are clearly overmatched.

  26. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Says who? My record is better than yours and I have 500 more points scored. I think my team is doing fine.

    Dave is bringing out the big guns huh? Insulting my intellegence and my manhood, I am a man, and a smart one at that.

  27. Dave Says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you misspelled intelligence when your defending how intelligent you are.

  28. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im all for trash talking and having fun playing fantasy baseball, but when you start throwing personal attacks at me I think it crosses a line.

  29. Dave Says:

    Practice what you preach Dan.

  30. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    If you can find where I attacked you personally be my guest.

  31. Dave Says:

    Five minutes ago you told my dad that “his team sucks ass” and for him to quit talking.

  32. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    It was a joke. I was talking about his team, I didnt call him stupid or imply he cant read.

  33. Dave Says:

    Cool.. How about we just let our teams do the talking, and get back to having fun?

    I’m still gonna beat you, though. :)

  34. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im sorry to the BBB, my comment WAS out of line, and I apologize. I know you were just having fun.

    And that sounds good to me, I still think I have a good shot to win. King Felixs blown win was a big blow, and I didnt expect Vazquez to pitch as well as he did. It helped Rivera got the save on his win.

    I think a big wild card in our matchup is Tim Lincecum, like you said, hes been struggling badly, so it should be interesting to see which timmy shows up. Matt Garzas second start should be interesting as well. I count on a bounce back performance.

    Im surprised your not at the game tonight, did you go last night?

  35. Dave Says:

    Good analysis Dan. The problem I’m having is that I enjoy watching Garza struggle too much, which isn’t conducive to him being on my team. I think their is something wrong with Lincecum. He hasn’t looked like this is three years.
    I wish I went to the game, but I’m coming off a 48 hour stretch at the fire dept. so I’ll be watching the game from thefoulline headquarters.
    Here’s hoping the Sox bullpen doesn’t implode again.

  36. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    You were right, I have been having HUGE second thoughts about the Lincecum and Braun trade, you hit a nerve with that one. I hope he bounces back, he says he figured out whats wrong, and his velocity hit 95 in his last start. I dont know, I have no choice but to go with him every week.

    I gotta be honest, I have no idea who the starting pitcher is tonight for the Red Sox. Im hoping thats a good thing. I think Francona leaving Dice K in as long as he did is a sign that he doesnt really have confidence in the Sox bullpen. Daniel Bard is a man beast though.

    Hopefully these injuries dont destroy the Red Sox season, them bowing out of the race like that would suck. If the Rays are a better team, I want them to prove it, with both teams at full strength grinding it out like in 2008.

  37. Dave Says:

    Great teams find a way to win right? Although I don’t think the sox are quite there, it is impressive to see them hanging around the top of the AL East with a lineup missing: Beckett, Buchholz, Pedroia, Ellsbury, V-mart, Varitek, Lowell…
    I’m sure Theo Epstein didn’t draw his lineup card in Spring Training featuring Daniel Nava, Bill Hall, Darnell McDonald, Kevin cash, Felix Doubrant,… Although it does give me some faith in the Red six farm system. No excuses. Just win !

  38. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Very Impressive. I kinda envy your situation, great players are out, but the team is playing its butt off and players are finding ways to get the job done. The Rays ARE at full strength, and they were just playing like crap, and players desprate for a chance in the minors have to watch BJ Upton jog after balls, then yell at the team leader when he calls him out. I could do with some minor league players coming up and trying hard, maybe it will spark the talented guys.



    THE CRAP THROWN AROUND ON THIS SITE … MAKES FOR FUNNY BUT NOT SERIOUS READING thanks ps no ones feeling are hurt its called RAG TIME ….YOU GOTTA LOVE IT PS dan u suck.. we are even ;] bbb

  40. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Believe me after the injuries I suffered last year, I know all about the trials of the injury bug. It sucks.

  41. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Nice call BBB, I had a big injury just minutes after you said that.

