The Pick of Destiny

I feel like I should start this post, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Everyone prepares for a fantasy baseball draft differently. For me, as soon as January rolls around, I start checking out player rankings, do a few mock drafts, and read everything that Matthew Berry, Eric Karabell, Scott White, Ray Flowers and the rest of the so-called fantasy experts put out. In mid-February, I ramp up the mock drafts, listen to ESPN Baseball Fantasy Focus daily podcasts and begin creating my position tiers. I spend way too much time reading articles, comparing tiers and evaluating ADP’s. Does it help? I’m not sure. But it’s fun to read, and I enjoy preparing for the draft.

Ginger, on the other hand, waits to find out her draft position before the draft, does a few mocks, and subsequently wins the league every year.

This year’s preparation was no different. Doing my research, I made the determination that first base was really thin. I wanted Cabrera, Pujols, Votto, Gonazalez, or Fielder. I wasn’t interested in anyone else, so my first-round pick was going to be one of those five, even if I had to reach a little. I also thought that there were only a handful of truly “elite” outfielders: Kemp, Braun, Ellsbury, J. Upton, Carlos Gonzalez, Granderson, and Bautista. I wanted to grab at least one of those guys, with my strong preference being Justin Upton or Carlos Gonzalez (hopefully both). Those were the two positions I was going to fill first. There was no way in hell that I was going to take a pitcher in the first two rounds. Doing my mock drafts, I was always able to land a first baseman in the first and Justin Upton in the second. I did 10 mocks the week of the draft, and this was always the way it played out.

But something funny happened on my final practice draft, three hours before the live draft. I changed my game plan. Was it going to have a negative effect on how my draft was going to turn out?

Let’s check out the running diary from draft night.

You are… on the clock!

Prior to the draft, rumors circulated that Mike and The Hammer might not make it for the beginning of the draft. The other eight owners waited patiently in the draft room with some idle chitchat. But as the countdown clock finally hit 00:00, we had nine owners present as well as Mike ready to draft away via the iPhone.

It’s finally time to see who the new guy decided to go with at #1.

Miggy Cabrera with his soon-to-be third-base eligibility goes #1!

I know for a fact that Dennis mulled this decision all day long. He initially thought that he should grab an elite arm and shore up his rotation. Then he considered taking the best shortstop on the planet, Troy Tulowitzki. After conducting several mocks, taking Verlander or Cabrera first, Dennis goes for the bat. Great pick. Solid start for the October Boys.

  • Second pick was the easiest decision in the world for Mike – Albert Pujols
  • Pick three sucks. I really think it’s the absolute worst one to have. With that being said, I chuckled a little to myself when I saw that Ginger had drawn the short straw and got the third pick. With this pick, you hope someone takes a pitcher and leaves Cabrera or Pujols to fall to you. With the rumor of Mike making picks from his iPhone, this was a possibility.

    Unfortunately for the LBC’s, the two big guns went with the first two picks. So what’s the game plan? Ginger hates taking pitchers early, doesn’t care for Jose Bautista or Matt Kemp, and knows Tulo gets hurt every year, which means one thing… Joey Effing Votto, LBC mainstay and alleged voodoo leader of the three-time champ.

    As we approached the weeks before the draft, threats of taking Votto before Ginger could grab him were echoed by WillisBeTheYear, RedRays and myself. Our hopes were that without Joey V., the LBC’s would be sunk. No such luck.

    And I guess we’re all playing for second place again.

  • believe the hype (sundae-free) takes Jose Bautista (whose production, I predict, falls way off this year).
  • Boston bad boys picks Adrian Gonzalez with the fifth pick. That’s four of the top-five first basemen off the board, and my plan is working.
  • Rays Those Cowbells grabs Tulo
  • Halladay goes to WillisBeTheYear
  • Verlander goes to RedRays
  • chefdick again reaches a little on Longoria
  • The Hammer nabs 2011 NL Cy Young-winner Clayton Kershaw

So far a solid start for everyone.

