Dethroning Allan, Week Eighteen

This week was all about change in fantasy land. The trade deadline was chaotic and several teams made big changes to their roster hoping to fortify their standing in the playoff push. It was a hetic day for sure.

Not to mention the changes we’ve had in the standings. For two months now, the four playoff teams looked to be set in stone. WillisBeTheYear, Yankeehaters, Love Boat Captains and sportsmanMike. Well slumps by teams at the top and winning streaks from teams at the bottom have thrown everything upside down, and now as many as nine teams have at least a chance at a playoff spot. It’s getting crazy. Let’s get to some rankings.


Week Eighteen Power Rankings

1) Love Boat Captains- That’s right, we have our first change at the top since week eight. Everything is coming up LBC’s right now, as a four game winning streak has put a choke hold on the beer division. Carlos Gonzalez might end up being the waiver claim of the year.

2) WillisBeTheYear- Yikes. As recently as two weeks ago, this team was looking unbeatable. Injuries and trades have left this rotation in tatters. Jose Fernandez and Corey Kluber are gone, and the rest of the rotation outside of Kershaw and Kuechel? There’s just nothing there. This is still a good team, but nobody in the league is going to regret standing pat at the trade deadline more than Willis.

3) Yankeehaters- The bad news? This team hasn’t cracked 300 points since early July and was just waxed by his arch-rival. The good news? Nobody at the trade deadline improved their team more than Dave. He turned Mike Trout and Noah Syndergaard into Madison Bumgarner, Chris Davis, Kyle Schwarber and Carlos Correa.

4) sportsmanMike- Mayday! This team is in free fall mode. Once a near lock for the playoffs, he’s now only a game up with six to play. The difference between this year and years past? Mike is making moves to do something about it. Pitching depth has been this team’s downfall all year, so Mike traded Chris Sale and turned one great pitcher into three really good ones. That trade could make all the difference for this team.

5) Panda the Hammer- Remember a few weeks ago when I declared this team all but dead? A recent surge has Sam only one game back of a playoff spot, and has plenty of games against the contenders down the stretch. Good on you for not giving up when a lot of people would have. This team can control it’s own destiny with a strong finish.

6) RedRays- Eighteen weeks into the season and I still can’t figure out if this team is a contender or not. Just when I’m ready to write him off and bury him, he has a great performance and gets a big win to put himself into the conversation. I think he’ll ultimately fall short, but he’s gonna scratch and claw until the very end. I expect nothing less from the RedRays.

7) Stogies- Had just an awful week and got blown out by Panda the Hammer by 160 points in a huge game for playoff positioning. This rookie has a lot of talent and will do great things in this league, but it’s not going to be this season.

8) Rays Those Cowbells- It’s been a really crappy season so far, but I can take comfort in two things. Beating the Yankeehaters by 150 points, and knowing that NOBODY in this league wants to see me on their schedule down the stretch. I have an outside chance at the playoffs, but there’s a lot of teams in front of me. I’m going to fight until the end though, I always do.

9) The October Boys- Had a really good week, but it’s probably too little too late for my preseason pick to win it all. He’s brought Bryce Harper and Mike Trout into the fold again, but re-trading for players you drafted in the first place probably isn’t a recipe for success. This team has traded Madison Bumgarner like nine times this season.

10) Believe The Hype- It’s just so tough to trust Adrian Peterson with your first overall pick after he had an entire year off from football. Is it safer to take Eddie Lacy? Or maybe go with a WR? At least he has options.


Game of the Week

sportsmanMike vs Love Boat Captains

The most important game Mike has ever played in this league. He has got to bear down and find a way to beat the hottest team in the league. It’s gut check time in the sportsmanMike camp.


Good luck to everyone in Week 19.



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