You’re the Best

There are a few things I would rather be doing today. Getting a root canal, finding a jury summons in the mail, passing a kidney stone, stepping on a Lego… Any of those would be preferable to this… Having to to write the 2012 fantasy baseball champion post for Dan Mckewen and his Rays those Cowbells.

For some strange reason, our league doesn’t award a trophy to each year’s winner. Instead, you get a few paragraphs noting your great accomplishment. But I will tell you this: if Dan wins back-to-back titles, I may hijack the Lord Stanley Cup trophy to hand out to him. It might be easier than having to write this two years in a row.

In spring of 2008, things were going great on The Red Sox had just won another World Series title, and we had a loyal following and a steady stream of new posts. But despite all of the positives on the site, we were missing something. Everyone who commented on the site was a Red Sox fan. I appreciated their insight, but we all shared similar opinions. We were in desperate need of someone with a different perspective. We needed a villain.

This all changed on May 18th, on a post titled Like the Weather. A young, brash, opinionated Dan Mckewen had randomly Googled, “awesome baseball blogs written by really cool guys” and stumbled upon This was a post written in a derogatory manner that Dan did not appreciate, and he came out guns blazing in the comments section. Like Batman & the Joker, Rocky & Drago, and Buzz Lightyear & Zurg, it was vs. Dan the #1 Rays Fan. We had our bad guy.

For a long time, no matter what Dan commented on, he received a bunch of abuse. He was pro-Rays on a Red Sox-dominated site. We were relentless on him. But no matter what we said to him, Dan kept coming back to the site and stating his opinions. We couldn’t get rid of him.

As time passed, we began to appreciate Dan’s loyalty to the site, even awarding him a coveted spot in our fantasy league (after his incessant begging). For four seasons, Dan has been all-in. He is arguably the most passionate owner in the league. The first couple of seasons, some may even say he was too passionate. Young Dan drove us a little nuts his first couple of seasons, and he will admit that his buttons were easily pushed. He was frustrated when trades didn’t go in his favor, or when Grady Sizemore got injured. He complained when he missed the playoffs. Then, after finally making the playoffs, he complained about losing in the finals in what is known in the league as “Tulo-gate.” He had a million excuses.

But here’s what I finally realized about Dan: He knows his baseball.

As much as it pains me, I have to admit Dan has matured. He’s a super-smart baseball mind, a tough competitor, and a loyal Rays fan. He has the only team in the league that has gotten better every year, finally culminating in his first and well-deserved baseball championship.

I’ve said a million times how hard it is just to make the playoffs in our league. To win a title is unreal (not that I know), and to dethrone the three-time champ while doing so is ridiculous.

We appreciate all of your support to the site. You’re our most loyal contributor and a great ambassador to thefoulline. Thanks for spreading the word about our little blog. I’m glad we didn’t run you off in 2008!

Congratulations on winning the title, Daniel-san. You really are the best around.


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  1. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    Congrats to Daniel-San.

  2. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Wow…. I feel like I was taken on a stroll through memory lane of my entire 5 year tenure at…. What a post! Without a doubt, slam dunk, my favorite post you have ever done. Was it because it was all about me? Perhaps… But still an amazing post regardless.

    I can’t believe what an idiot I was… Back in those days, if somebody insulted my Rays, I was ready to bust out the heymakers and break a beer bottle in half. Now I just hit them with knowledge and insights… My how times have changed. I DO feel like i’ve matured in the last 5 years.

    I kept coming back to the site because I was in the same situation… I needed somebody to talk baseball with, and I needed a villian as well. I got 6 of them instead, and that made it even better. That and I was getting the best baseball talk in all the land was a nice bonus. That’s why i kept coming back.

    Thanks for all the kind words Dave… I can’t wait until my champions post next year! Looking forward to it!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Great post Dave. Congrats Dan, but next years post will be about a 20 year friendship and a diehard Yankee fan!

  4. Th October Boys Says:


  5. Dave Says:

    Who’s going to write my champion post when I win it?

  6. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Who’s bringing the hot water to unfreeze hell?

  7. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Hey Dennis and Willis

    Thanks for the congratulations. It’s all you foulliners that make playing in this league so much fun every single year. We have without a doubt the best baseball league in the entire world and im honored to be a part of it, and represent as your champion.

    I hope you guys can make it to our first of several “ chat nights” on April 12th when the Rays play the Sox. We’re going to be using the RARELY used chat feature on the site’s header, and Allan and I are hoping that you two, both Dave’s, Ginger, and all the other foulliners can make it. I know its a ways away, but something this fun has to be planned in advance!

  8. BDog Says:

    Man…. You guys let DAN win your league? Shame on all of you… Just don’t let him repeat!

    Can I come to the chat night you were talking about? If so, I’ll be there… I would love to talk baseball with knowledgeable people.

  9. Dave Says:

    We let him win… We all regret it. You are always welcome to chat with us Bdog. Thanks for checking in!

  10. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Of course you are welcome at our chat night BDog! The more the merrier.

    Breaking News into the Rays Those Cowbells war room. I now officially have the inside scoop for the two players Allan is taking at 10 and 11.

  11. Allan Says:

    Dan thinks he does. Lol

  12. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    One thing we need to do ASAP is pick the names of the divisions. “divisions 1 and 2” are really lame.

  13. Dave Says:

    We’re wracking our brains trying to think of new division names. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  14. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Legends and Champions?

  15. Allan Says:

    Ball Busters & wood wackers.

  16. Dave Says:

    Lets hear some more ideas… We were thinking naming them after great/notorious/character players or managers…
    A Francona and a Maddon division?
    Ted Williams & Willie mays ?

  17. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Bonds and Clemens? lol

  18. Allan Says:

    Fried Chicken & Beer

  19. Ginger Says:

    Fried chicken and beer gets my vote!

  20. Dave Says:

    Keep em coming!

  21. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Lugo and Drew

  22. Dave Says:

    We’ve talked about the Lugo & Drew divisions.. I like that one!

  23. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    The Fried Chicken division and the Beer division….. Not bad.

  24. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Although Lugo and Drew is great too… I leave with you guys

  25. Dave Says:

    Sounds like its time for a poll!

  26. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    I think a poll could settle this nicely….

  27. Dave Says:

    The people have spoken! Chicken & beer it is… Nice job Allan

  28. Allan Says:


  29. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Hey guys, one minor problem with the divisions. You guys wrote it as “fried chicken division” and “Beer division”. But the word division is already put in, so right now it reads as “Fried Chicken division division”, and “Beer division division”.

    So if you take out the word division, and just put “Fried Chicken” and “Beer”, then the “division” is already added on.

    Go to the standings to check out what I mean.

  30. Dave Says:

    Our IT department will take care of it

  31. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    So we have our division names… How interesting! This is going to be without a doubt the funnest year yet!

    6 days

  32. Allan Says:

    I’m READY!!!

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