Good Riddance

In the nine years that Carl Crawford played for the Tampa Bay Rays, I never heard him say a word. He always portrayed himself as a gamer who kept his mouth shut and played the game the right way. He put up great stats and rarely missed a game. I’ve obviously misjudged his character.

Carl Crawford is a little baby. Since leaving the Red Sox organization, in what is going to go down as the greatest trade in Red Sox history, Crawford has been running his mouth on the pressure that he had to face in Boston. Today, Crawford came up with this gem:
“I think they want to see that in Boston. They love it when you’re miserable,” he said. “Burying people in the media, they think that makes a person play better. That media was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

Crawford is also claiming that the media led him to hit .255, and that a Boston reporter snuck into his hotel room and severed a ligament in his elbow.

The guy is delusional.

Of course there is going to be pressure, Carl… you’re getting paid $142 million! Do you know how many neck tattoos you can buy with that kind of money?
Since signing his monster contract with the Boston Red Sox, all Carl Crawford has done is disappoint Sox fans.

This is what $20 million a year gets you when you sign Crawford.
2011: 130 games play, .255 batting average, 18 stolen bases.
2012: 31 games played … Enough said.

You’re to blame for this mess Carl. You’re a delicate flower that wilted under the pressure of playing in a big city.

We won’t miss you.

12 Responses to “Good Riddance”

  1. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Im going to try to be objective, and attack this from both sides of the argument as best I can.

    I think Carl Crawford is being ridiculous. You have moved on, your with a new team, and the Red Sox are part of your past. I dont really understand why he would bring up this old drama at all. And he IS being whiny. They paid you to do a job, and you failed to produce. That’s on YOU Carl. Not the Red Sox. They had every right to be angry with you.

    At the same time however, I can at least kind of see where he is coming from. The fact of the matter is, the Boston media IS ruthless. And it is relentless. And the fans are just as bad. I knew from the very start, having watched Carl in his years with the Rays, that this was a bad matchup. But I don’t think he really ever got a fair shot. I’ll explain why

    2011 Opening Day against the Texas Rangers, Boston lost, and Carl Crawford went 0-4 from the 2 spot in the lineup. The spot he spent his whole career. The very next night, he was batting 7th! He was punished for going 0-4 and the Red Sox losing! Terry Francona even said, “we’re gonna try to take the pressure off of him”….. HUH?? Its been one game! You lose one game and you start freaking out?

    Carl Crawford became a scapegoat for the Red Sox starting 0-6 in 2011 because he didn’t hit .435 right out of the gate. If you can’t even play ONE bad game in a 162 game season, then I dont want to be a part of that. I don’t want that ridiculous amount of pressure on my shoulders. That’s not “we want to win” pressure. That’s insane lunacy.

    Carl Crawford is out of line. Play ball. The Red Sox didn’t make you suck. They paid you to do a job and you failed, terribly.

    At the same time, I can kind of see where he is coming from.

  2. Dave Says:

    I’m so over any drama surrounding the Red Sox. They used to be such a model franchise, now they’re a bit of laughing stock. It’s time to just prove it on the field!
    Also… Happy to hear you’ll be co-hosting the radio show. You guys make a good team.

  3. Yaysports:Real Tal Radio Says:

    Let me take a moment to go into Host mode….

    Dave, this deal was doomed from the biginning. The Red Sox were basically dooped into paying crawford $142 million. Everyone know the Yankees were throwing around reports of interest in crawford, when it actually wasnt true. The Red Sox were bidding with a ghost, thinking Brian Cashman actually wanted to spend so much on a Carl Crawford type of player.

    I never could understand how a player that can’t produce over 100 rbi nor hit over 30 hr’s could be paid so much. That price is reserved for the sluggers.

    You should really take a moment to think this over, before going so hard on Crawford. Who gave this man the money?
    Who set themselves up for embarrassment? Yes, the Red Sox. As easy as it is to blame the player, you need to sit back and blame the organization for spending STUPID money, on this type of player.

    I can understand why you are mad at Crawford for the comments, It’s over,your gone,get over it! But is it so wrong to speak your peace? Especially when nobody got to hear your end of the story. As fans we’re allowed to bad mouth anyone, but we harly ever get to hear there side. When they come out, we call them cry babbies and woosie boys.

    Crawford needs to stop crying, the Red Sox fans need to get over it! Y’all got rid of him, its over, Some of the money was spared and he is know the Dodgers problem. You really want to start over fresh and win over people? Look the other way on Crawford comments and LAUGH!

  4. Dave Says:

    The sox overpaid for crawford and i was excited about it. This guy was stealing 6 bags a game against boston, and was no longer a Ray-it was addition by subtraction. Crawford hit .255 for the low cost of 20 million a year, and i stayed patient that he’d turn things around. Crawford bitched and moaned when he was traded, and I didn’t say a word.
    He’s not my problem anymore. He’s in LaLa land and is already nursing his elbow again.
    I’m bitter.. I’m annoyed.., but, most of all I’m relieved he’s not in Boston anymore… Now, I just have to figure out what to do with my Carl Crawford Red Sox shirt.

  5. allan Says:

    Burn it, make it your profile picture for the league. Lol

  6. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    As ridiculous as it sounds, Carl Crawford has to have his hand held and told everything is going to be ok. He’s just like that. That’s why Joe Maddon was the perfect manager and got the best of him. Joe “everything is ok you can do no wrong” Maddon. Crawford is a mental baby. As long as everything is rainbows and sunshine, he will produce.

  7. allan Says:

    Dan, your sounding like Joe maddon made Crawford. Crawford’s numbers were great the 2 season prior to the maddon era. Crawford proved he could play under the worst conditions. For god sake, he produced as a Devil Ray. Lol

  8. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    I don’t think he “made” Crawford but I absolutely think he contributed in a large part. And when I say rainbows and sunshine, I mean around him personally. Carl can play for a crappy team, that’s not the problem. But if things get stormy with him personally, then that’s when he begins to wilt.

  9. allan Says:

    Carl Crawford was bound to be great, with or without maddon. I think his short period in Boston is being a little overblown. I also believe your comment are a little harsh, maybe a little resentful. Crawford has sustained injuries the last 2 seasons that ruined the last 2 seasons of his career. Nobody gives the guy credit for playing hurt last season, just to please the Boston fans. I’ll never question a players work ethic, heart, drive or mental toughness while dealing with injuries.

    Dave, you want to throw stones? Call out Ortiz for quitting last year.

    Dan, we’re not going to talk about Longoria’s injuries, but yet he can film 500 commercials.

    Don’t throw stones in a glass house!

  10. BDog Says:

    I completely 100% agree with Dave on this one. Crawford is a wuss

  11. Dave Says:

    BDog is my new favorite commenter.

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