I’m So Excited

I have never been more excited for a baseball season to begin.

After suffering through a tumultuous 2010 season, filled with injuries and unfulfilled expectations, the offseason for the Boston Red Sox has been just what the doctor ordered. Boston made the two biggest splashes of the year by trading their top prospects for Adrian Gonzalez and his perfectly-suited-for-Fenway Park swing, and signing Red Sox-killer Carl Crawford to a ridiculous 7-year contract.

I absolutely love the additions. These are two high-character hard workers that make Boston a lot more exciting. The reality about the 2010 Sox was that they were a bit boring to watch. Players grinding out at bats is productive, but I want to see the shock and awe of Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury stealing bases, coupled with Gonzalez, Youkilis and Big Papi knocking bombs.

I couldn’t care less that Boston is shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars in player salaries. I just bought a Red Sox hat that cost 35 bucks, and I’m happy to see the Boston owners putting it back into the team. And I don’t buy that they’re starting to resemble the Yankees, who think they can buy a World Series. Pedroia, Youkilis, Lester, Buchholz, and Ellsbury are all homegrown and are still the heart of this team.

There has been a ton of speculation on what the new and improved batting order is going to be. Is Ellsbury leading off? Is the lineup too left handed? Where should Crawford hit? What a great problem to have. They could put all nine names into a hat and pull them out in any order and still win 90 games. David Ortiz is leading off? Whatever.

Of course, Terry Francona is a lot smarter than I am, and he has a ton of lineup options depending on the opposing pitcher. But, if it were up to me, here’s what I’d do.

  1. Ellsbury
  2. Pedroia
  3. Crawford
  4. Gonzalez
  5. Youkilis
  6. Ortiz
  7. Drew
  8. Saltalamacchia
  9. Scutaro

I’ll put this lineup up against anyone. Patience, speed, and power throughout. Is this a 95+ wins team positioned for a playoff run?¬†As long as they stay healthy, I’m pretty confident that it is.

The 2011 baseball season starts in 30 days… I guess we’ll start answering some of these questions then.

80 Responses to “I’m So Excited”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I tried my hardest to think of a better batting order, I really did. But this is perfection. The power of Papi in the 6 hole would be a scary sight for many a defense.

  2. Dave Says:

    Dylan!! Is that you??

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Indeed it is. I’ve crawled out from under a rock I was hiding beneath during the 2010 season, I heard it was bad. Apparently a lot has happened when I was under that rock. Crawford plays for Boston now and Tampa Bay is trying to sign “Anyone whom the Red Sox have retired their number”. Well, should be a hell of year. Play Ball!!

  4. Dave Says:

    My man! The triumphant return of Dylan to thefoulline. Just like old times.


    hey you geeks I checked my WEEGEE BOARD an it agrees with the commmish.. YA an I did sign up thank you GINGER .. i CAN HARDLY WAIT TO START KICKING ASS (ha) PS HEY DYLAN YOU EAT IT :) GOING ON FACEBOOOK THIS WEEK I THINK.

  6. allan Says:

    F**** BOSTON LOL

  7. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Putting my often expressed hatred of the Boston Red Sox aside, this team is loaded. Im nitpicking to try and find a weakness in this team, and trust me, I have tried. I may have finally come across something, but it might not even be real.

    Can that lineup hit left handed pitching? Its pretty lefty heavy, and if the Sox and Phillies meet in the WS, which seems to the popular choice, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee could cause problems. Not to mention AL stud lefties CC Sabathia, David Price, and Francisco Liriano.

    Its good to you see you back Dylan, Dave one of these Rays and Red Sox games we should have a thefoulline.com chat night, like game 7 of the 2008 ALCS. That was fun times.

    Dan “Sorry Dave, but when you shell out 2 contracts over 140 million in back to back offseasons, your like the Yankees” Mckewen

  8. Dave Says:

    Thanks for contributing guys! You posed a good question Dan, can the Red sox lineup hit the stud lefties of the AL? Sabathia, Price, Liriano… my answer is; Can anyone?
    As for who the Sox are gonna meet in the World Series? Let’s cross that bridge after 162 games.