Round Two

I have a well publicized man-crush on Dustin Pedoria. Dan loves Longoria, Dennis idolizes Jeter, and the RedRays always grabs Martin Prado. But there’s no bigger love affair in the league than the one between The Hammer and Cliff Lee. Last year he took him with the 5th pick, and this year he snags him with the 11th. Lee is a great pitcher, but it may be time for an intervention for Sam.

This is another top notch round for The Foul Line league. Chefdick grabs another elite bat in Matt Kemp. RedRays takes Prince Fielder, the last of the great first baseman. He had planned on the elite arm/elite bat for the first two rounds. So far so good. WillisBeTheYear lands Ryan Braun with the 14th pick, which is downright robbery. Rays Those Cowbells takes my advice and snags Robinson Cano. And here is where I change my strategy.

Maybe I should have gone with the game plan and picked Justin Upton. It served me well in a lot of my mock drafts, so why mess with it? OF is shallow, so take one of the five remaining sure things, right? Nah, I’m taking Hanley Ramirez. RedRays gave me a WTF? on the chat. He later told me that he would have bet his house that I was going to take Pedroia. Nope, I take Hanley, the same guy that I picked two season ago at #2. The same guy that quit on his teammates last year. The same guy that had shoulder and back injuries in 2011. This might come back to haunt me… or I’m the smartest guy in the league. We shall see!

Believethehype picks Jose Reyes, the last of the upper-tier shortstops and guaranteed to miss 30 games at some point this season. LBC’s wanted Ellsbury with this pick, and of course she got him. Mike reached a little on Adrian Beltre, but I love this pick. Beltre is a monster, and I believe he is the safest 3B option. October Boys follows his first round gem by grabbing CC Sabathia. We may need to keep an eye on the rookie.

3rd Round, and the gloves are off!

Dustin Pedroia is a very good player, but he is definitely not worthy of a 2nd round pick. 3rd round is perfect.

I hate Felix Hernandez. Mike can have him. He plays on an awful team with no run support, and he misses out on a ton of wins every season.

LBC’s scoops up another of the great OF’s in Granderson.

I knew if anyone was going to pick Justin Upton is was going to be Allan. He traded him to me last season, and I knew he regretted it. Of course, Allan gives me an eff-you and takes the 2012 NL MVP. Nice pick! I’m left with the consolation prize, Carlos Gonzalez, and the outfield has just got incredibly thin.

Dan vowed to follow the LBC’s lead and wait on pitching. It lasted all of three rounds, and Jered Weaver is a RTC. Dan loves pitchers. It’s a fact!

Hamels, McCutchen, and Lincecum all get snagged. This draft is going as planned. It appears that everyone has been doing their homework.

Round three ends with The Hammer picking relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel. I’m not one to tell someone who to pick for their team… but this one was CRAZY.

Round 4… My plan is working!

I am definitely taking a pitcher this round. I really wanted Dan Haren, David Price, or Zack Grienke with this pick. Of the four, Grienke was my top choice. Of course, Chefdick starts off the round from hell by snagging Price. Willis sticks it in my ear and takes Haren. At this point the only thing in the way of Grienke becoming a Boston Bad boy is Dan’s pick. Having played with Dan for a few seasons, I know that he hates Zack Grienke. There’s no way that he takes him here. No freakin’ way!

And suddenly Dan is out of the draft room. I’m not a religious man, but I’m praying that Dan has loaded up his draft queue with non-Greinke players.

Tick… tick… tick…

Allan gets on the chat and says that he talked to Dan and that his computer died. How does this happen?!? At the end of last season, we all had to hear Dan complain that he would have taken down the LBC’s in the playoffs if only Troy Tulowitzki had played mediocre… blah, blah, blah. He vowed that 2012 was gonna be his year! He was dominating his mocks and ready to wreak havoc on the league. Dan talked all kinds of smack on how this was his year, and he didn’t take the time to make sure his computer was working?

