Dethroning Allan, Week Eight

Bit of a low scoring week in fantasy land. Only three teams cracked the 300 point barrier. Luckily for our #1 team in the power rankings, he was one of these teams. Unfortunately for him however,  he was facing one of these such teams. Team sportsmanMike got a great week from his team, and scored one of the biggest wins of his career, getting back to .500 in the process.

Elsewhere around the league, the Love Boat Captains bounced back, the Yankeehaters romped Believe The Hype in a matchup of bitter rivals, and the “bad” RedRays showed up again as that teams trend of frustrating inconsistency continued.

Side note: Kyle Lohse sucks.

So lets get to the rankings!


Week Eight Power Rankings

1) Love Boat Captains- A solid win vaults Ginger back into the #1 spot. You have to figure that Anthony Rendon will return at some point right? She’s essentially played the entire year without a 3rd round pick. I know the feeling.

2) Yankeehaters- A complete beatdown. Allan was never in this game, at any point. Dave grabs the lead in the season scoring title race and retakes first place in the Fried Chicken Division. If he can just get through this week, he has a easy cupcake matchup with Rays Those Cowbells waiting for him in week 10.

3) WillisBeTheYear- Not much you can say here. Willis had a great week, just ran into someone who had a really great week. This is still easily one of the best teams in the league.

4) RedRays- The bad news is that the bad RedRays showed up this week and took a bad loss. The good news is that probably means the RedRays will score 350 this week. The best news is that he’s playing Rays Those Cowbells this week. Expect the RedRays to easily get back into the win column this week.

5) sportsmanMike- If we had a fantasy “MVP”, it would without a doubt be Paul Goldschmidt. It’s not that he’s the “best” player, but does anyone mean more to their team this year than he does? He is absolutely carrying Mike this year. Team SM sits at .500 and is on a roll. The possibilities are endless from here.

6) Panda the Hammer- Sam got zero points from a banged up Johnny Cueto and was still able to squeeze out a tough win that came down to late Sunday afternoon. It hasn’t been pretty at times, but Sam is in a position to grab a share of first place in the Fried Chicken division if he can beat the Yankeehaters this week.

7) Stogies- Did you ever think you’d see a week where Edwin Encarnacion put up zero points? Did you ever think his owner would win by 50 points in said week? Alfredo Simon didn’t even start a game and he still won. I’ve said it every week and i’ll say it again. Still the best offense in the league.

8) The October Boys- I think this team is going to go on a big winning streak soon. He’s getting Tanaka back, Tulowitzki is beginning to break out a little bit, Lester and Bumgarner have been dominating lately…. This is a team that you’re going to underestimate, and then you’ll look up and he’s won 5 in a row.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Stephen Strasburg went on the DL! Eliminating a huge hole in my rotation. Believe it or not, I still actually really like my team. They just keep losing for some reason. Maybe this is a good collection of talent that just can’t win together? Maybe I should make a bunch of deals? Maybe I should trade Matt Harvey to the Yankeehaters for Phil Hughes? I’m open to suggestions.

10) Believe The Hype- Not much to say here unfortunately. The good news is there is so much parity in our league, that Allan is still only two games back of a playoff spot. Sometimes you just gotta hang in there and grind until your luck turns. I started 4-9 in 2013 and made the playoffs. Never give up.


Game of the Week

Love Boat Captains vs sportsmanMike

Can Mike take down the #1 team in the power rankings for the second week in a row? I’m really curious to see how this matchup goes. Confidence is really high in the sportsmanMike camp.


Good luck to everyone in Week 9!


3 Responses to “Dethroning Allan, Week Eight”

  1. SportsmanMike Says:

    Another well written “Dethroning Allan” post. I feel like my team is starting to “snow ball”. Can Goldschmidt be stopped?

  2. Allan Says:

    I’m going to make the playoffs and win it all. Mark my words. Lol

  3. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    No I don’t think he can be stopped… Maybe you should make him available to aquire via trade?

    That’s the spirit Allan!

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