Everyone’s Gone to the Movies

Since we can’t watch real baseball for several more weeks, I thought I would write a post on the next best thing – baseball movies! The funny thing is, there really aren’t a lot of quality baseball movies that have been made. For a sport that is America’s game and has been around for 100 years, I expected to be able to easily name ten great baseball movies. I couldn’t.

So here for the first time is TheFoulLine.com’s Top Five Baseball Movies of All Time!!

(Before I start, it should be noted that Field of Dreams will not be making my list. I hated this entire movie. I hate the “If you build it, they will come” ghost story. I hate Iowa. I hate the stupid Field of Dreams Pepsi commercials that they played 9 billion times last season. Now, I’m sure that I’ll be accused of not being a baseball fan for having these comments, but I urge you to rewatch this movie and try and tell me that it’s not a piece of crap.)

Top Five Baseball Movies of All Time

  1. Bull Durham
    Hands down, the best of all time. This movie has it all: baseball, witty banter, sex… The re-watchability of this movie is off the charts. When flipping through the channels, if I come across this flick, I have never not watched it. True story.

  2. Major League
    Who would have thought that they could make a movie about the Cleveland Indians, and it would actually be really good? I’ve watched this movie at least 30 times and I’ve always enjoyed it. How can you not like Wild Thing, Willy Mays Hayes and Pedro Cerrano? And they beat the Yankees to make it to the World Series! (We will not be mentioning the abominations known as Major League 2 and Major League: Back to the Minors.)

  3. The Sandlot
    This is the funniest movie on the list. The scene where the sandlot kids go face-to-face with their arch rivals is classic. Moron, scab eater, butt sniffer, pus licker, fart smeller, and the ultimate insult… You play ball like a girl! This movie brings me back to when I was kid playing baseball and talking smack.

  4. Moneyball
    For a movie that’s about on-base percentage, drawing walks and Scott Hatteberg, it was really good! I saw this in the theater with the RedRay, and we both really enjoyed it. This is a smart movie that had me laughing. I’m not sure why they made Art Howe such a prick, but even so, this is a top-fiver.

  5. The Natural
    I saw this movie in the theater, the night before my first game as a member of the Salem Little League Traveling All-Star Team. After watching Roy Hobbs knock the cover off the ball with “Wonderboy,” I was amped up and ready to play. I proceeded to go 2-3 with three RBIs, as we beat Litchfield 8-3. I’m not saying this movie was the determining factor in me having a good game, but I’m sure it helped. It’s a classic.

Honorable Mentions:

What’s your all-time favorite baseball movie?

125 Responses to “Everyone’s Gone to the Movies”

  1. allan Says:



    One of my favorite baseball movies. story about troubled kids from a bad neighborhood wanting to play baseball and a high stake gambler having no choice but to coach them to help pay off a loan shark.

  2. allan Says:
  3. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I agree. Field of Dreams is without a doubt the most overrated baseball movie of all time. I agree with almost all of your list. The sandlot was great, Major League is hilarious and Moneyball will be the best baseball movie of all time in 20 years.

    I know I may be fighting a losing battle on THIS site, but honestly…

    Where is Pride of the Yankees?

    “People all say that I’ve had a bad break,”. “But today … I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.”

    I tear up every time!!

  4. Dave Says:

    I’ve never seen it Dan. I always thought pride of the Yankees was an oxymoron.
    I’ll check it out soon.

  5. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its a classic. Its all about Lou Gehrig and his illness.

    Im also surprised Fever Pitch didnt even get honarable mention. The movie sucked, but I figure you would apprciate it more than most.

  6. Dave Says:

    Fever Pitch made a list… Just not this one. You’ll need to stay tuned

  7. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dont I always? Its great to have regular posts on thefoulline.com again!

  8. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    On the flip side, I find it remarkable how many pitchers are going in the first round of my drafts and mock drafts. 5 pitchers went in the first round of my draft tonight. Either us hitter lovers are ahead of the curve…..

    Or were going to seriously embarrass ourselves this season.

  9. Dave Says:

    I’m guessing 2 pitchers go in our first round. It’s nice to have a stud pitcher to put in your lineup every week without question.

  10. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I hope alot of pitchers go early. The more pitchers go early, the better hitters i’ll get.

  11. Dave Says:

    I still have no idea what my strategy is going to be. I’ve done a handful of drafts. I need to do a lot more.

  12. allan Says:

    There is nothing worse than playing a guy in week 1 with 3 elite pitchers that have 9 psr’s together lol

  13. allan Says:

    Dan, don’t ignore all the great pitchers to stack up on great hitting and find yourself stuck with a rotation full of hope lol

  14. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I’ve come to realize something in my 4 year fantasy career.

    Great pitching/Average hitting=No playoffs.