Tick… tick… tick…

In the minutes leading up to the draft I made sure my computer was plugged in securely. I had my iPad on standby, iPhone loaded up to the CBS site. All contingencies were in place. So how does Dan forget to defrag his hard drive, or whatever crappy excuse he has? Now, if he winds up with a lousy, computer-generated team, we’re all gonna hear about it for the rest of the season. This is bad.

Tick… tick… tick…

And as the clock hits zero, Dan’s broken computer picks Grienke, and my perfectly constructed plan has its first problem. Thanks, Dan! A wise person once told me, “The thing about the fantasy draft is that you hope to get the player you want, but you should expect that he won’t be there.” Ok, that person was the Love Boat Captains, but she’s right. You need contingency after contingency. It can wear you down. So, I miss out on my top four pitchers and take C.J. Wilson. I’m ok with the pick. Wilson is not pitching in the Texas bandbox anymore and has had a 2.56 ERA on the road over the past two seasons. Is he an ace? Close…

Allan follows this pick by doing Dan a favor and taking Josh Hamilton. It’s well documented that I absolutely would never take this guy in a draft. He will break down at some point in the season. LBC’s, Mike, and October Boys finish the round taking great value picks Hudson, Shields, and Teixeira.

Four rounds completed, 1600 words and counting. This recap may never end!

Is it just me, or does it seem like this year there are 25 great players, followed by 25 really good players, a handful of decent guys and then garbage the rest of the way?

Rounds 5-10 – Things are getting interesting now

  • The October Boys: Matt Cain, Michael Pineda, Jay Bruce, Ubaldo Jimenez, Jayson Werth and Big Sexy Alexei Ramirez. I love the Cain pick. He’s a sure thing and a great #2 on Dennis’s staff. Pineda is going to get crushed under the pressure of playing in NY. His second-half stats last year were pretty mediocre. The short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium is going to turn last year’s lazy fly balls at Safeco into home runs. Bruce is a solid pick. As for Ubaldo and Werth? Good players coming off bad years. Dennis is counting on a bounce-back.
  • sportsmanMike: Yovani Gallardo, Rickie Weeks, Hunter Pence, Alex Gordon, Ervin Santana, and Asdrubal Cabrera. I’m trying to find something that I don’t like about these picks..but it seems like Mike did his homework, executed his plan and landed the players that he was targeting. Ok, Weeks was a little early, and Asdrubal will not be putting up the same numbers as his fluky 2011 season. I feel better now.
  • Love Boat Captains: Carlos Santana, Mat Latos, Starlin Castro, Emilio Bonifacio, Dustin Ackley, and Justin Masterson. This is typical LBC draft. Fills two holes with elite players, then grabs a couple of sleeper picks. Bonifacio may steal 200 bases this year. It makes it even more enjoyable of a pick when Dan types “Bonifacio is it. That nobody player that damn near wins the MVP for the Love Boat Captains every year? That’s it right there!” Coupled with Dennis saying “Shit, I really wanted him too!” I look across the table to see Ginger do her little “I know more about fantasy baseball then you do” smirk, and I realize that we’re all screwed, again! It’s also fun when I tell her that I think Ackley isn’t going to be any good, and he starts off the season with a home run and the game-winning RBI. I don’t particularly like the Latos and Masterson picks, but these are the kind of pitchers Ginger rides to a championship.
