Drinking And Trading, Week Five

It’s settle down time.

In the past, I’ve always looked to week five as the week where things start to return to normal. April is over, the slow starters usually pick it up, and the fast starters who carried teams through April tank back to mediocrity and return to the waiver wire. Naturally, that’s not the case in 2017.

Guys like Ryan Zimmerman, Starlin Castro, Aaron Judge, Eric Thames, Michael Conforto, Miguel Sano and countless others are dominating the fantasy landscape in 2017. Was Allan right? He said in the comment section weeks ago that mastering the waiver wire was the new key to fantasy baseball. That a great draft was irrelevant, and that too many things change throughout the year and that the waiver wire was the end all and be all.

Well after Allan beat me and got to 4-1, who am I to argue? I may just call next years recaps “Fantasy Baseball, The Race to the Waiver Wire”. Sounds catchy right?

Let’s hurry up and get to the power rankings before there’s another stud on free agency that I ignore.


Week Five Power Rankings

1) Roger Dorn– Has Dylan finally bought into his own team? Is he finally ready to admit there may be something special here? You can hate on his roster all you like, but he’s 4-1, has won three in a row, is undefeated in his division, and is the highest scoring team in the league. Where’s the argument against him? For now, Dylan is 100% legit. Although he may still argue with you that he’s not.

2) Believe The Hype– Allan’s team wasn’t at it’s best this past week, but when you face a horrible team like Rays Those Cowbells, you can afford to take the week off. That’s what the soft spots on your schedule are for right? His OF is elite, Ryan Zimmerman is Babe Ruth, and Dallas Keuchel is the AL CY Young winner. Now what I’m waiting for is Allan’s next big blockbuster trade. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Allan hates standing pat whether he’s winning or not. Trust me, it’s coming. Check your inboxes.

3) WillisBeTheYear– I’d say that’s a nice rebound from your first loss, wouldn’t you? In our game of the week (which strangely have not lived up to the billing this year) he absolutely demolished the RedRays, scoring 346 points and winning be nearly 150 points. He improved his depth and brought in Michael Brantley and Dylan Bundy in a deal with RTC, and then immediately lost Brantley to an ankle injury. I’m sorry about that buddy. (side note, why is every single trade being tainted by players getting hurt right after the deal is made?) Even with that loss, Willis will be near the top of the rankings all year long.

4) Love Boat Captains– Inconsistency has shackled this team in recent weeks, alternating bad weeks with good. She’s gonna need more consistency going forward from her pitching, and losing James Paxton to the DL is going to hurt. Hopefully he only misses a few starts. I still think going forward this is the best roster in the league, but this team is going to have to stay healthy. Ginger’s refusal to trade and bring in fresh players has never hurt her before, but a rash of injuries could deplete this team real quick.

5) RedRays– There might not be a team that’s been screwed over worse than the RedRays. I mean take a look, he’s lost almost his entire pitching staff to injuries. Find me any team that could lose Madison Bumgarner and Cole Hamels and just keep cruising along like nothing’s wrong. This is a team that needs to make a deal, now. Bring in some pitching, or the bottom could fall off altogether.

6) Stogies– Much like the RedRays, this is another team that is fighting the injury bug. His entire bench is filled with injured players, and now Bryce Harper is nicked up. The next two months are going to be crucial for this team. If he can just tread water, hang around for awhile, stay near .500, I think this is a team that could make a run at the league title when all these injured players are back to full strength. This is a team to be on guard for in the second half of the season, but for now, it could be a bit of a struggle.

7) sportsmanMike– Chris Sale continues to do Chris Sale things as Mike gets his second win of the season. He’s the best pitcher in the American League and it’s not even close. Mike had a good week and held on late for a solid win over team Stogies, but Mike, as one friend to another, please for the love of god stop starting Carlos Gonzalez…. He is BAD. Although I suppose I’m playing you this week, so go ahead and give Cargo another week to figure things out. But knowing my luck, he’s gonna pop off for 40 points. You know what? Forget I said anything. Carry on. Good win.

