Drinking And Trading, Week Nine

Time sure can change things. After three weeks, our defending champion Dave and his Yankeehaters were 0-3 and looked dead in the water. His pitching sucked, his offense was underachieving, and his league mates were laughing at him and making jokes at his expense (probably mostly Allan and myself).

Fast forward to today, and Dave is on a six game winning streak and taking no prisoners. He’s made a bunch of great trades, gotten MVP candidates off the waiver wire, and has gotten back his champions swag and confidence.

As Dave piles up the wins, he’s now one win away from an accolade that many of you may not know about. The illustrious thefoulline.com all-time winning streak record of seven wins in a row.

The parity in this league is legendary. In all the years of our league, the fact that nobody has been able to win more than 7 games in a row in a 24 game season is insane. Losing streaks usually never last, and winning streaks are quick to die. The teams are too well balanced. Too competitive.

Now who may you ask has this record? What brilliant owner could possibly have accomplished such a taxing gauntlet of winning?

Why that would be yours truly and his 2015 Rays Those Cowbells. And who does Dave play in his attempt to tie the record this week? Why of course, it’s Rays Those Cowbells. That’s right, Dave tries to take the record directly from the record holder himself.

Unbelievable. You can’t make this stuff up.


Week Nine Power Rankings

1) Believe The Hype– Ho hum, another week where Allan absolutely blasted his opponent. His offense mashed out 62 hits, crushed 15 home runs, and Carlos Correa looks like the AL MVP. His pitching continues to be good enough, and take a look at his bench. Allan benched all his starters who got rocked, and played only guys who scored positive points. He’s making zero mistakes with his lineup and is crushing anyone in his way. Look out league, Allan is dialed in this season and coming for his second championship. Consider yourselves warned.

2) Yankeehaters– It wasn’t the greatest performance he’s ever had, but Dave once again cracked the 300 point barrier and defeated a solid and ready to play Roger Dorn team. Dave’s outfield is putting up major points, but I will say it’s amusing to me to watch him go through a different utility hitter every week thinking Yoenis Cespedes is ever going to come back, and then having to pick up another hitter when Cespedes suffers yet another setback. That being said, this team is dangerous. Kluber has returned in form, and Freddie Freeman is right in the middle of his 8 week timetable. You just getting the feeling that Dave is already starting to make plans for the final four. He’ll be there.

3) WillisBeTheYear– After weeks of somewhat treading water, Willis busted out in a big way and crushed his opponent. This team looks dangerous again. He got hugely encouraging signs, as Josh Donaldson looked back to MVP form and David Price looked back to CY Young form, both in the same week. These veteran stars have provided a huge lift for this team, and they could be just the boost that he needed.

4) sportsmanMike– Not a great week for Mike, as his winning streak is over and he just barely cracked 200 points. It was his pitching that did him in, as his usually reliable performers were getting blasted all over the place. He’s going to need more from Kris Bryant going forward, who just hasn’t quite yet matched his MVP performance from last year (he will). Still, I think this was just a bump in the road, not an indicator of future performance. This is the team I’m looking toward for the biggest bounce back of week ten.

5) Love Boat Captains– Broke a losing streak and defeated an October Boys team that gave her all she wanted, as it took Trea Turner heroics in his final AB to prevent yet another loss for the three-time champion. More good news keeps coming, as not only did she grab a tough win in week nine, but James Paxton returned off the DL and looked outstanding yet again. If he can stay healthy, he’s the ace this team needs going forward. A return to form from Johnny Cueto would sure be a welcome addition as well.

6) Roger Dorn– Hey look, it’s finally a division loss! Dylan’s run of being undefeated in his division sadly ended as he dropped a tough game against the Yankeehaters and had his momentum stall a bit. Lineup decisions cost this team this week, as he traded his best hitter for Christian Yelich and Jason Vargas, but then didn’t start either of them as they combined for 57 points! I’ll need that one explained to me. Going forward, you get the sense that Dylan is settling in as a good, but not great team. A possible fringe contender, but not one of the truly elite teams.

7) Rays Those Cowbells– Unsurprisingly, my team had it’s worst week of the season in L.A.T. (life after Trout). Surprisingly, I was able to somehow pull out a win! It’s better to be lucky than good I suppose. Still, there’s red flags with my squad. Encarnacion and Seager aren’t performing up to expectations, and Verlander and deGrom are getting crushed all over the place and have become unreliable at best. Still, 4-5 is a hell of a lot better than 1-5, and I’m just trying to desperately hang on until my savior returns.

8) RedRays– There’s not a whole lot to say here. Even with three wins under his belt, this has the look of the worst roster in the league. It’s hard to find a single superstar on this team. It’s gonna take some serious RedRays magic to keep the bottom from completely falling out of this thing.

9) The October Boys– Played well and took a heartbreaking loss to fall to 2-7. But if I had my pick of which of the “bad teams” in the league will turn it around and get back to respectability, this is the squad. A team with Manny Machado, Jose Abreu, Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts isn’t going to continue to lose every week.

10) Stogies– A true heartbreaker. His opponent had a horrible week, and he still couldn’t capitalize. Took a big step toward getting better pitching by acquiring Robbie Ray in a deal with Rays Those Cowbells, but he still needs to trade for more pitching to hold him over until Syndergaard returns and can team with Max Scherzer.


Game of the Week

Rays Those Cowbells vs Yankeehaters

As mentioned above, Dave tries to match the all-time win streak record against the very team who holds said record. I will do whatever it takes to protect my record. I’m pulling out all the stops.


Good luck to everyone except Dave in Week 10!


3 Responses to “Drinking And Trading, Week Nine”

  1. Roger Dorn Says:

    No settling in here. I over thought some match ups last week with my lineup choices. Live and learn. Didn’t see Santana going -10.

  2. Foul line Dave Says:

    Our game is over Dan… you got me. Congrats on the win!

  3. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    What a weak attempt to jinx me! It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m up 30 points. The week hasn’t even started yet.

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