Tick Tock

Since finding out my fantasy draft position three days ago, I’ve had a constant clock ticking in my head. Tick… tick… tick…

I drew the second pick, which assures me of a great player. But with that pick comes a sense of responsibility/pressure to nail this selection. Our league is a bunch of fantasy assassins ready to pounce on any mistake and take advantage of any misstep.

Tick… tick… tick…

I think it’s pretty obvious that Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, & Ryan Braun are going to be the top three picks. But who’s going first? Will Chefdick take the American League Triple Crown winner? Or will he set his sights on the AL Rookie of the Year and MVP runner-up? Maybe he goes with Mr. Consistency and his automatic .300/35/110, even with the cloud of PED suspicion hovering over his head.

Tick… tick… tick…

Will Chefdick reveal this prior to the draft? Would I, if I were in his shoes? Hell no!

I have the second pick and 13 days to prepare. I can’t screw this up… I hope.

Tick… tick… tick…

And now, your slightly rained-on thefoulline.com quick hits:

  • I hate to write anything pro-Yankee, but it’s hard as a baseball fan not to appreciate everything that Mariano Rivera has accomplished over his illustrious career. He has epitomized class while performing at the highest level in the game, all while playing in most scrutinized city in the world. He announced his retirement, effective at the end of the 2013 season. MLB needs to waive the five-year waiting period and induct him into the Hall of Fame immediately after his last game. He’s been a great ambassador of the game and deserving of this honor. He’s earned it… even if he is a damn Yankee.
  • Al Roker in a New York Yankees uniform photo by Mark Feinsand

  • How does Kyle Lohse not have a job yet?
  • You think you’re having a bad day? Jordany Valdespin took a Justin Verlander fastball to his nuts yesterday.
  • Back to my regularly scheduled Yankee bashing… The New York Yankees are cursed this year, and I love it. With the rash of injuries that New York has suffered already this year (A-Rod, Granderson, Teixiera, Cashman), I can’t name five starters. They have fewer well-known players in their starting lineup than the Houston Astros. Brian Cashman is so desperate to field a “quality” team, that he tried to lure Chipper Jones out of retirement. When you have this guy suiting up for you, you’re in for a long year.
  • I love baseball, but going to watch the Rays/Yankees game in the rain with only scrubs playing might be the low point of my week. At least I’ll get to meet the Foul Line guys.
  • Ginger has written two posts for thefoulline.com and has had the most comments of anything that has been written over the past year. Should she try to write something on a regular basis?
  • Don’t forget to follow Yaysports: Real Talk Radio on Facebook.

Enjoy your week!

25 Responses to “Tick Tock”

  1. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    It was alot of fun to hang out, but my god that was the most boring baseball game I have ever been too… We literally left right after you did and went to hooters. Which was more exciting then anything that happened on that baseball field all day.

    Chefdick has to take Miggy! Unless he takes Braun or Trout that is. Top 3 could be a coinflip, and there’s Mike waiting in the wings at 3 to get whatever is left. Great spot for him.

  2. Allan Says:

    First off, Great post, Dave. I was laughing the ENTIRE post. No my day was not as bad as Jordany Valdespin…lol

    Good meeting you, Dave. And yes, Mike and I are a couple of drunks. lol

    Thanks for the shout out to Yaysports!!!!

  3. Allan Says:

    I forgot to mention my yellow shirt. I’m kind of surprised nobody called me out.,

  4. sportsmanMike Says:

    I’m liking the post. Pleasure to meet you, Dave. I wish you would have given me some sort of insight on who you are leaning towards in your first round pick… Just try not to break my hand next time we meet….lol

  5. Dave Says:

    It was nice to meet you guys also. I have no insight on who I’m taking, I promise. It’s funny you mentioned the handshake, I was thinking after I left that Allan crushed my hand on the handshake. Too funny

  6. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Listen to all of you… “Worrying” about your draft position, when it is I who have the hardest pick in the whole draft!

  7. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Dave wrote this in his post on Feb 15th

    “The first three picks in the draft in no particular order will be: Braun, Trout & Miggy. This is is the first time I’ve ever wanted to be in the top 3. I’d gladly take any of those 3.”

    Now he’s all worked up that he got EXACTLY the pick he wanted! So hard to please!

  8. Allan Says:

    Yea, I figured I’d pay you back after almost breaking my hand. You caught me off guard. Lol

  9. Dave Says:

    I changed my mind. i want the #7 pick instead.I didn’t mean to crush hands fellas, I was just so excited to see you guys. It must be my old man strength! Damn.. Whipper-snappers

  10. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Well Ginger said it’s all custom… So i’ll trade you my 7th pick and a 12th round pick for your 2nd overall pick. Lets get it done!

  11. Dave Says:

    Maybe the 7th & the 12th overall.

  12. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Now your just playing hardball!

  13. Allan Says:

    Dave, I’ll give you the 10th and 11th for you #2 pick!

  14. Dave Says:

    Lets do it!

  15. Allan Says:

    Ehhh…im good. Lol

  16. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    For the first time in thefoulline.com’s history, Allan has managed to send a trade offer, and then withdraw it…. Here on the site!

  17. Dave Says:

    I’m shocked!

  18. BDog Says:

    Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I checked in, so i’ll throw my two cents out there.

    Dave, if he is available, take Mike Trout! This guy is a fantasy machine. He went the pick before I could get him in my fantasy draft…

    I agree with you about Mo Rivera… Class act

    Poor guy, should have worn a cup! At 2nd base you always do….

    The Yankees are gonna SUCK this year, and it’s hilarious. My Rockies might win more games!

    Great post

  19. The Oct Boys Says:

    Hey, it was great meeting you guys at the game, some pretty impressive baseball knowlage going around, I love it. Great post as always Dave, I love that you can set aside your blinding Yankee hatred long enough to give great baseball guys their due. Class act. As for the draft, I agree that the top three seem like a lock. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see a surprise Cano or Kemp pick, I think both could have huge years! I would also like to announce that, with league approval, have asked my brother to join The October Boys as Co-manager. My brother and business partner have a tradition of doing things together so it only seems fitting that we manage our this team together until another spot becomes available in the league. I must warn you that Dave is a top notch baseball guy and together we are a powerhouse. (Yep, that was some smack talk). Looking forward to a great season!!!

  20. Dave Says:

    Thanks Dennis.. You and your brother don’t scare me! I like you mini-draft analysts.. You might be on to something…

  21. Allan Says:

    Hey Dennis, it was great meeting you and your brother. Dave has a lot of baseball knowledge, I was almost afraid I couldn’t keep up. Coming from me, I would love to see your brother as your co-manager. It truly brings even more competition to an already HIGHLY competitive league.

  22. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    I agree with all of you. If we couldn’t bring Dave in on a full time basis, then having him co manage Dennis’ team is a great idea. Im looking forward to The Oct Boys being a serious contender in there 2nd year in the league.

  23. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Fun fact, with the recent activity of posts on thefoulline.com, more so then in years past, if you scroll down the entire first page of the site is now covered in posts from the current calender year. That hasn’t happened since 2008. Nice job guys! Keep em coming!

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