The Wait Is Over

Opening day!

I’m not gonna waste your time going on and on about how awesome opening day is. You know it, I know it. There’s no reason to go into that. But I will say that my absolute favorite part of opening day? The opening of the fantasy baseball season!

A lot has happened since we concluded our draft nearly two weeks ago. I mean a LOT. Is it normal for a fantasy baseball league to go through widespread changes before a single game is played? This is why our league is the best in the world. Ten owners trying to gain an edge, even before they know what they have. That’s how winners get an early jump.

So naturally, I haven’t made a single trade since draft day. What can I say, I like my team!


Dan’s Opening Day Quick Hits

-Only Allan could get the #1 overall pick, have his choice of any player in all of MLB, and then turn right around and trade that player before a single pitch is thrown.

-Speaking of the trade heard round the world, I really like Carlos Martinez. Bold prediction, he’s a better player for Allan than Carlos Correa this year.

-Dave preached to me this off-season about the importance of gathering the best pitching staff possible this year, because pitching was shallow. Then immediately proceeds to trade Johnny Cueto and Carlos Martinez.

-Dave and Allan make a trade before opening day every year. Seriously, go check the records. You can set your watch to it.

-Ginger and Dave made a deal where they swapped Cueto and Strasburg. Nice to see Ginger trading, but I’m not sure what Dave is thinking here. Strasburg is untrustworthy as it gets and aren’t Trumbo and Cespedes comparable?

-Big time Rays Those Cowbells sleeper Dylan Bundy finished spring training with an ERA over 10.00

-Rays Those Cowbells MVP pick and lineup cornerstone Edwin Encarnacion led the grapefruit league in strikeouts.

-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Masahiro Tanaka is the most overrated pitcher in baseball.

-Watching the Rays crush the Yankees is always good for my soul, but I can’t help but think these two teams will be battling for the AL East basement.

-I’m 77% certain that I have a better throwing arm than Brett Gardner.

-I’m 100% certain that Rays Those Cowbells will have a better season than 2016.


Baseball is back! The first fantasy review will be up on Monday. Thanks for reading!



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  1. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    Opening Day Quick Hits!

    – Opening Day was Epic.

    – Logan Morrison hit a ball so far he instantly put his head down and barely jogged to 1st Base!

    – Evan Longoria gave The Fans a “deja vu” of Game 162 in 2011, against the Yanks when he had a walk off home run to send the rays to the Wild card series. But don’t forget about Dan JOHNSON the real Hero, who had two strikes on him in the bottom of ninth before he hit a game tying Dinger just inside the right field foul pole. This was by far the greatest night in Tampa Bay Ray History!! Maybe even the most exciting night night ever!, in regular season baseball!
    - Read this

    – Rays crush the Pinstripes 7-3

    -Then we have the 2nd game of the day; MadBum goes off!!! If you didn’t catch the game or the highlights then here you go, his line for Opening Day! 7 IP, 11 KO, 2 HR as a hitter. = BEAST!

    – But the Diamondbacks ruined Bums day because the Giants forgot to let Melancon know that he was supposed to Save games not Destroy them!!

    Diamondbacks walk off the giants 6-5

    – Nightcap! Defending World Champions have to start there season in St. Louis???????? Cmon MLB that just sucks! But wouldn’t you know it, the Cardinals beat the best team in baseball in Walk-off Fashion, with a bunch of Average Joe’s!
    Somehow they are good every year!

    That’s My take on Opening Day! To say the least, I enjoyed it!!

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Watching the Rays crush the Yankees always does wonders for me. It’s almost as good as watching them crush the Red Sox.

    Bumgarner is an absolute animal. He may be the second best pitcher in baseball.

    Excellent recap Willis! Thanks for commenting!

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