8) Yankeehaters– After winning two straight games and beating the #1 team in the power rankings, Dave will probably think he should be higher on this list, but I refuse to give him that satisfaction. The bottom line is this team hasn’t cracked the 260 point barrier once this year and should be 0-5. I actually like this team a lot more than it’s point totals, and I think there’s going to be a lot of improvement going forward, but to this point, it’s been the worst Yankeehaters season that he’s ever had. Losing Corey Kluber hurt, and I still think a “Dave deal” is coming that is going to make everything okay.

9) Rays Those Cowbells– This team makes me very sad. It would be different if I didn’t think this was a great roster, and that they were just garbage, but I look up and down this team and love 90% of the players on it. Maybe I’m just crazy, maybe I just don’t know anything about baseball, but I’m staying the course. This is a final four team, I know in my heart that it is. No big scale changes are coming to Rays Those Cowbells.

10) The October Boys– These kind of weeks are horrible. Trust me, I know the feeling. You have a great week, crack the 300 point barrier, and take yet another loss to drop to 0-5. It looks like it could be one of those years for the boys from October. Hang in there man.


Game of the Week

Believe The Hype vs Roger Dorn

The two division leaders square off in an early season huge game. The winner is the #1 team in the power rankings next week.


Good luck to everyone in week six!

15 Responses to “Drinking And Trading, Week Five”

  1. Roger Dorn Says:

    We played a great opponent and the team is focused on next week and just playing some baseball

  2. Foulline Dave Says:

    Dylan has taken on a Belicheckian approach to fantasy baseball this year. It’s even carrying over to the comment section!

  3. Foulline Dave Says:

    Another great write up Dan! Like everyone else, I look forward to reading them every Monday. I also know that it is much more fun to write a post when your team is winning games. I’m glad that another loss hasn’t had a negative effect on your writing.
    Couple of things: I clearly predicted a yankeehaters victory over the top ranked LBC’s, this past week. Here’s another bold prediction.. yankeehaters top 300 pts this week, and I take out WillisB.
    My team is moving on up the power rankings, like I’m The Jefferson’s!

    Side note: I haven’t made a trade in a few weeks. I’m getting the fever.

  4. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    Game of the Week prediction…..#1 in PowerRankings is going down. Thank you For 1st place in the division because I am not losing to the yankeehaters!

    Side note- How can you hate the Yankees right now. Welcome to “Judge” ment Day is on deck!

  5. Foul line Dave Says:

    You make a good point Willy… the Yankees are almost likeable!
    With that being said, you’re going down this week. (Gross)

  6. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I’ve crunched all the numbers, I’ve done all the research, and I have a strong prediction for the WillisBeTheYear and Yankeehaters showdown.

    Willis by 75 points.

    But this is gonna be a fun one, sounds like we have quite the grudge match brewing this week.

    Another bold prediction, Rays Those Cowbells absolutely slaughters team sportsmanMike.

  7. Foulline Dave Says:

    If I lose to Willis this week, I will literally eat my shoe.

  8. Foulline Dave Says:

    Willis by 75?? That’s crazy talk! I’d rather you call my mother a whore, than to insult my fanstasy team that way!

    Not so bold prediction: Dan falls to 1-5

  9. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I personally guarantee that Rays Those Cowbells will NOT be 1-5. This is the mother of all promises. I’ve never made a stronger guarantee!!

    Rays Those Cowbells and the Yankeehaters are both 2-4 by this time next week.

  10. Allan Says:

    What kind of shoe will Dave be eating?

  11. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I vote the Lonzo ball shoe, $495. We need to set this up, make this happen for real.

  12. Foul line Dave Says:

    Hey idiots… it’s only Thursday!

  13. Foulline Dave Says:

    Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:
    May 8th, 2017 at 4:05 pm
    I personally guarantee that Rays Those Cowbells will NOT be 1-5. This is the mother of all promises. I’ve never made a stronger guarantee!!

    Rays Those Cowbells and the Yankeehaters are both 2-4 by this time next week.


  14. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I was wrong

  15. Foulline Dave Says:

    I wasn’t in the mood for a shoe anyway

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