  42. Dave Says:

    Well, this game just got a helluva lot closer

  43. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dont underestimate me Dave, I have 4 aces who could throw for 30 points any given start and jump me right back into it.

  44. Dave Says:

    Great job jinxing yourself again Dan! Thanks

  45. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Josh Johnson and Tim Lincecum going today. Tonight could be a big turning point in the week.

  46. Dave Says:

    This might go down as the Game of the year Dan. Your closers can stop with the Saves anytime now!

  47. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Felix Hernadez vs Javier Vazquez on sunday could be the deciding point. I like my chances there. Boy I could sure use those extra two starts from Peavy lol

  48. guest 88 Says:

    bill buckner….the guy who missed the grounder…. AND IT GETS BY BUCKNER!!!!!!!……

  49. Dave Says:

    This weeks game has taken a year off my life. Regardless who wins, it’s been a fun week!

  50. guest 88 Says:

    Yes yes is has.

  51. guest 88 Says:


  52. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yes it was a crazy week indeed.

  53. Dave Says:

    Good game Dan!

  54. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yes, It was. If 381 points arent good enough so be it.

  55. Dave Says:

    Don’t get too down on yourself Dan. Whipping your ass is what I do…

    Just kidding… sorta.

    Let’s meet again in the playoffs.

  56. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ill see you there, and this time im going to win.

  57. Dave Says:

    As long as you start Peavy, I’ll be ok…

  58. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Low blow, Low Blow. Im sure you can add quite well. If Tim Hudson starts and Jake Peavy sits, Rays Those Cowbells wins 402 to 401. Brutal

  59. Dave Says:

    It comes down to lineup management. It’s what separates the good GM’s from the great GM’s.

  60. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh god I cant wait to play you again.

  61. Dave Says:

    Same here… I’d have a perfect record if I played the RTC’s every week.

    It definitely makes for an exciting week, when the games are so close.

  62. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh you would have a perfect record if you played me every week huh?

  63. Dave Says:

    I’m just messing with you Dan… It was a great game.
    Good luck next week!

  64. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I know I know. Beat LTZ for me next week would you?

  65. Dave Says:

    I’ll try… Take out the Redrays for me

  66. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ill try, Maybe with the short week I wont have a pitcher pop 50+ on me. Sure would be nice


    HEY .. YANKEE HATERS NICE FRICKEN WIN,,,,,,,,,,,,HOPE YOU BET MONEY WITH THE COW BELL BOY……….DING DONG .(did his mom call frm MONS VENUS and yell at you? No lap dance for you : })!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Leave it to Joe Girardi to cost the AL the game. What in the world is the inexperienced Phil Hughes doing pitching the 7th inning in a one run game? Am I the only one that noticed the NL saved Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain for the later important innings? But no, Joltin Joe here burned all the ALs best pitchers early. How much different would the inning have been with Justin Verlander on the mound? Or Cliff Lee? Or Jon Lester? The NLs pitching was far better than the ALs, so it was crucial the AL pitching was managed properly. It was not.

    And Ortiz is just sad. Even if you have to hold up on the fly ball, unless your in a wheelchair, you should not be thrown out and 2nd base. The play was huge, with two on and one out even if Kinsler is retired, A Rod bats with two men on. Instead he didnt even get to hit.

    The AL lost a very winnable game tonight.

  69. sad american leaguer Says:

    Dan I agree with you.. The american league coaching SUCKED close game stealing second and over running it ?come on thats little league shit.. AND TORI HUNTER his last at bat looked like he was bored the prick never dug in and paided attention . swung at a pitch way out side dumb ass .. AND YOU ARE RIGHT . SAVE SOME EXCELLENT PITCHING TO THE END.. Should have had a runner for BIG POOPIE ALSO.. AS WE USED TO SAY IN BOSTON WHAT TILL NEXT YEAR..

  70. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Team Yankeehaters got screwed over. K rod should have taken the loss but a blown call helped him get the win and Brian Wilson the loss. Now rain in chicago is the only way you can win. I feel for ya, i was rootin for ya to take down LTZ.

