Drinking And Trading, Week Six

Finding the strength to write this post was very difficult.

I went into week five incredibly confident that things were going to turn around for me. I had a 9-5 PSR advantage, and all my best pitchers were starting twice. I knew that this game was going to be the springboard that led me to turning this horrible start around, and that my team was finally ready to break out and live up to it’s potential.

Well I lost, badly, and this season has officially become a full on nightmare. Yay me.

Believe it or not, there actually are things that go on around the league besides my own pool of misery. Dave will eat his lunch shoe free as he lived up to his promise and defeated WillisBeTheYear in a grudge match that lived up to the hype. Speaking of living up to the hype, Allan utterly obliterated Dylan in yet another “Game of the Week” which did not live up to expectations, and the Love Boat Captains crushed another opponent and have another week as the high scorer. Time for some rankings!


Week Six Power Rankings

1) Believe The Hype– Allan’s climb is officially complete as he reaches the number one spot for the very first time. Standout performances from Carlos Correa and Carlos Martinez were enough to dispatch Dylan, and if Allan wants to feel even better about himself, Kris Bryant missed three games and had 10 fantasy points this week. That trade is what has propelled Allan to the best record through six weeks, and he deserves a lot of credit for following his gut and taking a risk, despite catching a lot of flack for doing so from around the league. Allan is never afraid to make a bold decision, and you have to respect him for it.

2) Love Boat Captains– Ginger has alternated good weeks with bad weeks for about a month now, and if the trend continues, she’s due for a bad week. Please for the love of god let that be the case. She’s playing Rays Those Cowbells this week, and I need a win more than anything in the world. The good news for the Love Boat Captains, other than her cake walk opponent, is that Trea Turner and Kyle Seager have to be close to busting out. They’re simply too talented to be scuffling for much longer.

3) WillisBeTheYear– I know Willis has got to be disappointed. He felt pretty strongly that he was going to crush Dave, and he came up short and is surely hearing about it today. This team needs Josh Donaldson back in the worst way. He’s gotten almost nothing out his 3rd base position, and his infield in general is a little on the weak side. He’s still 4-2 and is a threat to crush his opponent every single week, but maybe a deal coming in the near future to shake things up?

4) Roger Dorn– I cannot for the life of me figure this team out. Dylan either puts up 340 points and absolutely crushes whoever he’s playing, or he limps to 175 points and looks like the worst team in the league. It’s hard for me to say a whole lot about this squad, because through six weeks, I can’t figure out if this is a great team or not. It changes every week! A little more consistency should be the #1 goal going forward for Dylan.

5) sportsmanMike– This is a team on the rise. Two straight impressive performances and a two game win streak get Mike back to a .500 record. Chris Sale is the best pitcher in baseball, and if Jose Bautista can continue his return to form, this could be a dangerous offense going forward. Mike is never one to be very vocal or make big splashes, but he’s got a solid team that’s a threat to win every week.

6) Yankeehaters– Dave promised a victory and came through, though he fell short of his 300 point guarantee. 3-3 is obviously a perfect scenario when you started 0-3, and this team has potential to get even better when Corey Kluber returns from the DL. But I can’t do a fantasy review and say all nice things about Dave, so I’ll just go on record as saying I think your offense outside of Freddie Freeman is blah. I feel a lot better now.

7) RedRays– Unlike team sportsmanMike, this is a team heading in the wrong direction. Injuries have absolutely ravaged his pitching staff, and it’s hard to feel too confident when your rotation has Hector Santiago and Miguel Gonzalez in it. This team may have to do something drastic, like trading Anthony Rizzo for pitching, just to have a shot at staying in the race.

8) Stogies– What on earth happened? Three weeks ago this team absolutely wollywhopped the Love Boat Captains and was sitting near the top of the power rankings. Fast forward to now, and it’s a three game losing streak and only a game out of last place. It hasn’t struck me until now just how old this team is. Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Matt Kemp Eric Thames and Max Scherzer. These are all guys on the wrong side of 30 and little injures add up. That could be a big factor going forward. I will say that it wasn’t all bad for Dave V, as I have it on good authority that he was live and in person at Derek Jeter night on Sunday. So at least he had a good weekend.

9) The October Boys– Sometimes you just need a little luck. Dennis had another horrible week, but gets into the win column as the RedRays were even worse in what was the worst game of the season so far. I look at this team and I don’t think his team is as bad as his record, but man, Arrieta and Tanaka have to get going, like now, or it’s gonna continue to be a long season for Dennis.

10) Rays Those Cowbells– I am completely out of answers. I’m lost and I don’t know what to do.


Game of the Week

RedRays vs Yankeehaters

A couple of 3-3 teams heading opposite directions. The RedRays are limping into this matchup and you know Dave smells blood in the water.


Good luck to everyone in Week Seven!

15 Responses to “Drinking And Trading, Week Six”

  1. Foulline Dave Says:

    So, I’m sittting at kitchen table with ginger,l when I get an email notifying me of this weeks Foulline.com review. As I’m scanning it quickly, ginger asks, ” who’s the #1 spot”?
    When I replied that It was Alaln, she emphatically said that’s stupid, and he has no business being there. She followed that up with the fact that Allan has had the least amount of points scored agonist him, or something like that. I don’t know if that’s true or not..or if ginger feels she should be #1. I just thought it was fun to see the LBC’s competitiveness come out.
    Anywho… great write up Dan!
    Since I’ve been so great at my predictions the last three weeks, I thought I’d throw out a few more.
    First of all, yankeehaters crush red rays this week. I’m like will Ferrell in Old School… I’m going streaking!!!!! Chalk me up for 4 wins in a row. It would have been 5, but Joe Ross, Kevin Gausman, and Danny Salazar can all go suck a giant bag of dicks. But, I digress.
    Rays those cowbells have been the unluckiest team of the year. His luck changes this week against LBC’s. Although, I think dan’s pitching staff is mediocre at best. RTC’s steamroll LBC’s.
    Believe the hype wins in a nail biter against Team Stogies, improving to 6-1 and causing Dan to have a mild stroke.

