Here I go again

Hey gang! It’s so nice to hear from you all again. I’m amazed at the loyalty and dedication you have shown this this little blog of ours. I haven’t wrote a thing in a year, and you guys keep hanging around. I appreciate it. Thanks!

I’ve read your recent comments. I’ve met with my Quality Assurance Committee. And in a continued effort to give you what you want, here’s what we’re planning on doing.

>More posts… Short and sweet. More Quick Hits, less War & Peace.

> In the past, I would write something, send it to my editor. She’d clean it up and post it. Now, I’m just going to write and post. Please forgive me in advance for the occasional misspelled word or dangling participle. I think it will increase the amount of posts.

> I will definitely write the Draft day diary. That will be a long one.

> Dan will get his 2012 Champion post.

Keep the ideas coming. If you guys are taking the time to read this stuff, I want to make it worth your while.

Quick Hits:

  • I  planned on going to the Rays Spring Training practice. Due to lousy weather, I’m at’s headquarters planning for our Fantasy draft.
  • All ten owners have committed to being back for 2013. Amazing!
  • Some Fantasy leagues award trophies or money for winning the championship. At, you get a couple of poorly worded paragraphs acknowledging your victory.
  • The first three picks in the draft in no particular order will be: Braun, Trout & Miggy. This is is the first time I’ve ever wanted to be in the top 3. I’d  gladly take any of those 3.
  • Is it too early to start with the mock drafts?
  • Will Bossman Junior and Justin get along in Atlanta? I know they get along great, but I worry that if one gets pissed off, it will affect the other. The Upton’s have had attitude issues in the past.
  • Has anyone ever noticed that all posts the last couple of years have been song titles?
  • I think the AL East is overrated.
  • It’s going to be a Nationals & Tigers World Series. Call Vegas!
  • Spoiler alert: 5 stud players  I will not draft regardless:. Buster Posey, Adrian Gonzalez, Edwin Encarnacion, Felix Hernandez, Curtis Granderson.
  • Congratulations Sportsman Mike on graduating from the police academy and getting hired with Pinellas Park PD. Be safe out there.
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7 Responses to “Here I go again”

  1. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    I always admired your dedication to long educated posts, but like we said, that can take up alot of time. That’s ok for special posts, but quick hitter posts keep the site fresh and keeps the comments flowing.

    -Good to have you back Dave, baseball is 5x better when there are posts on

    – I cant wait to see my championship post. Looking forward to that one.

    – 2013 fantasy sleeper? Ginger. The debacle of last year will be a distant memory when she is leading her division by mid May

    – I (mostly) agree with your other 4, but I think your crazy to not want Buster Posey. He’s only getting BETTER. He’s still 25 years old.

    -Never too early for mocks, although I have yet to do one myself.

    Dan “is there a song title for back to back fantasy titles?” Mckewen

  2. allan Says:

    Nice to hear from you dave.

  3. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Another idea that Allan and I have talked about is that we are going to host a chat night for at some point during this season. I know we’ve talked about it in the past, but this time were commited to doing it. It would be cool to get us all together and chat during a game. Throw out some trivia questions and what not. Like we did during game 7 of the 2008 ALCS.

  4. Dave Says:

    Great idea fellas! I really like it

  5. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Yea were just tryin to do what we can, bring this website back to how great it used to be. No reason with a full time job and a family you should have to do ALL the heavy lifting, so were trying to come up with different ideas to help restore the site to its former glory!

  6. Dave Says:

    You guys are awesome! It’s appreciated & well received.

  7. sportsmanMike Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Dave, its appriciated alot. Its good to have you back again.

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