  71. Dave Says:

    Thanks Dan, but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. I still have the hot hitting Ryan Howard and Halladay is due for a bad game. Don’t count the Yankeehaters out just yet.

  72. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Wow. You did it. You actually did it. If it was me he would have popped 30 on me, great win.

  73. Dave Says:

    Thanks…I’ll take it!

  74. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Just remember, thats two weeks in a row you escaped!

  75. Dave Says:

    I’ll admit that this week…last week was meant to be. It’s time to face reality Dan, the Fantasy Baseball gods want me to win.

  76. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The Boston Braves and the Love Boat Captains would seem to think otherwise.

  77. Dan The #1 Buccaneers Says:

    That special time of year is almost upon us, the time of year where the pigskin is flying and the leaves are turning brown. Football season! And with football season, comes fantasy football. You gonna try and redeem yourself this year Dave?

  78. Dan The #1 Buccaneers Fan Says:

    If your interested in joining my league, its called The Super Awesome Football League. The draft is saturday August 28th at 1PM.

    Its a private league, the password is Oreos.

  79. Dan The #1 Buccaneers Fan Says:

    Your the 10th overall pick in the draft Dave, hope you can make it tomorrow!

  80. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    If I may be serious for a brief moment.

    Hey Dave, I just wanted to say that im sorry your team missed out on the playoffs this year. The 2008 season was the most fun I have ever had as a sports fan, and I have your team to thank for that. I have an unquestioned amount of respect for the Boston Red Sox and their commitment to winning, winning the right way. We may be rivals as fans, but I respect you as a baseball fan and your diehard commitment to the Red Sox and the game itself.

    I hope you can find a way to support our team during the playoffs, it would mean alot to the community if the Rays could take home a championship, but I understand if you cant do it. We share a common bond in our hatred of the Yankees, the most evil team in sports.

    Ill be rooting for you this weekend.

    Dan “The postseason just wont be as much fun without the Boston Red Sox” Mckewen

  81. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You ready Dave??? GAME 5!!! GET BEHIND YOUR RAYS!!!!!!!!!! MORE COWBELL!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Dave Says:

    It’s never gonna happen Dan. Go Rangers! Go Phillies!

  83. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ill tell you what will happen, Rays are going to the ALCS!!!!! Deal with it!!!!!!!!!

  84. Dave Says:

    I think you misunderstood me Dan. They may win, but there is no way in hell that I’m going to cheer for them. Go Rangers!

  85. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I hope you realize it just makes it all the more sweet when they win when everyone roots against them.

  86. BUSMANPOP Says:

    HEY 2 MONTHS GIRLS AND BOYS AN ITS BASE A BALL …. ARE THE MAC AND CHEESE FAMILY GOING TO SIGN ON THIS YEAR.?……I ASKED TOM FROM TAMPA WHAT DAN THE RAYS KID LOOKED LIKE HE SAID : a short fat kid with bad skin and real short hair he walks around with a baseball glove strapped to his belt ……the GLOVE IS BRIGHT RED….and Dave going to talk to GINGER and ask her to take it easy on us guys this year…SHE is going to play fantasy with one hand tied behind her back..THANKS GINGER:} Well I am going to my files and start mock drafts till the season starts ONE LAST COMMENT….THE GREEN BAY PACKERS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL………………….PS DAVE MAC GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SIGN ON WE NEEED OLD FOLKERS……. BOSTON …… BAD BOYS # 1

  87. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I agree. Ginger is like the Lakers. Going for a threepeat. Hopefully she makes a mistake or two this year. I doubt it….

  88. DAN THE #1RAYS FAN Says:


  89. Dave Says:

    He’s all yours Dan… Is mike playing again this year?

  90. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yea he told me he wants too. And he said this year will be different, no auto draft. He pretty much told me hes gonna take the league over.



  92. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    All I know is this year im on a mission. I will not falter down the stretch again! 3rd time is the charm.

  93. Dave Says:

    6 weeks until our Fantasy baseball draft… Who ‘s in?

