Dethroning Allan, Week Fifteen

The short week in fantasy is always a huge wild card. Anything can happen in a three day week, as hitters can be cold from days off and PSR’s get all jacked up. It’s the worst week of the season.

Fortunately for most of our contenders, they were able to grind through and pull out big wins. When you can grab a victory in the short week, it almost feels like a “cheap win” because you didn’t have to go through the long seven day grind to earn it. It can be a real boost to your playoff chances.

Let’s get to some rankings


Week Fifteen Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Scored 232 points in a three day week. Are you serious? Willis is now my arch-enemy.

2) sportsmanMike- Didn’t set his lineup and still somehow won. It really just might be his year.

3) Yankeehaters- Had four players score 0 points and still managed to scrape a five point win. I still think Dave needs another pitcher.

4) Love Boat Captains- Is Zack Grienke and Jake Arrieta the best dynamic duo in the league? These guys are lights out every single time they take they mound. Grienke has to be the front-runner for the CY Young right now.

5) RedRays- Another team that fell victim to not setting a lineup. Can we just petition to have the short week eliminated and call it a bye week?

6) Panda the Hammer- A two-game winning streak is threatening to get him back in it. Does Sam have a great run in him in the 2nd half? Cueto being traded to a contender could boost his value and get him more victories in the 2nd half.

7) Stogies- Terrible week for team Stogies. Faced a team that basically punted and gave up on the week, starting only 2 PSRs, and yet still couldn’t find a way to get a win. Please cut Justin Verlander. He’s utterly useless.

8) Rays Those Cowbells- Scored the 2nd-highest points in the league and lost, again. Whatever

9) The October Boys- Can trading for Bryce Harper boost this team? Even at 5-10, the mediocre Beer division isn’t out of reach. This team needs a real first baseman.

10) Believe The Hype- True to form, Allan is still fighting hard. Could’ve won this week, just ran into Zack Grienke.


Game of the Week

sportsmanMike vs Love Boat Captains

Two strong contenders face off. Mike needs to keep pace in the Fried Chicken division and Ginger needs to maintain her lead in the Beer division. An intriguing match-up.


Good luck to everyone in Week 16.

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