Drinking And Trading, Week Eleven

Did I miss the complete shift in baseball?

Remember a few years ago, when pitching just absolutely dominated, and finding offense was an absolute chore? You could find elite pitching options all over the waiver wire, and acquiring bats was like trying to gather gold bricks.

Well I’m declaring it, things have officially changed. I look on the waiver wire, and hitting options are everywhere. There’s like fifteen guys on the waiver wire who have crushed this year and hit near twenty home runs, but nobody has room for them because they’re stocking their bench spots with mediocre rag arms just trying to find some semblance of pitching. It’s completely changing how we play fantasy baseball, and whoever can adjust the quickest is going to take home the league title this year.

Don’t mind my musing, it’s just been raining all day and it’s got me in a thinking mood. We’re gonna try to keep this one short.  Let’s get to some rankings!


Week Eleven Power Rankings

1)WillisBeTheYear– On the heels of a four game winning streak, Willis appears to be settling in and has taken a two game lead in the tough beer division. A elite offense and a solid enough pitching staff have led the way, but I do think he’s going to regret dropping Jacob Faria, who appears to be the real deal. A tough test against the Love Boat Captains is on tap, so we’ll see if the league’s second longest winning streak continues.

2) Believe The Hype– It was a great week for Allan, who crushed the Yankeehaters by 50 points, and it would’ve been much worse if he hadn’t left Jose Ramirez on the bench. Anthony Rizzo continues to carry this team, and it continues to irritate me that Allan won’t use him at 2nd base. The real question I have for Believe The Hype, is Allan going to make the trade that he and I so desperately need to make? Let’s get a deal done Allan.

3) Rays Those Cowbells– Left for dead at 1-5, a five game winning streak has followed and I’m near the top of the league in scoring. I have some players coming off the DL, Edwin Encarnacion is going into his annual summer AL MVP mode, and Mike Trout is going to start swinging a bat in the next few days. Things are looking up for me in a big way, and I’m looking forward to putting a stranglehold on my recent winning ways by making a blockbuster trade this week.

4) Yankeehaters– After falling woefully short in his bid to “crush” Allan, is Dave going to boycott this weeks post as well? A six game winning streak seems like a long time ago, as two straight losses to rivals have followed, and Dave’s waiver wire heroes are starting to finally return to earth (Zack Cozart). Dave promised a trade was coming after losing last week, and now that he’s doubled down on that loss, you can absolutely bet that elusive deal is coming, and soon.

5) Love Boat Captains– This is a stunning loss for the Love Boat Captains. Her offense absolutely mashed to the tune of 72 hits, and she still only put up 244 points. Ginger’s pitching just looks…. bad. The problem with this team is what you see is what you get. You know that no trades are coming to try and fix things, so if the pitching continues to be bad, you can’t say that help is on the way. Still, this is a scary team, who even with inconsistencies, is a threat to crush an opponent every week.

6) Roger Dorn–  It’s maddening to try and rank this team, because this week they’ll probably put up 350 and move into the top three in the rankings. The good news for this team is that they’re going to absolutely crush Rays Those Cowbells this week, with Kershaw and Greinke both going twice. The bad news is I have no idea what this team is going to do in the week after. This is the wild card of the league right now.

7) sportsmanMike– All hail Xander Bogaerts! His heroics stole Mike a victory on Sunday Night Baseball that he desperately needed. Still, trouble is on the horizon. This team hasn’t really had a strong week in a month and a game with a livid Dave awaits him. Kris Bryant has got to get it going. He gave up a lot for him, and 13 points in a week just isn’t going to cut it. I will say that Nolan Arenado is absolutely amazing.

8) RedRays– Despite nearly everything having gone wrong for this team, he’s still managed to grind to 5-6 and within one game of a playoff spot, and Madison Bumgarner is throwing a simulated game on Wednesday. I don’t think this is a playoff roster, but he’s managed to remain competitive in a season where things could’ve gotten away from him quickly. That’s a sign of a great player. What’s the old saying about pitchers? The good ones can grind through a quality start even when their stuff is junk that day? That reminds me of this team in 2017.

9) The October Boys– This team has the best offense in the league and it’s not even close. If he had any semblance of pitching at all, he could be 9-2 instead of 2-9. I will say that yet again, his stubborn homer reliance on crappy Yankee pitching has been this team’s downfall. Look, I’m as big a Rays fan as anyone, but I’m not gonna roster Erasmo Ramirez.

10) Stogies– What else can you say? Every year there appears to be a team that’s cursed and just can’t win a game. This is that team.


Game of the Week

WillisBeTheYear vs Love Boat Captains

A big test for our number one team, a Love Boat Captains squad coming off a bad loss.


Good luck to everyone in Week 12!

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