Please Go Away

Wasn’t 2014 a great baseball season?

The World Series was awesome and came down to the final out. The Royals’ postseason run was amazing to watch. Derek Jeter’s farewell tour was both fitting and well deserved, and Bud Selig finally stepped down after years of ignoring small-market teams.

But the best part of the 2014 season?

Alex Rodriguez was nowhere to be found.

© New York Post
© New York Post

I must admit, I thought this was the end for A-Rod. I figured there would be no way he could return after taking an entire season off. I thought his steroid riddled body would finally break down and his crappy skill set would be gone for good. But no, that glorious day will have to wait.

Seriously, is there a bigger clown in baseball in the last 30 years than this guy? He cheats the game, cheats on his wife, cheats the Yankees out of buckets of cash, and cheats us fans at the opportunity to see him limp out of the game unceremoniously after his one-year suspension.

The latest line of garbage is that A-Rod wants to meet Brian Cashman and the Yankees face to face, to “clear the air.” How he can say this with a straight face I have no idea. The Yankees have tried everything in their power to get rid of him, short of eating the $150 million or whatever is left on his contract to make him go away. Maybe it’s worth it?

I don’t know what he has to gain from continuing to embarrass himself like this. Is money really THIS important to him? So much so that he would be willing to endure the sandstorm of jeering and ridicule heading his way this year? Or could it be that he desperately wants to break baseball records so that he can taint them in some form of “revenge” against everyone?

Whatever it is, I guess one good thing comes from all this. He’s giving baseball fans all around the country one last chance to tell him how we really feel about him. It’s the Alex Rodriguez farewell tour.

Much like his chances of being voted into the Hall of Fame, let’s just hope it ends quickly.

5 Responses to “Please Go Away”

  1. Allan Says:

    If you really think about it, you’re contributing to why Alex Rodriguez is returning to the baseball field.

    Why leave the game when people continue to take time out of their day to write or even talk about you publicly?

    As long as you’re still relevant in any type of way, then why retire? He is still getting paid heavily and people continue to bring his name up on sports talk all over the globe. Good or bad, it’s still headline news.

    The best way to make A-Rod go away is to stop talking about him. Pretend he never even existed. Then, he may crawl into a hole and disappear.

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    We tried that. He was suspended for an entire year. He was completely away from the game and NOBODY ever brought his name up.

    He came back. lol

  3. Dave Says:

    He’s like Jason from Friday the 13th

  4. Allan Says:

    A A A A Raw Raw Raw Rod. Lol

  5. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The worst thing is he’ll probably be refreshed and recharged from his vacation, and come back and have a great year.

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