  9. allan Says:

    you know the old saying “if ya got it flont it” sometime u gotta shell out those insane cntrats to land great players. nobody is breaking any rules by spending. we’re in the day and age of sports if u dont spend money u will eventually hit the ground…and hard!….what the rays have done these past 2 out of 3 years was great and all but in the ed when these young players that get developed on teams that cant afford to shell out money to them they eventally walk. hell evan longoria and david price wont make it to anonther contract with tampa bay and if nybody wants to take some bets im down lol. evan longoria is arguably the best 3rd baseman in mlb n he’s missing out on about 60 million dollars thruout this extention he signed. if ur a player wouldnt u wana go to a team thats willing to spend money? not only for urself but for everybody on that team its shows how determined that organization is invested to winning. LETS GET REAL THE ONLY FANS THAT COMPLAIN ABOUT “OVER SPENDING” R SMALL MARKET TEAMS THAT CANT OVER SPEND THEM SELVES.

  10. Dave Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Allan! You gotta spend money to put a quality product on the field. Small market teams need to deal with it.
    I can’t wait to see Longoria and Price in a Red Sox uniform in a few years.

  11. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Organazations never used to need to spend like this. Baseball used to be about quality players and quality organazations. Baseball has now become who has the biggest wallet and who is on ESPN the most. You think baseball is gonna be happy when small market teams fans stop “Dealing with it” and walk out on the game because of this insane garbage? When does it end? When Pujols gets 300? When the next guy gets 305? Who is baseball’s first billion dollar player? Competive balance in baseball is a must. If they dont put a cap on this now, (pun intended), it will destroy the game. The current system is a joke. Baseball is the only sport with these insane contracts, and the only sport without a decent grip on its spending.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    And is it some odd coincidence that the major players in the money game of signing the big name players for even bigger contracts are the teams that have a developed fan base? If I’m Longo I’m asking myself two questions: 1. Why can’t I ever tip someone when I play golf, I make a very comfortable living but for some reason can’t afford to throw the starter at any golf course a tip, why is that? 2. If I’m now in the talks of being the best at 3rd in the league, why am I settling for a team that has the fan base of nearby Tampa’s Plant’s HS football program, maybe less…..If I’m Longo, I want to be in a major market, and I want a fan base. This is where fans have a responsibility to support their team.If you want to keep your team TB, go to games!!!! Just my two cents………..As for if the Sox can hit left hand pitching? I’m not sure, but maybe a better question is, can an opposing offense hit our pitching enough to beat us on our “off” nights against the left hand studs of the league? My humble opinion of course…
    Dylan “I still hate the Perkins Trade Mr. Ainge” Hamilton

  13. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its so easy to say, “Spend the money”. The Yankees and Red Sox have been around for 100 years. Dave’s grandparents watched the Red Sox play. The Rays have been around for 13 years. Expecting them to draw like the Red Sox and Yankees is asinine. Everybody knocks the Rays for their attendence, everyone in this area are transplants from the northeast who eat our food, go to our beaches, go to our theme parks, but wont support the local team. They are free to like whoever they want, but the point is the money just isnt their for Tampa Bay to spend. Nor is it their for other teams to spend. Oh about 24 of the 30 teams. Baseball owes those 24 teams a fair enviorment to have a chance for succsess. All these teams play when they are almost doomed to fail. Lets play with only 6 teams, like the 1880s.

    Dan “Oh for the days when the game I love used to be about balls and strikes, not pennies and cents” Mckewen

  14. Dave Says:

    Baseball is fine the way it is. If these teams were buying WS titles, it would the Sox, Yankees, or phillies every year. But, it’s not. There has been one team that’s won more the one world series title in the last ten years ( Boston).
    That’s what makes it great, you can spend a billion dollars on players, but you still have to play the games. Nostradamus couldn’t have predicted a Giants/ Rangers world series last year.
    Side note: my daughters first grade teacher ran into Manny Ramirez at publix this morning. Manny was cool enough to pose for a picture… and when her teacher was leaving the store, Man-ram was waiting outside with an autographed bat for her 3 year old son. Pretty classy move.

