Ten Years Later

As we enter the 10th season of thefoulline.com fantasy baseball league, there’s two things that I have learned in the past decade.

  1. The draft is not as important as you think.
  2. Nobody wants to read a long intro to the draft recap.

So let’s stop wasting time shall we? It’s thefoulline.com draft day diary!

Allan Keeps His Word

I feel like a broken record here, but once again, the CBS rankings are an absolute abomination. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even look at them anymore and was using my fantasy baseball magazine in front of me as a point of reference. We really deserve better at this point.

Allan gets the first overall pick! Let’s welcome Mike Trout to team Believe The Hype. A perfect start to rebound from two straight horrible campaigns. Nope! In typical Allan fashion, he takes Kris Bryant. Probably a great pick! But will Allan even conform to conventional wisdom?

I take six seconds to draft Mike Trout. The best player in the world, at second overall. An absolute steal.

Dylan autodrafts Clayton Kershaw. But the word on the street is that he wanted Clayton Kershaw anyway. So I guess good pick?

Mike wants Mookie Betts! He really wants Mookie Betts! I promise! Nope, he takes Nolan Arenado, and the first round has it’s first surprise.

Team RedRays forgets that Paul Goldschmidt is still on the board and selects Anthony Rizzo at #5.

The best second baseman in the world goes to Willis at #6.

If there was any player I had pegged for a certain spot this year, it was Goldy to the Love Boat Captains. I had heard rumors she wanted Rizzo, but gets an even better player here. Typical LBCs.

The freefall ends for Mookie Betts, and he finally has a home at 8th overall to the October Boys. This is a steal.

Bryce Harper goes 9th to team Stogies. This is the biggest risk/reward player in fantasy baseball. He could hit 50 bombs and finish as the #1 overall player, or miss 75 games with a pulled eyelash. There’s no middle ground.

Dave gets Manny Machado with the final pick of the first round. When I pick near the back of the draft, I get Giancarlo Stanton. Yeah, life’s fair. Great pick Dave, you lucky bastard.

Round Two

The Champion takes Carlos Correa to finish off his double dip. His left side of the infield is covered by two monsters under the age of 25. Maybe we really are all playing for second place again.

Team Stogies needs an ace. He settles for Max Scherzer, the second best pitcher in baseball. That’ll work!

The October Boys grab Corey Kluber at #13. I really like the player, on a great team, but Madison Bumgarner and Chris Sale are both better pitchers and were still on the board here.

I would’ve bet everything in my bank account that the Love Boat Captains take Corey Seager with this pick. I owe Ginger all my money as Trea Turner finds a home with team LBCs.

If there was one player that I thought would fall in the draft this year it was Josh Donaldson. He’s getting older, and he’s already nicked up. But it’s first round production at a mid-second round prize. Willis strikes gold here.

Madison Bumgarner goes to team RedRays. It’s become almost boring how good this guy is. He just never seems to get the respect he deserves.

I think we need to schedule an intervention for Mike. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous at this point. Chris Sale goes to team sportsmanMike in the most predictable pick of the draft.

Dylan is in the house! He makes his own pick and Charlie Blackmon is the first hitter for team Roger Dorn.

I know what everyone was expecting. Noah Syndergaard goes to Rays Those Cowbells here. And the old Dan probably would’ve made that pick. But not this year! I’m changing up the game and Corey Seager lands on team RTCs.

Allan ends any thought to me maybe stealing Syndergaard anyway on the turnaround and grabs his ace with the final pick of round two. So far, it looks like everyone is on their game.

Round Three

Things start to get weird as Allan takes Andrew Benintendi at 21st overall.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that Benintendi’s average draft position was over 100.

The second I got the 2nd overall pick, I knew what my early third round pick would be. Edwin Encarnacion and his 40 HRs and 120 RBI find a home on team RTCs. The best hitter on the AL Champions, Money.

Joey Votto goes to team Roger Dorn at 23rd overall. Somewhere far away, silently, a single tear slides down Ginger’s cheek, remembering fond years past.

Mike has his Chris Sale, but decides he needs another lefty ace. Jon Lester will fit that bill nicely. A nice dynamic duo for Mike.

The RedRays select Justin Turner. I don’t get this, at all. I feel like he would’ve been on the board 50 picks later. Am I missing something? He was solid last year, but no more than that.