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Well im in. And Mike wants revenge this year. But my friend Allan wants to play too. He won his league last year and said hes tired of destroying rookies. This guy is the only guy who trades more than you Dave. Every week hes trying to flip some crazy blockbuster. If theres room, he said he would love to play. He said you would probably be afraid though, so he understands.

  95. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    That post was from me, but you probably already figured that out.

  96. Dave Says:

    Lol.. I made Allen my bitch in Fantasy football, I’ll make him my bitch in baseball too. Let me double check and see who we have returning and I’ll let you know.

  97. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Lol sounds good, good luck to ya. You still have to get by me!

    Dan’s first 2011 MLB Power Rankings:

    1) Phillies
    2) Red Sox
    3) Giants
    4) Twins
    5) Reds
    6) Yankees
    7) White Sox
    8) Brewers
    9) Rangers
    10) Rays

    Watch out for the White Sox and Brewers. The Brewers improved their rotation greatly, and with Fielder and Braun they can beat anybody. And the White Sox rotation is great, and a healthy Carlos Quentin and Adam Dunn they should score more runs. There bullpen is outstanding too.

  98. Dave Says:

    Ok boys….. Here’s who I have confirmed for our 4th season.

    Two time world champion Love Boat Captains
    Red rays
    Chef dick
    The Haitian hammer
    Rays those cowbells
    Boston badboys
    Unsportsman mike
    Team one

    Dave mc? Alan ? LTZ?

    First one to reply to this post is in.

  99. Allan Says:


  100. Dave Says:

    Awesome! Welcome to the league.

    The commissioner, Ginger from the LBC’s will set up a date for the draft. I anticipate it will be in approximately 1 month. Please let me know if there are certain days or times that are better for you. No one wants to use the damn autodraft.

  101. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Hey Dave are there any days and times that are early favorites for the draft?

  102. Dave Says:

    Thursday night has been requested.

  103. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im fine with thursday. What about Sundays?

  104. allan Says:

    well thursday is no big deal I just need a few days notice so I cant take a personal day off work. thanks for letting me in the league.

  105. Dave Says:

    Anytime works for me. I’ll ask around.
    I went to the Rays workout today. It was great to see some baseball again. Really looking forward to our draft and baseball season

  106. allan Says:

    hell yea im really looking forward to seein my braves get better this season….fuck the phillies! great rotation tho lol

  107. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh yea? Ill bet your more excited than anyone this year. Lots of expectations for those Sox.

  108. allan Says:

    yea n sometimes expectations can drive ur team into the ground. nobody ever expected the giants of all teams to win it all so as far as being great on paper the sox win that all day but lets c how that rotation acts….cause the 2010 beckett n dice k are NOT!!! gonna win u a world series n john lackey is just awful lol

  109. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Hey im on your side. I would love to see the Sox crash and burn. But Beckett wont be that bad again. They made the bullpen stronger and there healthy. One thing about Boston is I wonder how they will do against left handed pitching like David Price and CC Sabathia. Crawford doesnt hit lefties well, and his OBP is too low for a hitter who relies that much on speed. The green monster will cancel out alot of his defense in left field as well.

  110. allan Says:

    I think crawford is gonna have a slow start this season. playing in a new town n new team can sometime put a delay on ur bat. nervousness as well trying to impress the new squad.

  111. allan Says:

    hey dan im trying to think of a new fantasy baseball name im thinkin of going with “HANK ALLAN” lol what you think?

  112. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im curious to see how he does in Boston. Its different from Tampa Bay in so many ways, the only baseball place he has ever known. Way more pressure up there, he may squeeze the bat a little tighter. And if your gonna do a fantasy baseball name it should be Dwayne Allan lol

  113. Dave Says:

    I was wondering when the Crawford back lash was gonna start. He was the Rays best player for the past 5 years, as well as a huge pain in the ass to the Red Sox. Its a double win for Boston. If he hits .290, 45 steals, 110 runs scored, 80 rbi’s that’s a valuable season. He’s a very good player- overpaid, but still very good. I love the signing!
    And every time Johnny Damon weak arms a throw from left field….you’re really gonna miss Crawford.