    I agree with you Dylan.. Why would they trade Perkins? They now have no one to clog up the middle.

  15. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Baseball will never have a salary cap, because the players would riot if they only made 90 million instead of 100, so im wasting my time anyway. Baseball is a great sport, but it could be better with competive balance.

    Dan “I would hate to be a Pirates, Royals of A’s fan” Mckewen

  16. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Anywho, here is a fun trivia question. Lets see if anyone can get it without googling it. I heard it on the radio this morning.

    Who is the only team in all of pro sports to win a championship every single time they made the playoffs in their history?

    (Hint, they have won more than one championship)

  17. Dave Says:

    Toronto blue jays?

  18. allan Says:

    poor mitch williams lol

  19. Dave Says:

    Was I right? I still havent looked it up.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aK-UjR3Oj4 Dedicated to all the teams out that can’t buy WS rings yet.

    Celtics side note, I understand the Celtics when they said they have won all season so far without Perkins, so why keep an injured-ish guy all year. I get that. But, the C’s lost the championship last year to a lesser Lakers team because the lack of strength in the paint on defense. If they get beat in the post I’ll feel bad for the Celtics front office, of course, who wanted Nomar traded?!

    Dylan “Money Changes Everything” Hamilton

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Dan, I’m stumped on that question. Has Tiger ever lost in a playoff??

  22. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Sorry it took so long guys busy day. I know you will all kick yourselves when you hear because you all know it. Dave that was a great guess, but the Jays lost the 1985 and 1989 ALCS so they have lost in the playoffs. The only team in all of pro sports to win a championship in every single playoff appearance they ever made is……

    THE FLORIDA MARLINS!! Who made the playoffs twice in their franchise history, 1997 and 2003, winning the WS both times. Only team in all of sports to do that. They are also the only team in all of sports to have won a championship, but never a division title of any kind, losing the NL East to the Braves both years (lol sorry Allan)

  23. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh and sorry to tell you Dave, but Allan gets the bragging rights today, with the Braves 6-1 win over the Red Sox. Live it up Allan lol

  24. allan Says:

    yea!!! its only spring training…but ill take it lol

  25. allan Says:

    yea that perkins trade was kinda crazy but I dont think they were really thinking of resigning him anyways because of the injuries. he’s proved that he’s got bad knees but they got a good player in jeff green in return kids a real studd in the making

  26. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yea but the Celtics dont have time. Their old. its this year or bust. That trade IS a good trade, in 2 or 3 years. But it doesnt really help the Celtics win a title this year you know?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    well what the celtics are trying to do is win but they are also trying to get a little younger so they can stay on top. they already have a good point guard in rondo now they have a good small forward in jeff green plus they just got a few draft picks. the celtics went on to become the best team in the east for pretty much the entire 1st half of the season without perkins n I think they feel they can win it without him. they slapped the heat around 3 times this season and perkins only played in the 3rd meeting so im sure things will work out. if u know anything about there championship team from a few years ago not only were they good in the paint but they have an amazing bench full of nice 3 point shooters n mid range as well n thats something they lacked last season in the loss to L.A in the finals.

  28. Dave Says:

    Hello!?!?!?? This is baseball site…. Enough of the basketball talk,you frickin nerds!

  29. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    This is a baseball site that is true lol. So on baseball, I dont think I ever asked you this Dave, but did you believe in the curse? Dylan how about you?

  30. Dave Says:

    I absolutely believed in the curse! You need to see it from my perspective… In 1986 I was 12 years old, game 6 red sox on the verge of winning the WS, and then Buckner does his thing. Then in 2003, game 7 Yankee Stadium and Aaron “^%#^^” Boone jacks the longest homerun of his life.
    Strange things were going on. Curse? It’s as good a reason as any.