The dreaded autodraft is back in action as Willis falls asleep or something and Justin Verlander finds his way off the board.

Every year you can count on Ginger drafting young, stud middle infielders. Francisco Lindor is no exception. He’s got a high floor and is only getting better. Great pick.

Dennis goes with the “Great pitcher on a great team” formula and Jake Arrieta is the pick for the October Boys. This strategy rarely fails. Nice and safe.

AJ Pollock is such a wild card pick. He could get hurt again, or he could swipe 40 bases and hit 25 HRs. Dave V is a braver man than me.

Dave follows up his amazing first two picks by whiffing and grabbing Johnny Cueto. Sorry, but I’ll just never trust this guy, ever.

Round Four

Freddie Freeman finally broke out in the power department last year. Can he repeat it? Dave sure seems to think so. He believe in him more than Miggy Cabrera, who was still on the board.

But he’s not on the board for long, as Cabrera goes pick #32 to team Stogies. This is great value. I get he’s older, but he still slipped about 10 picks too far.

Dennis runs out of time but obviously set up his queue, as Masahiro Tanaka goes to the October Boys for the 16th consecutive season. I don’t get your obsession with this guy. He kinda sucks.

Can Daniel Murphy repeat his amazing 2016? He was just drafted by the Love Boat Captains, so the answer will be a resounding “Yes”.

If there was one player I thought would go a round too early, it was George Springer. The talent is worth reaching for. Willis makes a great pick here.

The RedRays take the 2nd baseman for the 2017 “all bust team” in Jean Segura. He’s okay, but last year ain’t happening again.

Mike nabs Xander Bogaerts and keeps adding Red Sox players to his roster. If Mike has his way, they’ll win the AL East.

Remember the “all bust team” that I mentioned? Well Rick Porcello is the opening day starter. He wasn’t even on my board, but hey, maybe Dylan has more faith in him than I do.

If there was one pitcher I absolutely had to have, it was Jacob deGrom. 2016 was a health related fluke, and he just hit 100 MPH in a spring training start yesterday. Buy, buy, buy.

Allan texted me after the draft that he was thrilled to get Kyle Hendricks with this pick. I hate it, but it’s hard to fault him when there was such conviction behind it. I hope it works out for you.

Maybe it’s just me, but round four seemed like a mediocre round by our standards. I think a lot of us are going to look back on this round with disappointment at the end of the year.

Round Five

Allan believe the hype on Giancarlo Stanton. I just barfed on my keyboard. I will NEVER be suckered in by this guy again. I’m glad he’s someone else’s problem.

I reach a little bit and nab Kyle Schwarber about 40 picks before his average draft position. It’s a risk that could backfire, but he’s a young stud batting in front of Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. And round five seems like a good spot to gamble.

It takes only FIVE seconds for Dylan to draft Jackie Bradley Jr. He knows what he wants and doesn’t wait around, I respect that!

Mike is all in on the Rockies this year, and takes another Colorado big bat in Carlos Gonzalez. When in doubt, go with Coors Field!

Every year around the fifth or sixth round, somebody breaks the ice on closers and grabs the first one. This year it’s the RedRays, and Kenley Jansen is the pick.

Did Willis falls asleep again? He just autodrafted Brian Dozier. I’d like this pick a lot more if he was in a better lineup. Maybe he’ll get traded to the Dodgers still!

Ginger can’t ignore the value anymore and takes the sliding Stephen Strasburg. See Giancarlo Stanton for thoughts on this pick.

Dennis hits a home run here and grabs Jonathan Villar. I LOVE this pick! He reminds me of Carl Crawford. The Devil Rays terror on the basepaths, not the Red Sox reject.

Robinson Cano had a huge bounce back season last year and will fill team Stogies second base position quite nicely. Nice pick.

Yu Darvish is a really good pitcher with amazing strikeout potential. I can’t blame people for liking him, but he just isn’t for me. But he is Dave’s number two starter, not his number one, so it will work out nicely for him.

Rounds 6-10: Where Championships Are Won

Believe The Hype: JD Martinez, Chris Davis, Todd Frazier, Dallas Keuchel, Michael Fulmer.