  • believe the hype: Giancarlo “Don’t Call Me Mike” Stanton, Tommy Hanson, David Ortiz, Michael Young, Yu Darvish, and Johnny Cueto. I really like Stanton a lot! He adds to a really impressive OF for Allan. Yu Darvish has looked good in the spring, but I’m still leery of a pitcher from Japan making the transition to American baseball. Hanson may be a steal… or a giant bust. I’m hoping for the latter.
  • Boston bad boys: Dan Uggla, Madison Bumgarner, Stephen Strasburg, Matt Moore, Shin-Soo Choo, and Max Scherzer. I’m all in on Uggla. He had a great second half last season and is mashing the ball in spring training. He was a guy I targeted in every mock. I followed by making a very un-Dave-like run on young arms. Bumgarner will break out this year, Strasburg has lived up to the hype, and Moore has three great pitches and may be the best of the three. I was absolutely shocked that he fell to me. Thanks, Rays fans. I had to take an ourfielder at this point, since I only had one. I am counting on Choo to return to form after a horrendous 2011. In the 9th round, I figured he was worth the chance. I ended with my good friend Max Scherzer. Not entirely sure why I like him – I just do. Here’s hoping for a another 15-win season.
  • Rays Those Cowbells: Jon Lester, Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Wainwright, Lance Berman, Andre Ethier, and Josh Beckett. Dan confirmed what I already knew: he loves pitchers. He grabbed three really good ones here. This was a good run for Dan… or was it Allan at this point? It’s hard to tell. These are pretty good picks, so I’m leaning towards Allan on his Nook. If Zimmerman can stay healthy, he’s as solid as they come. Not an Ethier or Berkman fan, but at this point of the draft it’s getting to be slim pickings.
  • WillisBeTheYear: Matt Holliday, Josh Johnson, Ricky Romero, Shane Victorino, Eric Hosmer, and Alex Rodriguez. Prior to the draft starting, I made the statement that Willis was the one player that scared me this season. These six picks are the reason why. With the exception of the adulterous steroid user, Willis got great value with every one of these picks. At this point of the draft, Willis has Halladay, Hamels, Haren, Johnson and Romero. To mess with his mojo, I like to remind Willis that he traded me Josh Johnson two seasons ago for Mark Reynolds. Johnson pitched lights out the rest of the season, while Mark Reynolds was, well, Mark Reynolds.
  • RedRays: Ben Zobrist, Desmond Jennings, Pablo Sandoval, Chris Young, Anibal Sanchez, and John Axford. Solid run by the RedRays. It’s hard to argue with any of these picks, so it’s time for a little game I like to call “Guess the Player Stats.”
    • Player A: .333, 23 runs, 8 HRs, 20 RBIs, 14 SB
    • Player B: .160, 21 runs, 2 HRs, 5 RBIs, 6 SB.

