Dethroning Allan, Week Twenty

This could be shaping up as one of the most exciting finishes we’ve ever had. Has there ever been a season in which we’ve had NINE teams within striking distance heading into the final four weeks? It’s crazy how things are shaping up. Let’s not waste anymore time, let’s get to these rankings!


Week Twenty Power Rankings

1) Yankeehaters- A new clear favorite for the title? His opponent scored 350+ and he still won. This was Dave’s best week of the season and he appears to be rounding into form heading into the final weeks. Dave becomes the first team to officially clinch a playoff spot with a victory.

2) sportsmanMike- Would’ve blown out his opponent by a lot more if all his pitchers hadn’t inexplicably had terrible performances from Wednesday on. He’s weathered that tough stretch and is regaining a stranglehold on his path to the playoffs. AJ Pollock is the most underrated player in baseball. He’s the new Carlos Gomez with a better batting average and way fewer strikeouts.

3) Love Boat Captains- Not a bad performance, but ran into a really hot Rays Those Cowbells team. Her once huge division lead is really tightening up, but she probably has the easiest schedule down the stretch of all the contenders.

4) WillisBeTheYear- No team this season had put up 350 and lost until now. A three game losing streak can’t be fun, but this team appears to have gotten back on track. Unfortunately a really tough game with team sportsmanMike awaits.

5) Rays Those Cowbells- If not for this team’s record, I’d have them ranked 2nd. Some really bad luck allowed me to pile on the losses earlier in the season, but make no mistake, this team is one of the best in the league, regardless of if they make the final four or not. My confidence in myself has returned after a really shaky 2014.

6) Panda the Hammer-Laid a complete egg in the biggest game of the season. This loss doesn’t officially close the door, but he’s two games back with four to play and wouldn’t win ANY of the tiebreakers with the teams in front of him. So in reality, he’s three games back with four to play. Needs to win out to have any kind of shot.

7) The October Boys- Quietly on a three game winning streak and is among a gaggle of teams at 9-11. I’ve thought this team was better than it’s record all year long. Maybe I’ll be proven right in the end.

8) RedRays- The return of Miguel Cabrera has boosted the lineup, but the slump of Max Scherzer was the official death blow to this team. Not officially out of it, anything can happen, but I don’t think this is the team to make that run.

9) Stogies- This team has the lowest “point total to talent” ratio I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at his offensive roster, look at Felix and Hamels. Why is this the 2nd lowest scoring team in the league? I don’t get it.

10) Believe The Hype- Just a nightmare. If I told Allan before the season that nine teams would be within striking distance heading into September, and he was the only that wasn’t, he would’ve laughed at me and called me crazy. Just been one of those years.


Game of the Week

WillisBeTheYear vs sportsmanMike

A hugely important game for playoff positioning. Winner might all but lock up a spot.


Good luck to everyone in Week 21.

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