Believe It or Not

In this guest post, Believe the Hype’s Allan shares his thoughts on Opening Day, analyzes a trade, and wishes a chicken pox epidemic on unsuspecting MLB players.


Well, the wait is finally over… for some. I have finally decided to go out of my way and write a post, on the clock of course, because I refuse to do this for free. I’m not much of a writer, so please bare with me as you get through what is about to look like an essay written by a 4th grader.┬áThat might be giving myself a little too much credit.

I like baseball, I really do. I may not love it is as much as the rest of you guys do, but there is some passion towards the game. I really do enjoy opening day though. Sitting there, wishing you were off work, trying to figure out if the team you drafted is going to live up to the expectation that your trash talk has given out to your friends. Hell, to even know that your team is so far away from even being considered a playoff contender, but inside you get to at least think about what it would be like to win, until your starter leaves in the 6th inning and your bullpen gets a lights-out prison surprise.

I think my favorite part about this year’s opening day was when I decided to trade Kris Bryant to my good buddy Dave for Carlos Martinez and Carlos “my step son” Correa. Of course when Dan found out I was talking to Dave about trading Bryant he gave me a bunch of crap about how “you never trade the #1 pick,” then went ahead and asked me what I’d like for him. Once the deal was in place with Dave he gave me the usual “I have to think about this so I can suck more out of you” talk. I was a little surprised he only gave me crap for about an hour. It usually lasts a few days. But with the season getting ready to start and us wanting these deals to go through before Sunday’s opener, we made it official.

I must say though, when I made the deal, this was the first time I never thought about whether I just flushed my season down the toilet. I was 100% sure I actually beat Dave on this deal. Carlos Martinez pretty much won me the day when he was blowing 99-100 mph pitches past Bryant and his neck was snapping with those swings like he was watching a bee fly past his face.

This is all I pretty much got for the moment and I need to get back to work before I find myself feeling as bad as Dave did Sunday night. Thank you for reading this, and I hope everyone’s team has an epic meltdown this week and the injury bug spreads like chicken pox.

2 Responses to “Believe It or Not”

  1. Foul line Dave Says:

    I feel like I don’t lose a ton of trades, but there is no doubt that I got my ass handed to me in this one. This is why drinking and fantasy baseball trades don’t mix.
    Side note: no one could have seen this was a trade by a crazy man? Where’s the damn veto button???!!

  2. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You always used to hate when we would veto your trades, even if they were trades that clearly deserved to be vetoed. Like when you would give your dad Tim Wakefield and Rod Barajas for Prince Fielder and Jon Lester. We all just assume if you made a trade, you know what you’re doing, and you wanted it. Enjoy Kris Bryant buddy!

    This was a fantastic post Allan. It was funny and well done. Yes I got involved at the last minute in the Bryant negotiations, because when a player like that hits the market, you have to get involved. It’s like a rule.

    I hope you’ll write more posts in the future.

    Side Note: My first three picks all went deep yesterday. The Rays Those Cowbells hype train is off and running. Until they all get chicken pox.


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