    Great hitting/Average pitching=Championships

    Im ready.

  15. Dave Says:

    Dan you love aces. You’re going to go crazy with a lineup full of Gavin Floyd’s.

  16. allan Says:

    that is so funny,but so true

  17. allan Says:

    when dans pitching is putting up 12 points per starts his stud bats will mean nothing

  18. allan Says:

    i’ve done so many mock drafts this week that I’m kinda sick of em.

  19. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    That strategy has run its course.

    In 2010 I had a rotation of Felix Hernadez, CC Sabathia, Chris Carpenter and Tim Lincecum. There are 5 CY Youngs in that rotation. And I missed the playoffs.

    If that happened to you, im sure you would feel the same way I do.

  20. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well Ryan Braun has returned to first round status. Although I am pretty excited that I got him in round 8 in my other league… Score!

    Its good that hes not suspended. Now there will be no surprises when thefoulline drafts. Nobody will get insane value or something

  21. Dave Says:

    8th round? That is so bad ass. I was planning on reaching for Braun in the 3-4 rounds.

  22. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yea my outfield is totally insane fantasy dream Dave.

    Matt Kemp (round 2)
    Josh Hamilton (round 4)
    Cargo (round 3)
    Ryan Braun (round 8)

    How insane is that?? I feel its a lock i will win this league!

  23. Dave Says:

    How’s the rest of your lineup?

  24. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    C) Matt Wieters
    1B) Miguel Cabrera
    2B) Dan Uggla
    3B) Adrian Beltre
    SS) Jose Reyes
    OF) Matt Kemp
    OF) Ryan Braun
    OF) Carlos Gonzalez
    U) Josh Hamilton

    I would say that’s a championship winning lineup!

  25. Dave Says:

    That’s a great lineup! How’s your pitching?

  26. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Anibal Sanchez
    Derek Holland
    Justin Masterson
    Tommy Hanson
    Mat Latos.

    This is my strategy this season. Im building an unbeatable lineup, and getting average pitching. And you know what? It will win me a championship!

    Dan is on fire so far this season! Rays Those Cowbells is well on their way!

  27. Dave Says:

    You have 4 first round pics in your lineup!

  28. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Cabrera, Kemp and Braun is all I could come up with. Who’s the 4th? lol

  29. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    So whats the official foulline stance on Ryan Braun? Innocent or Guilty?

  30. allan Says:

    The draft has been shaken up like crazy as of yesterday

  31. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I think its good. Now somebody can take Braun in round 1 and get fair value. We dont need Ginger taking Ryan Braun in round 9 lol

  32. allan Says:

    My first rounders in order

    1. Miguel Cabrera
    2. Albert Pujols
    3. Joey Votto
    4. Justin Verlander
    5. Troy Tuloitzki
    6. Adrian Gonzalez
    7. Roy Halladay
    8. Matt Kemp
    9. Ryan Braun
    10. Prince Fielder

    Let me know what y’all think?

  33. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its the same as mine, except I have Jose Bautista in my top 5.

  34. allan Says:

    I forgot about bautista lol. I was trying to think of all the best players…how could I forget the bautistabomb???? damn

  35. allan Says:

    well put bautista in verlanders spot and push everyone else down a spot and put fielder #1 in the 2nd round

  36. allan Says:

    I hope I get the #10 spot in the draft.

  37. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Pretty much the only changes i would make to my own draft board is too move up Braun and Kemp ahead of A Gon. I like both players better than Gonzalez.

  38. allan Says:

    I like agon this season. braun has no protection and i’d just be scared to take kemp any earlier

  39. Dave Says:

    Looks good to me!

  40. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    A Gon is too inconsistent for me. 45 point weeks followed by 9 point weeks.

  41. Ginger Parker Says:

    We have a league. The name is thefoulline.com, and the password is threepeat. Tell your friends!

    Does anyone know a word for four in a row? Just curious.

  42. Allan Says:

    Its nice to be back for another exciting season.

  43. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Improbable. Unlikely. Surprising. Shocking. Doubtful all come to mind.

  44. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You need not concern yourself with it though. If I have anything to say about it that is.

  45. allan Says:

    I wonder how many players that had down years in 2011 will dominate on LBC’s team in 2012? lmao

  46. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    We now have expanded playoffs for 2012.

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  48. Dave Says:

    Where’s Unsportsmanlike Mike? He still hasn’t signed up for the league

  49. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I talked to him yesterday and told him the information. We’re going to port charlotte on tuesday, he’ll be signed up by then.

  50. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Drove 2 hours to Port Charlotte to watch the Rays play 2 starters and not score a run until the 9th inning.


  51. Dave Says:

    That’s spring training for ya… It’s a roll of the dice. At least you got to see live baseball, on a really nice day. Not too shabby for a Tuesday afternoon.