    As for the comment that my teams offense is weak, with the exception of Fred Freeman is downright offensive! Maybe it’s bitterness over the Sano, McCullers, Yelich (I refuse to acknowledge Salazar) for Bryant trade that sparked such an absurd comment. But, everyone of my infielders rank in the top 6 in pts’s this season. Michael Conforto has been on a absolute tear since getting the opportunity to play every day. I have Cespedes, Kluber, and Maeda hanging back on the DL. When they’re healthy next week, to quote Kevin Garnett….. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!
    I will say that my closers have been absolutely effin horrible all season! So there’s that. I will not be surprised if I rattle off 7 or 8 wins a row.
    Great write up Dan!

  2. Allan Says:

    I don’t care about being #1 in the power rankings. All I care about is outscoring the team that CBS has decided to line up against me every week. maybe I would have a couple of more losses if my opponents could be lucky enough to get 30 point gems out of an Ian Kennedy caliber player, but not everyone can be so lucky. So I’ll just take my W and be on my way.

  3. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dave Dave Dave.

    The number one spot in the power rankings doesn’t always mean that you’re the best team. Remember, these are weekly reviews, and things change every week. It’s more of a testament to how you’re playing at that exact moment. Yes, Allan’s schedule has been pathetic. Does it bother me to watch him win games while were scoring the same amount of points and I’m losing by 50? Yes, it does. But Allan deserves the number one spot. He’s won 4 games in a row, and beat the top scoring team in the league this past week in Dylan. (Obviously he’s not there anymore).

    I would suggest to Ginger that if she wanted to be the #1 team in the power rankings, that she shouldn’t have gotten her second loss to you when you only scored 252 points. Because if she had one loss, she’d be #1. That was a very winnable game, and she didn’t get it done.

    Yes I’ve been unlucky. It does make me feel better that somebody can at least acknowledge that fact. It’s so cliche to say “don’t make excuses”, but at some point it just becomes ridiculous.

    Saying that a player in “top whatever in fantasy points” is like hyping up wins for starting pitchers. I don’t care if Zack Cosart is still the top SS in “points” or whatever, he still sucks, and will hurt you going forward. Conforto and Sano will cool off. Hot starts fade, and the cream of the crop always rises. Bold prediction? Cosart is back on the waiver wire this time next month. Side note, Odor is not top six in 2nd baseman points. He’s not even in the top 16.

    I disagree with my pitching staff being mediocre. I think Verlander, DeGrom and Archer are really great pitchers, current form aside. I think Jon Gray and Felix Hernandez can help me coming off the DL.

    God I hope I win this week.


  4. Foul line Dave Says:

    Breaking news! Fantasy baseball wins are solely based on the cumulative amount of points a group of individuals score. Therefore, when said individuals are at the top of their respective positions, that is a good thing. We can’t base fantasy points on which players shirt sells the most each season. Believe it or not, it’s not a popularity contest. It’s actually based on stats these players put up.
    And to say Sano is going to cool off is sour grapes, and makes you sound silly! Don’t be mad that you traded him!!

  5. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Have you ever heard the phrase that “past performance is the best indicator of future results”? Yes, it obviously doesn’t have to be a big name to put up fantasy points. But there’s a reason certain players are drafted highly every year. Because they are the best. Zack Cosart has the same amount of fantasy points as Manny Machado. If you believe that is going to continue, then please, by all means, keep playing Cosart. But I guarantee you’re going to regret it. Even crappy players go on hot streaks. Will it last? Of course not.

    I like Sano, I always have. But if you believe he’s going to continue to put up a 32% HR/FB rate and a .464 BABIP, and that his batting average is going to remain anywhere even close to .300 with a 34% strikeout rate, then you’re not as smart as I’ve given you credit for! Sano is the ultimate sell high, I just did it too soon and didn’t ride the wave long enough. But hey, I’m not perfect, as my record clearly shows.

    Dan “I refuse to sell my soul for waiver wire bums on hot streaks” Mckewen

  6. Foul line Dave Says:

    past performance is the best indicator of future results”
    Felix Hernandez
    Edwin Encarnacion
    Ian Kinsler
    Jeff Samrdzjia
    Justin Verlander

    Maybe it’s time to go with the “what have you done for me lately” theory??

  7. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Maybe you’re onto something there. I’m willing to try anything at this point.

  8. Foul line Dave Says:

    Chris Archer hates you

  9. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    This is what I go through. At least this week will be over early and I won’t have to suffer.

  10. Ginger Says:

    He left out part of the story. The first thing I said was, “Am I number one?”, and my response when he said I wasn’t, “Ok, good.” I don’t want the cursed number-one spot in Dan’s power rankings. I wasn’t complaining.

    Allan has been lucky, but luck counts, and it’s a huge part of the game.

  11. Allan Says:

    I didn’t take it personal. I know I’ve been pretty lucky so far this season. To be honest, I would have put you #1 in the power rankings. You clearly beat me head to head,you’re outscoring me and you’re opponents are putting up more points on you than mine are on me. I was just throwing out some friendly jabs.

  12. Foul line Dave Says:

    It’s not nearly as fun if Ginger & Allan are going to act like respectable adults in the comment section.

  13. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I second that. I was hoping for a no holds barred cage match between Allan and Ginger. A war that lasts the entire rest of the season.

  14. Allan Says:

    The trend continues

  15. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Allan could be in position to break the curse of the number one team in the power rankings!

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