  31. allan Says:

    from what im hearing if the cardinals are out of contention by the all star break they will most likely trade carpenter n I feel the yankees will snatch him up. with wainwright going down I see that happening

  32. allan Says:

    lmao i’ll never forget that boone jack…I was like wtf??? he’s like 120lbs lol

  33. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im not knocking you, I believed in it too. I wasnt born in 86, but I did watch game 7 of the ALCS in 03. There was more goin on than Pedro getting tired. No franchise loses that many game 7s. The Red Sox had a lead in EVERY big game they ever played. It was like fate was teasing them. Alot of people dont know that after the game 6 debacle in 1986, the Sox had a 3-0 lead over the Mets in game 7 until the 6th inning. They also had a 3-0 in game 7 in 1975, in Fenway Park. There was much more going on than the Sox losing. Somthing was up. I truly believe that.

  34. Dave Says:

    You may be right Allan…The Yankees can have Carpenter. His stuff wouldn’t translate over to the AL East…. I hope.

  35. allan Says:

    yea ive notice a difference between al and nl pitchers. when an ace moves from the nl to the al it usually goes bad but when an al pitcher moves to the nl they rape the conference lol. thats y guys like halladay and lee just scare me because they’ve dominated both side of the water. the carpenter thing is a coin flip to me but the real question is well he even be healthy by the all star break for this to matter? lol.

  36. allan Says:

    the red sox curse is a little strange but creepy at the same time. how can a franchise have that much bad luck for so long. plus you know its a curse when u lose to the mets of all teams lol

  37. Dave Says:

    Now that Boston has won two World Series… The curse can kiss my ass! Lol

  38. Anonymous Says:

    I believe(d) in the curse the same way I believe in not stepping on baselines when running off the field, not saying the word “shank” while playing golf, not walking underneath ladders, and being slightly worried when I stay on the 13th floor of a hotel. Sure, these things are all a little crazy, but you better believe I’m following them, I don’t want to know what happens If I don’t.

    Dylan” Glad my nickname thing caught on and stuck” Hamilton

  39. allan Says:

    u say the curse can kiss ur ass then breaking news a plane has crashed killing every red sox player…….damn….

  40. allan Says:


    1. PUJOLS
    3. TULO
    4. HANLEY

  41. Dave Says:

    2. Halladay
    3. Cabrera ( even if he is a drunk)
    4. Hanley
    5. Tulo
    6. Votto
    8. Longoria
    9. King Felix
    10. Lincecum

  42. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    How’s the old saying go? Your best hitter should bat 3rd. Crawford should bat 2nd, Gonzalez 3rd and Youkilis cleanup. That way Gonzalez bats in the first inning. I have seen lineup previews with Gonzalez hitting 5th. That’s ridiculous I think.

  43. allan Says:

    lol yea man I don’t care if cabrera is drunk if im in the position where I pretty much have to take him he’s mine. its funny how when your in the draft and ur in a position where u kinda have no choice to take a certain player.

  44. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im not buying Detriot this year… I saw Cabrera yesterday. He is overweight again. Nobody is talking about that for some reason, but you can cleary see it. I think the distractions and everything will lead to a really bad season in Motown. Im going ChiSox as the central division champs, and Im really not too hot on Miggy in round one this year. You guys can have him. I could regret that, but you gotta go with your gut right?

  45. allan Says:

    if my gut passed on 30+ hr’s n 100+ rbi i’d stick a knife in it lol hell look at babe ruth he was the biggest drunk of them all. from what I here miggy was drinkin a 5th of jim beam b4 each game lol

  46. allan Says:

    miggy is 1 of those guys u just dont question. its not like ur drafting him to be a base stealer

  47. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Babe Ruth had terrible seasons when his drinking became a problem. Including his famous “bellyache” of 1925. Im not saying Miggy wont have a good year. What im saying is, Cabrera was never a top 5 pick until his awesome season last year. And with these problems, i’ll put any amount of money on it he has a worse season than last year. I believe your spending a top 5 pick on a player with 2nd or 3rd round production this year, especially at a position as deep as 1st base. Again, I could be dead wrong, Cabrera could have a career year and win the MVP, but these differences in strategy are what seprates us fantasy players. You play your game, ill play mine lol. May the best man, but probably girl, win lol