  52. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    What irked me is that Joe Maddon said in the paper that every starter accept Longoria would play yesterday, but on game morning changed his mind because he wanted to get the whole 9 together and would wait for Longoria’s hand to recover.

    I dont really mind, its about the experience, not winning or losing. I loved the stadium and it was a beautiful day yesterday.

    Just wished I would have seen a player or 2 I have actually heard of.

  53. allan Says:

    I was pretty impressed with darvish, what do yu guys think? lol get it? yu…lol

  54. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    16 days away.

  55. allan Says:

    can we just skip the next 2 weeks of our lives and get to draft day? lol

  56. Dave Says:

    No kidding… Let’s do this!

  57. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    We gotta do this draft like a week earlier next year… The wait is just unbearable.

  58. Dave Says:

    Patience Grasshoper… We did the draft early a few years ago and we all went crazy making trades before the season started. We’ll have 10 days before MLB starts- it gives us time to evaluate players and see who’s banged up. It will be here before you know it!
    Heading down to Fenway South today. Ginger scored Green monster seats! Can’t wait!

  59. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Now now Dave, I do hope your aware of the March 28th Tokyo games between the A’s and Mariners, so we’ll only have 3 days before the season starts. But I get your point.

    Good luck, that mini green monster is a great idea for that stadium. It looks really nice on TV

  60. Dave Says:

    The mini green monster is actually 3 feet taller then the real one. Great view to watch the game.

  61. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Are you kidding me?? It looked smaller on TV…. Why would they do that? So the REAL Green Monster is now the mini green monster? Isnt that demeaning? lol

  62. Dave Says:

    This place has the exact same dimensions as Fenway. It’s pretty awesome.

  63. Dave Says:

    They made a mistake on the size of the wall.. Everything else is the same. Including how the sun sets on the field.

  64. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Sounds pretty awesome. Do you know when the 100th birthday game for Fenway is? Sometime in April I know that.

    By the way….

    13 days.

  65. allan Says:

    so do you guys think ANDY PETITTE can still hack it? btw…….9 days!!!!

  66. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Super Bowl sunday is legandary.

    The baseball playoffs are magical.

    The NHL playoffs are the best playoffs in sports.

    The World Cup is beloved around the world.

    But there is nothing, NOTHING like March Maddness. The NCAA Tournament is the best sporting event in the world.

  67. Dave Says:

    I’m not a big NCAA fan, but it was a lot of fun watching Norfolk State win and seeing Duke lose.
    At this time last year, I had done 50 mock drafts in prep for the draft. This year…8? I feel Ill prepared.. I guess we’ll just have to see how it all shakes out in 8 days!

  68. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I hate college basketball, but I love the tourney.

    If I were you, and I had only done 8 mock drafts, I would be scared out of my mind. I have done at least 40 mock drafts, and 2 real drafts in different leagues. I dont care about those leagues at all… I just used them to be more prepared for the biggest league in the world. 8 days, and I cant even wait that long.

    Dan “Dave needs to do more mocks, or risk getting blown out on draft day” Mckewen

  69. Ginger Parker Says:

    I haven’t done 8 mocks in all my fantasy years combined. Draft prep is overrated.

  70. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well not everybody is a fantasy baseball prodigy. I like to know what im doin and get a feel for what players go where. It helps me alot

  71. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    But then again your methods seem to be working for you pretty well…

  72. Allan Says:

    Ive only done 5 this year.

  73. allan Says:

    4 DAYS!!!

  74. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Were getting really really close now.

  75. Allan Says:

    What 2 team owners will make the 1st trade in the 2012 fantasu season? Lol

  76. Dave Says:

    Draft positions come out tonight after midnight. Can’t wait to see what spot I have.

  77. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Are you sure its not tomorrow night at midnight?

  78. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Are you gonna do another draft recap like last year Dave? That was your best post of all time

  79. Dave Says:

    It should be out tonight/ morning between 12-6 a.m

    I am planning on doing a running diary of the draft. It’s a lot of work, but it’s pretty fun.

  80. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its appriciated for sure. And I was thinking, since its alot of work doing the weekly fantasy review, why dont you do it once a month instead? That way we have the review all year, but you dont get burned out writing so much

  81. Dave Says:

    I’ll see what I can do…. If I have the time, I’ll try to get out a review weekly. Things have been busy!

  82. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yea that’s understandable for sure.

    So if you had the choice what pick would you most want?

    What pick do you want the least?

  83. Dave Says:

    I like the middle 5-6… Don’t want 9/10…. You?
    Are Mike and Allan going to be at the draft?

  84. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I prefer 9/10 or 1/2. Dont really want anything in the middle. I always had the worst mock drafts from the middle picks.

    Allan would rather die than miss it.