    Player A is Desmond Jennings over his first 141 at-bats last season. Player B is Jennings over the next, and final, 106 at-bats. It poses the question, is Desmond Jennings a flash in the pan? (4/1/12 update: Jennings hit 3 bombs in one game.)

  • Chefdick again: Brandon Phillips, Michael Morse, Matt Garza, Nelson Cruz, Elvis Andrus, and Mike Napoli. Chefdick is clearly sick and tired of finishing in second place. He grabbed the best remaining players at their positions with each of these picks, and I think he nailed every one! (Except Garza. He sucks.) The Texas triumvirate 8-9-10 was money. Chefdick, without a doubt, had the best draft.
  • the Hammer: Kevin Youkilis, Alex Avila, Jimmy Rollins, Paul Konerko, Gio Gonzalez, and Drew Storen. The Hammer has assembled a pretty good team, but with the exception of perennial 30-HR, 100-RBI guy Konerko, I think he reached on every one of these picks. With that being said, these rounds were tough, and he did add some solid players.

10 rounds in, it’s time to stock up on the mediocre pitchers!

Picks I Love, Rounds 11-22

  • Round 11: Brett Lawrie by LBC. David Wright by BBB.
  • Round 12: Jonathan Papelbon by RTC. Pap is going to dominate in the NL. Carl Crawford by Willis. This guy does not suck, this guy does not suck (repeat 100 times).
  • Round 13: Matt Wieters by TOB. This is the season that Wieters lives up to the hype.
  • Round 14: Brandon McCarthy by LBC. Breakout candidate. Pitched great on opening day in Japan.
  • Round 15: Francisco Liriano by BBB. I picked Liriano based on one stat: He has a 26/4 K/BB rate in the spring. His control is there. I look forward to a huge bounce-back season. Jesus Montero by Willis. I like a guy that’s eligible at catcher but is playing primarily DH. He’ll get a lot of AB’s. This kid is something special.
  • Round 16: Howie Kendrick by RR. Hitting in front of Pujols is going to lead to great numbers. Add 2B/OF eligibility, and this guy is a bargain. I was going to take him with this pick, and the RedRays stick it to me for the 3rd time in the draft.
  • Round 17: Kendrys Morales by Chefdick. Another guy I was targeting, before Chefdick swooped in and grabbed him. After missing the last season and a half, this guy was totally worth the gamble. Another good pick by Chef.
  • Round 18: Not Applicable. We all picked garbage.
  • Round 19: Brennan Boesch by RR. Solid player having a good spring. Hitting in front of Cabrera and Fielder is only going to help this year.
  • Round 20: Erick Aybar by The October Boys. If you’re going to wait on shortstop, you can do a lot worse than Aybar.
  • Round 21: Ryan Roberts by The October Boys. A versatile player who’ll steal some bases and hit some home runs. The rest of this round was pretty ugly.

Picks I Hate, Rounds 11-22

  • Round 11: BJ Upton by Chefdick. The outfield position got thin early, but I think this is a gamble that he could have waited a few rounds for.
  • Round 12: Chris Carpenter by Chefdick. If he were healthy, I wouldn’t have taken him this high. He had a mediocre 2011 with a great run in the playoffs. He’s not a guy you can count on, especially when he’s all banged up.
  • Round 13: Andrew Bailey by Chefdick. Round 13 is early for a middle-of-the-road reliever. Add the nagging injuries, strained lat, and hurt thumb, and this could be total waste of a pick. That’s three turds in a row for Chefdick. Didn’t I say he had the best draft? I may need to reevaluate.
  • Round 14: Joe Nathan by RedRays. Big name, bad arm. 10.79 ERA in the spring.
  • Round 15: Jair Jurrjens by Chefdick. Not a fan.
  • Round 16: Mike Leake by The October Boys. This t-shirt shoplifter is un-draftable. The fact is that he’s just not very good.
  • Round 17: Matt Joyce by unsportsmanMike. This guy is good for one month a season. Which month? That’s a good question. PASS!
  • Round 18: Adam Lind by BBB. This guy and his damn back issues. I picked him and dropped him. Believe the hype can have him! He’ll drive you crazy this year. I traded Ian Kennedy for this bum last season. I am a moron.
  • Round 19: Alfredo Aceves by The October Boys. Long relievers hold absolutely no value in fantasy baseball.
  • Round 20: David Freese by RTC. World Series MVP does not translate to good fantasy player. Stats are mediocre.
  • Round 21: Chase Utley by the Hammer. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Utley went from top-5 pick to Mr. Irrelevant.

If anyone is still with me, I really appreciate you reading this monster of a post. I hope you remember that this is just one guy’s opinion. Drafting a team is a fickle business. Do you draft a team of players that you enjoy watching, or the players that put up big numbers but play for a team you hate? After all, we are only playing for bragging rights, so we should just try and have fun.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for supporting the site and playing in OUR league again. I really do look forward to it every year. Let’s all try to remember that this is just a game. and that the important thing is to enjoy each other’s company, appreciate the baseball being played, have some friendly discussions, and keep the focus on the friendly competition. There’s a reason that this is the best fantasy baseball league around. We have ten owners that know their baseball and are savvy with their teams. Let’s make this the best year yet!

Playoff Predictions

Chefdick again
Boston bad boys

Thanks for reading… PLAY BALL!

73 Responses to “The Pick of Destiny”

  1. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    If you would like to buy me an iPhone or a iPad so I can have better drafts, you be my guest. But until then my computer is all I got!

    No excuses. It happened, its over. Play ball.