This is a nice solid run of picks for Allan. Martinez and Davis are mashers, and will combine to add 70 HRs to his lineup. Todd Frazier and Dallas Keuchel are solid veterans, and he got good value at the slots that he selected them at. Michael Fulmer is a really great pick. He’s a young stud, pitching on a contender, and is only getting better. You wanna redeem yourself after two horrible seasons? This is how you do it. Nice drafting Allan.

Rays Those Cowbells: Chris Archer, Nelson Cruz, Danny Salazar, Felix Hernandez, Dee Gordon.

This is exactly the run of picks I was hoping for. A mix of youth, and established great veterans. Chris Archer is on a mission to prove last year was a fluke. and the Rays team will be a lot better than last years. Nelson Cruz is a lock for 40 bombs and has been absolutely mashing in the WBC. I have no idea how he lasted until round seven. Danny Salazar is probably my favorite young arm in baseball and pitches for the best team in the American League, and Felix Hernandez just hit 94 MPH in his spring training start and dominated the United States in the WBC. I’m thinking a bounceback is coming. Dee Gordon is a juicer and I don’t like him, but a full season should net 50 steals from him.

Roger Dorn: Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez, Zack Greinke, Ben Zobrist, Cody Allen.

Has Dylan reached his quota on Red Sox players? I lost track, but he drafted like eight of them. I would go into depth on all these picks, but he autodrafted four out of the five. If he didn’t bother, I figure I won’t either. Pretty much all these guys are over the age of 30 and on the decline. There’s nothing to be excited about here.

sportsmanMike: Wil Myers, Christian Yelich, Jose Bautista, Jonathan Lucroy, Aaron Sanchez.

This is really good stuff here. A nice mix of rising stars and veteran studs. Wil Myers probably had the quietest breakout in all of MLB last year because he played for the horrible Padres. Christian Yelich finally stayed healthy and developed a little bit of power, and Aaron Sanchez is a hard throwing flamethrower who gets a ton of ground balls and pitches behind a really good offense. Joey Bats still has something left. Don’t believe me? Go watch him mash a three run jack in the WBC. Health is all that will hold him back this year, and Jonathan Lucroy is a top three catcher in a great hitters park. Mike has made the playoffs in two straight seasons, and this run of picks can help make it three.

RedRays: Cole Hamels, Ryan Braun, DJ LeMahieu, J.A. Happ, Jose Ramirez.

I feel like I’m picking on the RedRays, and have been throughout this entire recap, but I’m just not excited about this run of picks. I will say that I can get behind any hitter playing in Coors Field, but Hamels and Braun are getting older, Happ is overrated and rode huge amounts of run support to a 20 win season, and the consensus seems to be that Jose Ramirez is a nice player that reached his peak last year. Please don’t hate me, I promise I’m a nice guy….. But I just really hated your draft.

WillisBeTheYear: Carlos Carrasco, David Price, Buster Posey, Trevor Story, Aroldis Chapman.

Whoa! This is scary run of picks. Health might be the only thing standing between winning a league title with this run here. Carrasco and Price are two aces that he got in round six and seven, Buster Posey is the best catcher in baseball, and Aroldis Chapman is the best closer in baseball. Trevor Story is a young stud that mashes in Coors Field. If Price and Carrasco stay healthy…. This is the kind of run of picks that go into thefoulline.com hall of fame.

Love Boat Captains: Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Quintana, Matt Carpenter, Julio Teheran, Gregory Polanco.

Is Jose Quintana the Love Boat Captains Chris Sale? She ends up with him every single season! And it’s always around the same round too. Hey if it ain’t broke…. Speaking of not broke, Matt Carpenter’s back better be broken, because that’s the only way he should’ve lasted until round eight. Yoenis Cespedes is good for 30 HRs, and I completely forgot about Polanco and felt shame when she made this selection. Teheran is a classic Ginger pitcher, solid, gets the job done. For someone who hates the draft, Ginger sure nails it every year. It’s annoying that she can do half the prep work the rest of us do, and still have runs of picks like this.

The October Boys: Starling Marte, Gary Sanchez, Jose Abreu, Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Richards.

My preseason pick in 2016 to take home the title shows why with this run of picks. I considered Marte in round three, so I’d say to get him in round six is pretty solid value. If there was anyone in the league who I thought would jump aboard the Gary Sanchez hype train, it was Dennis. I expected him to grab him in round four or so, but getting him in round seven is good discipline and tremendous value. Jose Abreu may have the safest floor in baseball, he’ll sleepwalk and hit 25 dingers, and McCutchen still has something left. Richards has a big arm and is being counted on to be the Angels ace, so he’ll pile up a lot of innings. I really like what the October Boys did here.