  48. allan Says:

    the past 7 years miggy has hit 100+ rbi’s 6 out of 8 season he’s hit over 30 hr’s his rookie year he hit 12 in 87 games and 5 years ago he hit 26 hr’s thats basically his low cause ur rookie year is usually washed away. he’s in the 30’s 40 and 50’s in every year with doubles n thats good for his size. the reason he’s been picked outside of the 1st round is because he’s been a marlin and a tiger his entire career lol

  49. allan Says:

    I think the problem is that when ppl look at 1st baseman they say “well he’s not as good as pujols so he can’t be a top 5 pick” it doesnt work that way. miggys different fom other 1st baseman he will go on insane multiple fantasy weeks with crazy numbers that can cary ur team to a great win streak and can pick u up out of a hole n thats what seperates him from other 1st baseman just like pujols can do.

  50. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    His whole career, Cabrera has averaged around 33 homers and 115 RBIs. Every year it was the same. That’s awesome production, and very consistent. BUT at first base, with Pujols, Ryan Howard, Mark Teixera and Prince Fielder jacking 40 to 50 homers and 130 RBIs, Cabrera was a 2nd to 3rd round pick every year. Last year he stepped it up, with career highs in homers with 38, and RBIs with 126. This year I believe he will hit 30 homers with 100 RBIs, great numbers, but not top 5 at first base. That’s just what I think. I would take him in the early 2nd round, but if you want to spend a top 5 pick on him, that’s your right. These distractions will drag him down. I really think so.

  51. Dave Says:

    Great debate guys. I’m on the pro-Cabrera bandwagon. He’s the second best first baseman from a fantasy standpoint. Last year, he was picked in the second round in our league. The year before I took him in the first round ( pick 6, I think). He’s a stud.
    Heres how I rank the top first basemen ( fantasy value)

    How do you rank them?

  52. Dave Says:

    Also, I went to Sox/Phillies game with Dylan. Great weather, fun game. Red Sox lost 2-0. To make matters worse, I dropped a foul ball that was hit right at me, and some dude grabbed it. Oh well

  53. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:


    I was supposed to go port charlotte today, but no go. I caught a batting practice ball once, and Bubba Trammell threw a ball right to me at the trop in 1999, but I have never caught one in the field of play. Its tough

  54. Dave Says:

    Wow… You have Fielder rated really high. He had a pretty off year last year. But as a whole, first base is loaded.
    Which leads to my question:
    If you have the first pick, do you take Pujols?

  55. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yes I take Pujols. You dont have a choice really. You cant take a pitcher first overall. At least I dont think so.

    And im drinking the Brew this year, and its a contract year for Fielder. Braun is healthy, 40 to 45 bombs and 125+ RBIs for Prince. Last year was just an off year, he’ll be ok.

  56. Dave Says:

    I’m drinking the Brew big time this year too! I watched a ton of their games over the last two years. Last year they just looked off all season. I really like Fielder and Braun a lot? They seem like pretty good guys.

  57. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Braun was the best player in fantasy the first 4 weeks. He had two 40 points weeks, and one 30 point week. I was a genius for taking him in round one. Then in week 5, Tommy Hanson hits him in the elbow, and he’s never the same. Just my luck, and it killed the Brewers. It affected Fielder too. If Greinke can get his head out of his butt and actually try this year, and they can get a halfway decent bullpen, the Brew Crew will be sick this year. That offense will score in bunches.

  58. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Allan, only 5 more days until MLB 11 The Show! I cant wait. Dave you play any playstation?

  59. Dave Says:

    Sorry, I dont. I have the Wii.

  60. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The wii is cool. Its pretty awesome. Is it just me or does the draft seem so far away? Im pretty pumped for it.

  61. allan Says:

    well the way I look at it fielder and howard didnt look so great last season n from a fantasy standpoint u gotta go with consistent guys and votto hasnt been in long enough to really put him over cabrera. I like daves list with fielder,howard, dunn and morneau finishing on the bottom part.

  62. allan Says:

    Another thing is when it coms to fantasy not only do u look at the players number but how and when these number come about. I had fielder and dunn and cabrera last season and fielder and dunn would just kill me at times with K’s and there production was so spread apart but crbrera my god the way he played he never let u down and thats big in my book. howard hurt, morneau hurt.