  114. Dave Says:

    Welcome to the league Allan! Come see me when you want a fair trade…. Stay away from Dan- he’ll try to steal the teeth out of your head. He drives a hard bargain. Lol

  115. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ever seen Crawfords arm? Not much difference I assure you lol. Boston one upped Tampa Bay. Theres no doubt about that. But you know the old saying, if you cant beat em, buy em.

  116. Dave Says:

    I cant believe you’re comparing Damon and Crawford! You must really hate Crawford.
    How’s Manny gonna work out this year? Any chance of topping his 9 home runs from last year?

  117. allan Says:

    lol. yea bro im a trading machine especially in baseball. its so much easier than fantasy football not as much of a risk. every time crawford hits a fly ball n it hits the top of the green monster thats basically an easy triple lol.

  118. allan Says:

    yall did kinda overpay for crawford tho cause when he starts losing those legs what do u really got?

  119. Dave Says:

    It’s not my money. He stays in great shape and is a workout machine. I’m guessing he’ll be fine. We shall see

  120. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I didnt compare Damon and Crawford. What I said was Damon and Crawford have very similiar arms. Trust me. And I dont hate Crawford. But you seem to have no love for Damon and Manny, two of the biggest reasons there are any trophies in Boston since World War 1. Shame on you Dave, so ungrateful. Manny and Damon are good signings for cheap. If it works out, great. If not, cut em. Wont matter. Its not 16 million dollars like Pat Burrell.

  121. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    And yes Dave, Allan is the only fantasy baseball player i have ever met who trades more than you. Really lol

  122. Dave Says:

    Manny and Damon can kiss my ass! One is a money grubbing whore steroid user who forced his his way out of Boston by faking knee injuries. The other is a adulterating, money grubbing piece of shit, that without a doubt has the worst arm in all of baseball. Good luck with those two.
    Absolutely no character. Im not ungrateful…those two showed their true colors. Good riddance.

  123. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    If your throwing those two back, throw back them world series trophies as well. Just like baseball. Its ok for Mark Mcguire and Sammy Sosa to juice to high heaven in 1998 when they saved baseball from the black high of the 1994 strike, but when people start getting upset all of a sudden those two are casted out and forgotten. Baseball was screwed without them. But did they have there back? No chance

  124. Dave Says:

    Those guys can kiss my ass too. They cheated. I’d rather see a guy hit 35 home runs legit, then those juicers hitting 70. They weren’t trying to save baseball, they did it for their own gain and that’s it.

  125. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Of course. I hate steroid users. They should be banned from baseball forever. And they were not trying to save baseball in the slightest.

    But the fact is, they did. And baseball went along with it as long as they were making money and everyone was happy. When things went downhill, they dumped them. Thats what I had a problem with.

  126. Dave Says:

    What choice did MLB have? These guys were exposed, MLB sure as hell can’t endorse them

  127. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The MLB should have put a stop to it 13 years ago, or they should have went down with them. Bud Selig should have lost his job. Steroids running wild? Over 200 million dollar contracts? Tickets prices over 1000 dollars some places? They are destroying baseball.

  128. Dave Says:

    All that…and it’s still the best sport in the world. ( in my eyes, anyway)

  129. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I agree. But if Pujols gets his 300 million, and the next guy gets 305, and so on, it wont be that way for long.

  130. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    But on a more cheery note, if you think the Rays are bad for signing Manny and Damon, look how funny the Yankees are. Bartolo Colon? MARK PRIOR? Thats just funny.