    Mike was scheduled for work even though he asked not to be. Hes gonna try to bug off for a few hours around draft time, if not he’ll just do it on his phone like year. He’ll be there one way or the other.

    Cant freakin wait. So excited.

  85. allan Says:

    “would rather die” is an understatement lol. I’m more ready than EVER!!!!

  86. Dave Says:

    Let’s do this!!

  87. Dave Says:

    The draft positions are out! I’m ok with the 5th pick…lets the speculating begin!

  88. allan Says:

    I don’t mind being the #4 pick…but why am I right in the middle of DAVE & GINGER!!!!????? LOL

  89. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I got the worst pick in the draft. Right behind you too, and in the middle. Pretty much a nightmare start to the season so far.

  90. Dave Says:

    You’ll be fine Dan… You’ll have a shot at Kemp, Braun, Tulo, Adrian Gonzalez….not too shabby

  91. Allan Says:

    So dave…who u taking at 5?

  92. Dave Says:

    Who’s going to be available?

  93. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Whoever you want of course!

  94. Dave Says:

    On the Eve of our 5th draft..I found this gem of a quote from Dan, after last years draft:

    Dan” Jason Heyward leads the bigs in home runs, best 5th round pick I ever made” Mckewen

    I hope you find the same luck with your 5th round pick this season Dan

  95. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Not bad Dave, Not bad. However…..

    Dave “Yankeehaters takes 2011 MVP A Rod in round 3″ Ingalls

    You know what they say, better to waste a 5th round pick than a 3rd round pick.

    Is it draft time yet?

  96. Dave Says:

    you forgot to add that I promptly traded him for Cole Hamels AND Justin Upton…booyah!

  97. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You also forgot to add that I made up for the Heyward disaster by drafting the REAL MVP Matt Kemp in round 6! Double booyah!

  98. Allan Says:

    Whats the over under on ”steals” in this draft for dan?

  99. Dave Says:

    My over/under is 21…… Braun was the MVP …. Whom I drafted

  100. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ryan Braun was a cheater and a disgrace to the game… The MVP was Matt Kemp, whom I drafted…. In round SIX. Anybody can take Braun in round 1… It takes true greatness to take a stud like that in round 6.

  101. Dave Says:

    Alleged cheater.

  102. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I actually believe he’s innocent believe it or not.

    You have no idea how excited Allan and I are for this draft. We just spent an hour talking about it non stop. Why cant it get here SOONER.

    24 hours, 13 minutes

  103. allan Says:

    hey dave, any word from ginger who she’s taking #3 overall?

  104. Dave Says:

    We can’t wait also…ginger told me that she’s targeting Julio Lugo with her 3rd pick.

  105. allan Says:

    funny thing is, if she draftd him he’d win the mvp.

  106. allan Says:

    what time will you be in the chatroom tomorrow?

  107. Dave Says:

    Probably all day..

  108. allan Says:

    good stuff. i’ll be in and out all day myself

  109. allan Says:

    I’m so glad that we’re in seperate divisions, that way we can make some deals this season with no issues.

  110. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I was suprised you still went with the Yankeehaters logo Dave. Thought you would have something different this year.

  111. allan Says:

    dan, I found a new logo that matched my name.

  112. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yea your right its perfect.

  113. allan Says:

    I wonder who dennis will take #1 overall?

  114. Dave Says:

    I still wanted to hang on to the YH logo to keep some good luck. as you guys know, the trade shop is always open. as for Dennis…his pick is anyones guess. he’s not saying.
    The # 3 & 4 picks are really interesting. theres a chance that Miggy or Pujols could fall to you if a couple of pitchers go early. I have my gameplan for the first three rounds, then its anyone’s guess.

  115. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    My sources indicate its a guarantee Mike will take either Miggy or Pujols 2nd overall

  116. Dave Says:

    Mike is a very wise man.

  117. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    What really sucks is Pujols will hit 50 bombs this year, because hes not gonna be on my team.

  118. Dave Says:

    Lol! I was waiting for you to say that..I would have liked the first or second pick this year. I think Miggy and Pujols are the two “sure things” in the draft

  119. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Totally. I really wanted 1,2,3 or 8,9,10. I had terrible mock drafts from the middle positions. Im excitied, but im not sure if i’ll give my best performance tomorrow night.

  120. sportsmanMike Says:

    couldnt be happier with how the draft went. i pretty got every single player i wanted….

    glad to be back. lets do this!

    you all do realize im going to win the league right? just sayin…….

  121. Dave Says:

    Recap us still not done.. 2500 words and counting. It’s gonna be a few more days.

  122. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Take as much time as you need Dave. Such a long post is going to be an OUTSTANDING read and alot of hard work. Looking forward to it alot.

  123. allan Says:

    me too. don’t beat yourself up dave…you did fine lol

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