    It kind of amazed me how similiar the LBC’s look to her teams in the past. Lot of the same mainstays. Hey if it aint broke.

    Just an opinion, but I thought it was the weakest draft Dave has had in the 4 years since I been here. Usually Dave is a lock for the playoffs, this year im not so sure. And i know for a fact a few people i’ve spoken too agree with me.

    I had to triple check the draft, just to see how Willis ended up with that team. Wow. If Josh Johnson stays healthy, his top 4 in the rotation is stupid good.

    Fun fact, Rays Those Cowbells has never secured a preseason playoff pick.

    Mike had a really good draft. He told me he’s very happy with it and ready to go.

    Dave and Allan made the first trade. Surprise!

    I love my Adam Dunn and Cameron Maybin picks, even if they didnt make the list. Buster Posey in round 11 is great too.

    Not as high on chefdick’s team as you are. Longoria and Cruz will both get hurt, and Garza sucks.

    I like the October Teams team, ALOT. After week 1 he can slide Miggy at 3rd and put Teixera at first base, and have a great foundation for a lineup. He’ll be dangerous this year.

    I hated your David Wright pick, frankly because I thought he would be hurt longer. If he’s healthy, that’s a great pick.

    Same for Josh Beckett. If he can (literaly) get his thumb out of his butt, round 10 is outstanding. Im still not sure how I snagged a healthy Beckett in round 10 actually.

    The Love Boat Captains will make the playoffs. I can guarantee that. Its a lock.

    I havent mentioned the RedRays once in my little mini recap here. That’s how it always seems to be with him, he’ll be right there fighting for a playoff spot at the end, like always.

    With every day that passes, I like my team more and more than I did when I left the draft room. Its usually the opposite for me.

    GREAT draft recap Dave. Looking forward to more posts about fantasy this year. Im ready to go!

    Is it week 1 yet?

  2. Dave Says:

    Dan, Dan, Dan…
    This is without a doubt, the absolute best draft that I have had. Gonzalez, Hanley & Cargo are all potential first rounders. Hanley and Cargo were steals! My pitching is really good, without having to overpay for any of them. Shin soo Choo is good for a 20/20 season, IN THE 9th round! Wright in the 11th is going to be reminiscent of the LBC’s stealing Granderson in the 9th round last season. Arguably, my worst player is Adam Jones- all he’s going to to do is hit.290, 90 rbi’s and 25 hrs. Wasn’t he a 16th round pick? Who can remember? All I know was that my draft went exactly how I had mapped it out. Solid all around. No holes. Let’s get this started.
    Once again, Dave is is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers…lol

    Thanks for your analysis Dan! It’s always fun…btw, Allan and the Hammer had the first trade. Buehrle for cuddyer.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Great recap and analysis Dave. Looking forward to a great season. Now watch the rookie win!

  4. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You did mention something that hit close to home though. Why DIDNT I have a plan in place?? I have never set my queue before. It had never been an issue before, because I have never missed a draft. It wasnt needed. But now I see the error of my ways, the HARD way.

    I will never go into a draft without my players ranked ever again.

    Side note: You forgot to mention Cory Luebke. I had a huge man crush on that guy, wanted more than anything in the world, and Ginger snags him 2 picks before I could get him.

    She’s so intelligent! Ugh

  5. Dave Says:

    Very good points Dan… I load the queue up as soon as the draft room opens.
    Oh well, next year. You’re absolutely right about Luebke- ginger and I fought over him in several mocks. He’s a good one! He’s no Matt Moore- but he’s good!

  6. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh and by the way, I had EVERY intention of taking hitters only in the first 6 rounds, but if your wondering why I changed my strategy, in the last 3 picks before my 3rd round pick, Granderson, Upton and Cargo went back to back to back. Talk about 3 punches in the gut! It was either reach on a round 4 type hitter in round 3, or take a round 2 pitcher in round 3. The choice was Weaver, and im great with that.

    What happens in front of you often changes your draft strategy.