  131. allan Says:

    I think for the common baseball fan steroids are the worst thing in the world because it destroys the sport they love but at the same time steroids have kinda helped baseball. before sosa ,mcguire n bonds were juicing up ppl were walking away from watching the game because it was getting boring. people love big hitting n homeruns! it attracts ppl left and right especially when a record is about to be broken. im not saying its right but its true. only true fan can appreciate a great pitchers duel when u get a guy who only watches games here and there they love the jacks n high scores. n yes this 200+ million dollar crap is insane cause now its brought out the worst in who I use to look at as bein a good person and also having a great personality (albert pujols). if you stop this high price shit we can just have a sport n stop with all the holdouts.

  132. allan Says:

    well the yankees are just basically giving those guys a tryout by signing them they dont expect much out o them but the rays are signing damon n manny to help keep the franchise where its been 2 out of the past 3 years.

  133. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The Rays success this year will depend much more on Reid Brignace, Matt Joyce, Jeremey Hellickson, Sean Rodriguez and Desmond Jennings than Manny and Damon. If those young players step up, the Rays can compete. If none of them do and BJ Upton keeps playing like BJ Upton, they have no shot. The Rays still have the best rotation in the AL East.

  134. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    And I agree. Baseball saw the fans liked the jacks and homers, and sat back and did nothing. Steroids to a real baseball fan are a disgrace.

  135. Dave Says:

    Price is a very good pitcher, Hellickson looked great in his limited action last year-still a rookie, Shields sucks, Niemann I actually like a lot- might be the ugliest dude in baseball. I saw him up close today- dude looks like Bigfoot in the Harry and the Hendersons movie, and Wade Davis as their 5th, is consistently inconsistent. I think this rotation is gonna regress. The scary part as a Rays fan is that, these guys need to get to the 8th inning every night, because the bullpen is a MESS! Please tell me that they aren’t serious about having Kyle farnsworth close.

  136. allan Says:

    well jennings basically got set back with this manny n damon signing from what I hear because with damon going to left theres no room for him so im hearing he wont get call up till the 2nd half of the season.

  137. allan Says:

    from what im hearing upton and shields r gonna be traded by the all star break. yea that bullpe got raped this offseason lol holy shit ive never seen such a good team disband so quikly shits insane.

  138. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Wade Davis never lost a game all year after July. Not making that stat up. Couldnt be more excited about Davis. And you underestimate our front office. Alot of the guys in our dominant bullpen last year nobody had ever heard of either. We pull bullpen arms like magic. Its what we do. Because our GM is top 3 in baseball. Maybe number one, considering his resources. The Rays will be fine this year. We’ll compete every night.

  139. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    And if I remember correctly Dave, last season around this time, your exact words were “Please tell me they arent serious about having Rafael Soriano close”. “Wake me when they get a real closer”.

  140. Dave Says:

    Breaking News! Ginger and I are at the Rays spring training workout. Jeremy Hellickson was just pulled off the field after suffering a leg injury. You heard it here first.

    Side note: This place is a ghost town.

  141. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well yea, how many people are gonna go to a pre spring training workout with just pitchers and catchers? lol

  142. Dave Says:

    I think those people are called True fans.

  143. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh so your a true Rays fan? Good to know Dave. Good to know. Glad to hear you finally saw the light and stopped rooting for evil big market clubs.

  144. Dave Says:

    I went there just to jinx the Rays. It obviously worked. Just ask Jeremy Hellickson.

  145. allan Says:

    lmao. hey dave can u stop by the phillies spring training for me in clearwater? I wouldnt mind hearing about 1 of there good pitchers getting hurt. lol

  146. Dave Says:

    No way Allan.. Sorry to tell you this, but the Phillies are my second favorite team

  147. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    So Dave is a Red Sox fan and then he likes the Phillies as his second favorite team? Well Allan, its official. Dave is the most evil bastard on the face of the earth lol

  148. Dave Says:

    You left out one important detail Dan…. I’m gonna kick both of your asses in fantasy baseball this year too. Is that strike 3?

  149. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im much more wary of your wife then you Dave. Getting past you should be a cakewalk.

  150. Dave Says:


  151. Dave Says:

    Because it’s been so easy for you the last two seasons?

  152. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ill admit you got the better of me the last two years. But this season, I have been preparing much more than ever before. The last two seasons I missed the playoffs by one game. Both times. This season I assure you it will not happen again.