Stogies: Steven Matz, Danny Duffy, Gerrit Cole, Matt Harvey, Adam Wainwright.

Normally I would praise this run of picks, there’s a ton of good pitching here, but he basically autodrafted everyone of these picks, so, you know, whatever. I like Danny Duffy, I’ll say that.

Yankeehaters: Rougned Odor, Carlos Martinez, Mark Trumbo, Carlos Santana, Adam Jones.

Not bad, not bad at all. But I think even Dave will tell you this run of picks is probably below his level of expectations. I think last season was a best case scenario for Odor,  and ditto for Mark Trumbo. Santana is a really good pick. He walks a ton and adds Edwin Encarnacion into the lineup around him. Carlos Martinez has upside and plays for a really good team. Adam Jones hit around 30 HRs last year, but also had a OPS under .800 and is clearly on the decline. It paid off for Dave early, but this the spot in the draft where having the 10th pick starts to hurt.

Picks I Really Love, Rounds 11-21

Round 11: Alex Bregman by RTC. I add another young stud to my team, at a way better value than he was going most pre-draft publications.

Round 12: James Paxton by LBC. A heavy target of mine. Ginger strikes again. Adrian Beltre by RD. I mean he’s getting older, but he’s not like, dead. And besides, Dylan made this pick himself, so that’s good!

Round 13: Dansby Swanson by BTH. God the Diamondbacks are stupid…. Kevin Gausman by YH. I was gonna take him later, if Ginger didn’t get him first.

Round 14: Edwin Diaz by YH. He was my next pick, electric stuff. Wade Davis by SM. Closer on a 100 win team.

Round 15: Sean Manaea by LBC. I sometimes wonder how good my drafts would be in a world where Ginger didn’t exist.

Round 16: Jameson Tallion by Willis. Eventually, the talent is going to come to the surface. Could be this year.

Round 17: This round kind of sucked.

Round 18: Alex Colome by TOB. A good young closer. Rays will be better.

Round 19: Miguel Sano by Stogies. Big time power, but again, autodrafted.

Round 20: Jharel Cotton by RTC. The best pitcher you have never heard of.

Round 21: Anthony Rendon by YH. The last pick in the draft? He went in the second round two years ago and is still 26.

Picks I Really Hate, Rounds 11-21

Round 11: Tommy Joseph by BTH. A really nice sleeper, but wait five more rounds!

Round 12: A great, solid round.

Round 13: Ian Desmond by Willis. Didn’t he just have surgery?

Round 14: Aledmys Diaz by RD. I really like him, and Dylan’s autodraft took him. Yea, I hate that.

Round 15: Jake Odorizzi by SM. A nice pitcher, but I can find 25 more just like him on the waiver wire.

Round 16: Another solid round.

Round 17: Francisco Liriano by YH. Dave thinks this is 2013. Liriano sucks and plays in a hitters heaven.

Round 18: Evan Longoria by SM. I don’t actually hate this pick, but I couldn’t write a draft recap without at least mentioning Longo.

Round 19: J.T Realmuto by RD. Autodrafting a third catcher? That’s like a never before seen double play of bad drafting.

Round 20: Collin McHugh by YH. It’s like Jake Odorizzi. I feel like I can get him on the waiver wire.

Round 21: David Robertson by RTC. I realized I didn’t have a closer yet, panicked and drafted a bum. Shame on me!

Is anyone still reading this? If you are, thank you so much for sticking with me this long. I wanna go on record as saying that if I bashed some of your picks, I don’t mean anything personally. I’m just trying to remain as objective as I can. Please feel free to offer a counter point, and tell me why I’m wrong. Remember, it’s just one man’s opinion. I feel like I offered plenty of praise as well.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, predictions!

The Final Four

Love Boat Captains

Rays Those Cowbells




Is it opening day yet?







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    I love this recap, obviously.

  2. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! Once again, you nabbed several of the players I was targeting hard. But I can sleep soundly knowing that unlike years past, I actually did manage to get a few of the sleepers that I wanted. There was once season where you drafted literally every single one my sleepers, right in the round I was going to get them!

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