  7. Dave Says:

    Triple gut punch? Classic!

  8. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I realize that I took Cano over Pedrioa, but how is Pedey not worthy of a 2nd round pick? He’s such a stud! I can only come to one conclusion, and its been building up for awhile. Couple years actually.

    Based on you’re remarks, you have a closet hatred of Dustin Pedrioa. Its the only explanation. You hate him.

  9. Dave Says:

    Wrong again Danny boy… Pedroia is my favorite player. But he’s not going to exceed 20hrs/20sb’s. He’s really good- in fantasy baseball, I can do better by not taking him so early.

  10. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well he’s stolen 20 bases in every season except his injury prone 2010. So I think 20 bases are a lock.

    He had 12 homers in 305 ABs in 2010, so over a full season, that’s 20-22 Bombs.

    Last year he had 21 bombs.

    The power is REAL. Its a LOCK Pedey gets 20/20. A LOCK!

  11. Dave Says:

    Here’s a fun fact: last season on 4 MLB’ers did the folllowing:
    Hit .295 or better
    25 hr
    20 SB
    90 runs scored
    90 RBI

    Who are they? Braun, kemp, ellsbury, Cargo.
    Cargo is also the only player in the league to do it 2 years in a row! Say… Wasn’t he banged up last year and miss 30 games? Isn’t he completely healthy this season? Who drafted THAT guy in the 3rd round?!???

  12. Allan Says:

    Dave crapped all over my draft. It’s OK tho,because intend on kicking his ass in week 1.

  13. Dave Says:

    You echoed my point Dan. He’s a 20/20 guy

  14. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ah yea see I thought you said he WOULDNT reach 20/20.

    Your not greatness Dave. We all know how good Cargo is. If you hadnt taken him, I would have, one pick later. So your great 3rd round steal?? Not so much! We all know his greatness.

  15. Dave Says:

    Then you should have taken him! Instead of loading up on overrated pitching! I’m just messing around buddy. I’m just so ready to get this season going!!!

  16. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    lol how could I take him! 3 must start OFs all gone RIGHT before I picked! I was almost in tears! I NEED an elite OF!

    Speaking of almost in tears, im nearly there from waiting. This has been without a doubt, the LONGEST offseason in the history of the world. I NEED baseball! Ugh

  17. Dave Says:

    That’s why you have a draft strategy.. Elite OF’s are hard to come by!

  18. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I had a draft strategy. A Gon or Votto 6th overall to fill first base. One of them would be there for sure (Fail)

    Hope that Kemp or Braun would fall back in round 2, if not, take Cano (Success)

    Take whatever OF was left out of Ellsbury, Granderson, Upton and Cargo in round 3 (Fail)

    Take a Hamilton or Holliday in round 4 (computer fail)

    So as you can see, I DID have a strategy. But like I said multiple times before the draft, I hated the middle picks with a passion. They never worked for me.

    Oh well, I still like my team. Alot. Im ready

  19. Allan Says:

    I don’t care. I love Hamilton.

  20. Dave Says:

    I didn’t crap on your draft Allan… I really like it. I think your pitching was a little suspect, but was addressed with the Strasburg deal. It was hard coming up with the 4 playoff teams, everyone did pretty well drafting.

  21. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You mean the 3 playoff teams, because Dave’s team is always going to be picked as a preseason playoff pick in this recap lol

  22. Dave Says:

    I just call them how I see them. True story

  23. Allan Says:


    I’m just messing around Dave. I actually love my rotation. Cueto proved last year that he can pitch with anybody,Hanson is a stud when healthy, Tim Hudson is a workhorse,morrow &darvish are going to do damage and Johan is a coinflip.

  24. Allan Says:

    I’l Take the injury prone stud (Reyes) over the quitter (Ramirez) any day. I’ll get 1st round production for 120 games and you’ll get 2 tears in a bucket. That 2nd round pick may be the reason you make or miss the playoffs. “I just call them how i see them. True story”

  25. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I completely agree with Allan on this one. Hanley is just a better version of BJ Upton. He WILL quit on the Marlins at some point this year.