  153. allan Says:

    yea dan an evil bastard he is lol. im actually a 2010 fantasy baseball champ so im coming for ur leagues title next buddy so look out cause im no push around.

  154. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Allan does have one more fantasy championship than both of us Dave.

  155. allan Says:

    yes sir

  156. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    But 2011 is the year of Rays Those Cowbells.

  157. allan Says:

    bro ur a proven choker in all aspects of fantasy lmao

  158. allan Says:

    ur the bill buckner of fantasy sports lmao

  159. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Hey!! Just because my players get injured every year doesnt make me a choker!! Just because I have entered the final two games in thefoulline league both years with a one game lead for a playoff spot, only to have my team fall apart, lose its final two games, and miss the playoffs by one game, that doesnt make me a choker!! Just because that happened two years in a row doesnt make a choker! lol

  160. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ask Dave. Im not making that up either. Both years I had a lead for a playoff spot. Just had to win one of my final two to get in, and both years I lost both games and missed the playoffs by a game. The first year team Yankeehaters rallied on sunday afternoon to beat me and keep me out the playoffs. My ace, Tim Lincecum, threw a -12 on his last start of the season. I know Dave remembers. Sad times for me. But its gonna be different this year!

  161. Dave Says:

    Thats Fantasy baseball for you! I’m not sure if you remember my 1-8 start from last year, due to injuries, under performing players etc… But I still made the adjustments and rallied to make the playoffs…again.
    I’ve been telling you for two seasons Dan…good teams find a way to win.
    This is a tough league.

  162. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I build good teams. My players just need to perform. Your ace going for -12 in your most important game of the year is out of your control.

  163. allan Says:

    well I cant wait to kick both of ur asses this season…multiple times lol. I hope we dont all end up in the same division lol

  164. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Hey I dont care if im in the same division as you too, but damnit dont put me in the division with the Love Boat Captains, because thats a playoff spot already taken. lol. And I won the first game against Dave, but he has beat me 4 straight times. I intend to reverse my 1-4 record against the Yankeehaters.

  165. allan Says:

    hey dan my fantasy baseball name is gonna be PHUCK FILLY

  166. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Lol I thought you hated Buck Foston?

  167. allan Says:

    buck foston just sounds gay. phuck filly makes more sense. its pronounced the same way just a switch of some letters

  168. allan Says:

    is anybody as jacked as I am for the daytona 500??? lmao

  169. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Of course. Its the Daytona 500!! Dale Jr!! lol

  170. allan Says:

    remember to hold up your 3 fingers on the 3rd lap lol

  171. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You know I will. lol

  172. allan Says:

    well guy no adam wainwright for the 2011 season maybe even longer.

  173. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its just really unfortunate for fantasy owners. Oh yea and the cards lol

  174. allan Says:

    especially for keeper leagues lol. oh yea if u have already done ur draft u must be a dumbass. who the hell would do mthere draft in february??? anything can happen look at upton getting drilled in the ribs by a pitch its that easy

  175. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I like to do my draft as late as possible. Just so this doesnt happen. Look at Joe Nathan last year, and Aaron Rodgers brother this year lol.

  176. allan Says:

    exactly…maybe rodgers can slide into his place…..dun dun dun!!!!!

  177. Dave Says:

    Dan and Allen please email me your email addresses @ dave@thefoulline.com I have draft date and league information.

  178. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ok will do

  179. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Just a thought, but what happened to the rest of thefoulliners? All we hear from now is Dave and his dad. What happened to Dylan? We havent heard from him in like 2 years. Where’s Matt Mc? He used to post all the time and was big time into the fantasy league. He was even the commish at one point. Now we never hear from him.

  180. Dave Says:

    I take blame for that… I haven’t posted any thing in a year. I’m working on a few things to get more baseball discussion going.

  181. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The most important thing Dave is you must realize you cant blame yourself. Then the healing can start, Then the healing can start….. lol

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