Drinking And Trading, Week One

Not exactly what we had in mind huh?

A pretty mediocre opening week to our 10th annual fantasy baseball season. Only two teams scored over 300 points, and it seemed like it was a week where studs all over the landscape either got rocked or couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag. (I’m looking at you Nelson Cruz).

This weeks list of power rankings might be the most volatile that we’ve ever had. I’m expecting major bouncebacks from several key teams and players, and it wouldn’t surprise me if by Wednesday, this post won’t be worth the paper it’s written on (not literally paper). So let’s have it, the week one power rankings!


Week One Power Rankings

1) Roger Dorn– Where in the world did that come from? Dylan gives me and my draft recap the big middle finger and puts up 350 points and absolutely smokes the RedRays. Is this the first of many weeks at #1 for Dylan? Is the Roger Dorn express off and running? I don’t have the answers to those questions, but what I do know is that for week one, Dylan is the best team in the league and it’s not even close.

2) Love Boat Captains– Serious question, has Ginger ever lost in week one? Like honestly, I can’t ever remember her being 0-1. Paul Goldschmidt and Francisco Lindor may have done most of the heavy lifting, but she’s going to need to hope that the Trea Turner injury isn’t serious. He’s the leader of her outfield. She’s gonna need him to be elite going forward for this team to reach it’s full potential.

3) Rays Those Cowbells– Dug really deep and pulled out a dogfight win with a really good Stogies team. My offense has to be better. 43 hits this week was the second lowest total among teams. I need to improve my RP spot. Maybe a trade this week is in the cards for team RTC? Either way, 1-0 feels good.

4) WillisBeTheYear– Jose Altuve was easily the worst player on his team this week. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of us going forward. Emerging ace Jameson Taillon and a David Price return from injury will give his pitching staff needed reinforcements. There might not be a team in the league that scares me going forward more than Willis. This team is loaded.

5) Believe The Hype– Only 258 points in a win, but a lot of that has to do with Sam Dyson going out and becoming a full-time magician, making fantasy points disappear. It’s good to see Allan in the win column early, and a breakout from Yasiel Puig (barf) and a returning JD Martinez could team up to leave Allan with a loaded offense going forward. Maybe this is the year we all start believing the hype again. (Side note, great job on the post you wrote! I hope you write more going forward).

6) Stogies– Could very easily be higher up on this list. His game with Rays Those Cowbells could’ve gone either way, and losing a game like that is always a tough way to start a season. This team has the best outfield in the league. It’s seriously not even close. But he’s going to need a much better 3rd baseman going forward. Anthony Rendon just isn’t going to cut it long term. But having said that, I still anticipate this team moving up in the power rankings very shortly.

7) sportsmanMike– A good team that underachieved badly in week one. Stud performers like Xander Bogaerts, Jose Bautista, Carlos Gonzalez and Jon Lester weren’t very good, and he was still in contention to beat a good LBC’s team all the way up until Sunday afternoon. With Lester and Chris Sale both starting twice in week two, he’s one of the strongest bets to get to 1-1.

8) RedRays– I mean what can you do? Ran straight into the Dylan express and never had a shot to win. Anthony Rizzo must be, and will be, better going forward. A tough game with the defending champion looms in week two, he’ll have to dig deep if he wants to avoid the dreaded 0-2 start.

9) Yankeehaters– It’s not often that I’ll get to write Dave this low in the power rankings, so forgive me if I savor this one a little bit. With only three quality starts all week, Dave has made it clear that improving his rotation is a priority going forward. Team Yankeehaters is going to have to shake off his self-proclaimed “horrible trade” with Allan and get his swagger and confidence back going forward. His next trade will be a crucial one, he needs to win it, or we may have to hear more stories about the pitfalls of “drinking and trading”.

10) The October Boys– Not much to say here, a simply atrocious performance. Not even 50 points from Jake Arrieta could save Dennis this week. I feel bad for whoever plays Dennis in week two, this team should bounce back with a full week of games from Mookie Betts and Andrew McCutchen remembering that he’s a good baseball player.


Game of the Week

Believe The Hype vs Love Boat Captains

A big test for Allan in week two. Can he double down on his winning ways in week one? Playing the Love Boat Captains is always a great measuring stick.


Good luck to everyone in week two!




8 Responses to “Drinking And Trading, Week One”

  1. Roger Dorn Says:

    I feel like a gazzelle being chased by lions. I’m off and running but certainly not comfortable.

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dylan thanks for checking in!

    Your team sure was impressive this week. It had me making my way over to the schedule, checking to see when I played the juggernaut that is Roger Dorn. Keep it up!

  3. SportsmanMike Says:

    Hopefully team SM’s offense can snap out of their coma? And obviously nothing has changed for Chris Sale. Man can’t buy a win….

  4. Roger Dorn Says:

    So true about Sale. He was the better pitcher yesterday too. @Dan my goals are just to set my lineup every week. Baby steps.

  5. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well you set the best lineup in the league last week. The power rankings never lie.

  6. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    Thanks for the power rankings!! Great job. I can’t believe Yankeehaters is #9. We’re in trouble.

  7. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Thanks for commenting! Power rankings will be up every Monday. Yankeehaters may be #10 if he doesn’t pull out this win this week…..

  8. Foul line Dave Says:

    I should be #11 the way the Yankeehaters look

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