  26. Dave Says:

    Oh.. It’s so cute when you two get together and form the EXACT same opinion. Hanley is a new man this year-and you two monkeys are gonna rue the day you didn’t pick him!

    I hope.

  27. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I understand why you did it. Its a chance for an absolute GRAND SLAM pick. If it works out, your the smartest man alive, and like you said, were stupid for not picking him.

    It just reminds me of when Allan took Victor Martinez in round 2 last year.

  28. Allan Says:

    Thanks Dan! Lol

  29. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dont feel bad. As Dave was so happy to point out, I took Jason Heyward in round 5 last year. All the drafts look great right now. By may we’ll start to see who REALLY had the best draft.

  30. sportsmanMike Says:

    nice draft recap dave, although I couldnt help but notice that you didnt have sportsmanMike in the playoffs, despite the rather obvious awesome team I have built. This is the year for me!

  31. Dave Says:

    I admire your confidence Mike! It was really difficult picking the 4 playoff teams. Every team looks good!

  32. Dave Says:

    I don’t even care that I’m down a million points, Hanley & Stanton can’t stop striking out, and marmol blows. Baseball is back!! I could not be happier.

  33. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    100% agree.

    Dan “I think I speak for everyone in the league when I say its nice to see the Boston bad boys could make it out of negative points after 2 full days of fantasy baseball. My sign off is longer than my post” Mckewen

  34. Dave Says:

    See…. That doesnt even bother me Dan. It’s all good. I would make a longer reply- but I need to get ready for the Rays/ Yankees opening day.

    Dave ” the bad boys nickname might be jinxed” ingalls

  35. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Make sure you root hard for the Rays Dave. They’ll need your support.

    Dan “Red Sox in last place in the AL East” Mckewen

  36. Dave Says:

    I hoping both teams get injured. I think Boston will be better then the orioles this year.. Maybe.

    Dave ” if I had a gun to my head, I’d root for the Yankees over the Rays today” Ingalls

  37. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Sox actually looked good yesterday. They’ll be okay.

    Dan “The more you hate the Rays, the more they seem to win” Mckewen

  38. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Greatest closer ever?? Doesnt matter!! Its gonna be an outstanding season! What an omen!

  39. Dave Says:

    That was a fun experience. The crowd before the game was ridiculous…In a good way. People were everywhere! The game was exciting. Both teams had their chances to put the other away and couldn’t capitalize. CC and Shields did not look very good. Rivera blowing the save was just what the Boston Badboys needed. It’s rally time

  40. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im so jealous you were at that game. Like you have no idea. The crowd on TV seemed ELECTRIC. They exploded after Pena’s grand slam. The “Yankees Suck” chants were awesome to here. What an excellent way to start the season off.

    Rays Those Cowbells hitters are crushing the ball! I like the way the season is starting. Allan is in my division and your not, so im rooting for you for sure.

    Glad you enjoyed the game. Tomorrow’s game is sold out as well! Lets keep the attendence up.

    Dan “The Rays rallied against the Baltimore closer on opening day 2010, and they won the AL East. Its an omen” Mckewen

  41. Carlos Marmol Says:

    Am I the new public enemy number 1?

  42. allan Says:

    Rally is on the shoulders of marmol lol

  43. sportsmanMike Says:

    finally cracked double digits. im ready to get it rolling!

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  45. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its pretty quiet here, any chance we will have some fantasy reviews in the near future Dave? Hanley is raking, you gotta have an oppurtunity to tell us how smart you are!

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  48. sportsmanMike Says:

    I hope you are ready this week Dave, because as I told dan, i have no plans for my winning streak to end at 4 games. Im finally rolling and it feels great.

  49. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Only 3 weeks until pitchers and catchers report! How excited is everyone for baseball season to start?

  50. allan Says:

    Im pretty jacked!