  63. allan Says:

    Well once again it is happening the florida marlins have built a team full of talent and they are unloading them lol.the 1st has been dan uggla. what are the odds josh johnson or hanley are move by the all star break??? I feel like we may be seeing josh johnson wearing pin stripes by the break.

  64. Dave Says:

    I’ve never been more prepared for our draft. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for the other 9 teams.

  65. allan Says:

    funny thing is I feel the same way lol. I’m really excited for this draft and to see how things turn out

  66. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I feel good about this year. Im ready to take that step from good to great.

  67. allan Says:

    well were u really ever good to begin with???? lol

  68. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh yes. I always build good teams that win games and compete for a playoff spot.

  69. allan Says:

    thats good. did u know we’re playing each other this week in fantasy basketball?

  70. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I did. And im losing. Badly. lol

  71. allan Says:

    hey im gonna be in orlando on march 18th for the magic vs nuggets games n we’re gonna stay over im really thinking of going to the braves vs mets spring training game the next day at 1:05. its not far from where we’re gonna be at

  72. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    So go! The trop sucks. Its nothing on outdoor baseball, and you have never been to an outdoor game.

    Dan “Outdoor baseball >The Trop” Mckewen

  73. allan Says:

    yea im going it should be a good time plus good thing is great seats r cheap lol. magic game then brave game gonna be a great weekend too bad I gotta bring my wife lol

  74. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Watching the Red Sox/Yankees game on MLB Network, this Yankees left hander is only 20 years old, but he looks pretty good. Signed at 16. Allan did you know Andruw Jones is playing for New York now? I had no idea. Both teams pitchers look pretty good, but A Rod got robbed by the wind on a home run. Never seen a 415 foot double before.

  75. allan Says:

    kinda like the longoria 400 foot fly ball in the world series? lol. yea he sign as the dh a few weeks ago. he actually had a good year with the white sox last season. pretty sad story such a talented player who didnt take care of his body for nothing n wasted all that talent. 50 hr season turned into nothing really disappointed me he was 1 of my favorite braves. great defender as well. thats y I respect chipper so much because he’s taken care of himself but something that u cant stop from happening took his time away…injuries.

  76. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You had to go there huh? Longoria flipped his bat and jogged to first base. Moyer asked for a new ball and turned around shocked when it didnt go out. Rays just had no luck that whole series, weather really helped the Phillies. Well that’s why you dont play indoors they got what they deserved. Oh well im passed it lol. Ol Larry Jones will have one more huge season you watch. Bobby Cox needed to stay one more year and go out with Chipper I think. Although how can you retire with talents like Hanson and Heyward i’ll never know. I would have had to watch them grow. Heyward will win multiple MVPs. His swing reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr with more anger lol. Him, Ryan Braun and Andrew McCutchen will be the National Leagues starting outfield in the all star game for the next decade.

  77. allan Says:

    the thing that had me dying was when heywerd hit his 1st hr that destroyed 3 quarters of carlos zambrano’s season lol the ball landed on the windshield of the braves vice president of operations lol. nice way to start ur career business wise.

  78. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    What’s really funny is I drafted big Z and traded him to Dave before the opener. So he got the nice little -24 lol

  79. Dave Says:

    You brought up the Zambrano trade? How dare you!
    I made some awful deals last year, just for the sake of making deals. Stupid!
    I’m much more disciplined and focused this season.
    Rule #1 don’t deal with Rays those Cowbells
    Rule #2 don’t forget rule #1

    Ps: Fantasy basketball?? You guys must be really desperate for baseball to start… Lol!

  80. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dont listen to Dave, he’s just kidding himself. He knows he’s addicted to the blockbuster trade, and Allan the way you trade constantly Dave wont be able to resist. He’ll come calling sooner or later. You cant fool me Dave!

    And how am I supposed to load up on the good players without giving up much in return if you wont trade with me?? This changes my whole strategy this year!!

    Dan” That whole trade was a joke, Big Z chokes people and Kung fu panda was a tad overweight last year” Mckewen

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